Leslie Frazier calls McNabb laziness reports “ridiculous”

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The Christian Ponder era is off and running, but the Vikings are still answering questions about their last starting quarterback.

Leslie Frazier addressed Michael Lombardi’s report from the weekend about Donovan McNabb’s work ethic. Lombardi reported that McNabb shows up late to meetings and practice and that he isn’t willing to put in the time needed to master the Vikings offense. Frazier was asked about the report in his Monday press conference and said that it makes no sense.

“Ridiculous,” Frazier said, via Bob Sansevere of the Pioneer Press. “Flat-out ridiculous. I don’t know where that would come from. I mean, this guy worked his tail off when he was the starting quarterback, staying after practice, throwing balls with receivers. When I heard about that, ‘Wow, where would that come from?'”

Frazier’s denial couldn’t be much stronger and McNabb also issued a strong rebuttal to Kurt Warner on Sunday. You wonder how much perception will become reality with McNabb around the NFL. There were reports of similar problems with the Redskins in 2010 and whatever future McNabb has in the NFL at this point will likely come down to his willingness to do the work and serve as a mentor/backup able to help the team off the field as much as on it.

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  1. How many times can you hear the same report from mutiple sources and still not believe it. C’mon Man Mcnabb is a lazy bum. I mean didn’t you see him try to take a nap in the end zone last game he started.

  2. It’s no use Leslie. You are not going to get anything back in trade for him. Trade deadline already passed. Redskins ripped you off plain and simple. Don’t worry about the 6th round pick given up.

    You don’t look as bad as Jerry Burns for the Herschell Walker trade or as bad as Childo for the Moss rental.

  3. “Donovan in the shotgun. Takes the snap. Throws for Berrian. And its picked off!!! 30.. 20.. 10.. TD!!!”

    camera zooms in on McNabb and all you see is a big great smile. sorry to say but as a Philly fan, this is nothing new.

  4. Same reports came from Philly, then the reports came from Washington, now the reports are coming from Minnesota. I feel bad for the next team that falls in with these other teams. Man, Philly got ride of him at the perfect team. Heck even the Redskins got a great deal for him. You would have to give a first rounder and a third rounder to take him on my team. Then again I probably still would not do it.

  5. Exactly what xxwhodatxx said. How times can you the same story from different people and not believe it? In Philly, in Washington, and now Minnesota. The same thing. Not working hard. Not being physically or mentally prepared. It doesn’t matter now, as he is done. The NFL is done with him. As I have said before, he will make a fine casino greeter.

  6. Frazier wouldn’t lie about that. McNabb probably showed up to meetings on time and stuff. The reason he was benched is because he isn’t very good.

  7. How about he is just flat out done? I don’t care if the guy never slept because he works so hard, he would still be done.

    Ponder has made this dude irrelevant; he deserves all of the press up there. I thought the Vikes where nuts for taking him where they did, but he looks promising (no, I am not crowning him, but you have to be decent to do that in your first start).

  8. Thanks for the winning percentage in Philly, Donny mac. But its time to hang it up. Thanks for 4th an 26th, throwing a Td to g Lewis in the super bowl, not knowing about the overtime rule and Ur mom. Buh bye – ur done

  9. As an Eagle wasnt he so out of shape in the Super Bowl against New England that he threw up and couldn’t run the no huddle on the potential game winning drive? The Vikings should trade him to the Colts for a 1st and a conditional 2nd.

  10. People can believe what they want to believe. Personally, I don’t know whether or not it’s true, but you don’t either. And if your coach is saying that it’s not the case, I would believe that before Michael Lombardi. I mean, Michael Lombardi ?

  11. People age, systems change no one is good forever. There is always a point when throw game has passed you by and the NFL caught up and passed Donovan 2 years ago. That’s why the Eagles didn’t blink an eye at trading him within the same division. I know he’s played well for many, many years, but the time has come for someone close to him to break the hard news to him.

  12. Another thing I liked about Ponder was that he took more responsibility for the loss in his postgame comments than McNabb took for the other five losses all year.

