Chargers put Larry English on injured reserve


On Tuesday, a former Chargers first-round linebacker (Shawne Merriman) was placed on season-ending injured reserve.  On Wednesday, a current Chargers first-round linebacker landed in the same place.

The Chargers have announced that Larry English has been added to the injured reserve list with a foot injury suffered Sunday against the Jets.

English has appeared in five games this season, with no starts.  In his three-year career, English has appeared in 29 games, starting only four times.

12 responses to “Chargers put Larry English on injured reserve

  1. Cason looks to be riding the pine soon. Bolts could’ve had Troy P but drafted Sammy Davis…where is he now? They could’ve had a LB from USC named Mathews or Maualuga but got English…I can go on but AJ is making a nice track list of bust.

  2. I know Cason had a *terrible* game last week, but he’s in no way a bust. He’s been productive and made some plays.

    Time will tell if he was worth a 1st rounder or not, but it’s not fair to lump him in with Davis and English.

  3. Another spot-on comment by abiterflick. I concur in full re Cason. He suffers from inconsistency. Last season Cason and Jammer were one of the best CB duos in the NFL. I suspect Cason will regain his mojo and start playing at a high level. Right now he just needs to get some confidence back. The question is, will this be a patter for him – this inconsistency?

  4. Another great pick by the lord of no rings himself, AJ Smith.

    As for Cason, he can’t cover worth a crap.

  5. Hmm..what happened to AJ “the genius of the draft”?

    for those who are posting here that Cason is not a bust! really? dude was burned 3 X by the same receiver and looked lost on every one of them..he couldn’t cover bread if he were peanut butter!

    Excuse me Mr. Spanos, it is time to clean house, with AJ and Norval the first two to go..Cower and Gruden have not coached in awhile, so let’s not get them..maybe get Rob Ryan from Dallas as the HC, he can help the D as well…

    if we lose against KC this week, and it may happen if PR keeps his interception(s) to TD(s) avg. high..

    Let’s just win..4-2 looks good on papar, but the schedule is about to get ROUGH!

    Go Bolts!

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