  13. First, McPuke was benched cause he wasn’t performing. Second, I don’t understand why Lombardi gets so much respect when it’s been what 4 years since he had an NFL job? Third, I tend to believe Leslie. Fourth, when you slack with Leslie, you get cut (McKinnie), inactivated (Berrian) or held out for a series (Griffin). It was ironic though that McNabb spent most of his time on the sideline Sunday talking to Berrian.

  14. Anonymous rumors that come out in response to something after the fact are usually just pulled out of thin air. This Lombardi guy, or his so called “source” are likely making this up knowing full well that nobody is really going to question it given how things ended up.

  15. Kinda with Les on this one. All one really has to do is look at McNabb’s physique, play on the field, phenomenal rapor with his teammates and you just KNOW that this is a guy who gets after it.

    In the gym, in the playbook, in film study.

    Hey, he’s just having fun out there…. errr sorry, wrong MN QB.

    I don’t see Donovan M-St but I do see him on Sunday and there’s not a damned thing I see on Sunday that would make me believe that McNabb’s the victim of an unfounded rumor by Lombardi.

    Just look at the guy yesterday – his team was close to ruining the undefeated run of your most hated rival. He looked bored, disinterested and completely detached from the on-field activity. And I’m supposed to believe this guy was showing up early to meetings to make sure he got a seat up front?

    Come on…. Les you’re covering a bad decision. 1 to bring him in and 2 to play him this long.

    Hey bad decisions happen and you’ll not be fired over it.

  16. If Vick puked after getting smashed by defenders all day and came back threw a perfect touchdown pass on the same drive, we’d all be saying how much of a warrior he is.

  17. Let this Philly fan explain it: McNabb is not lazy. What is he, then?

    –Excuse making
    –Streaky passer
    –Unwilling to run because he doesn’t want to be “a black quarterback.”
    –Not a pocket passer.
    –Inaccurate at times.
    –Incapable of touch throws.
    –Getting older and losing mobility, as is expected.
    –Not a leader.

    I always rooted for McNabb, right up until the end, which this may well be. But it’s just not in him. It just isn’t.

  18. scorpiodsu says:
    Oct 24, 2011 5:54 PM
    If Vick puked after getting smashed by defenders all day and came back threw a perfect touchdown pass on the same drive, we’d all be saying how much of a warrior he is.


    Yes, because Vick doesn’t laugh when he throws an INT or fumbles. Vick doesn’t blame his teammates’ inexperience after dropping three straight to the Cowgirls. Vick, for all his faults, actually gives a damn. It’s not just a game to him. It’s too bad that the fans take Donovan’s job more seriously than he does.

  19. I love how anti McNabb people just make stuff up to try and prove a point. He was always known as a hard worker in Philly. Vick even credited him with showing him what it takes to be a pro. And the guy who said he didn’t care? I guess playing on a broken ankle is something guys that don’t care do. He has his faults but you’d think he was a failure in Philly the way idiots rip him. But in reality he led the best 10 year stretch in Eagle history. It’s a shame people forget facts.

  20. Mike Wilbon is going to have to white wash the last few seasons to drag his boy into the HOF. McNabb’s play is taking it from tough sale to a mockery of Canton.
    He has no respect for the game, fans, or teammates.

  21. I’ll take Frazier’s word over that of the esteemed Michael Lombardi and his “sources”. As for why McNabb was benched, that was due to his streaky passing and sub-standard play on the field

  22. so he is lazy and wined that he is not starting QB i hope he knew he was going to get benched the way he played since im a vikings fan i know he would’nt start the whole season they had Ponder to start he should’nt be whineing

  23. Whether it’s true or not, what was Frazier suppose to say? Why badmouth McNabb? He doesn’t need the agravation of a disgruntled/ticked-off McNabb bringing a bad attitude into the lockerroom every day. Frazier has McNabb on his bench, and in today’s NFL you’re one play away from your back-up starting.

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