Fasano says fans pushing “Suck for Luck” are “sick”


The Dolphins are 0-6 on the season, 1-12 at home since December 2009.  And plenty of Dolphins fans are trying to put some “fun” in dysfunction by hoping, privately and/or publicly, that the team loses enough more times this year to earn the privilege of drafting Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

Members of the team don’t like it.  Last week, linebacker Karlos Dansby said, “It pisses me off.”  On Tuesday, tight end Anthony Fasano took it to a slightly higher level.

It’s sick actually,” Fasano told WFAN’s Joe & Evan, via SportsRadioInterviews.com.  “I can’t even fathom those thoughts of those people that conjure up that stuff.  They have never played sports and pretty much aren’t really our loyal fans.  I can’t really put any weight into that and I know the players don’t listen to it.  It’s a shame, but people are going to talk and we just have to block that out.”

While such folks may not be “loyal fans” of this year’s team, truly loyal fans of the team are loyal fans of every year’s team, including next year’s team — and the next ten years’ teams.  So the truly loyal year-to-year Dolphins fans, who have suffered through more than a decade of sucking not for Luck but just plain sucking should be willing to see the rest of a season that won’t result in a playoff berth fail sufficiently badly to result in the kind of quarterback who could not only stabilize the franchise but also take it to heights that even Dan Marino ultimately couldn’t.

And if the current players, most of whom are Dolphins only in the short term, don’t like it, that’s their problem.  But the current players shouldn’t insult fans who are desperate for hope that the current players simply can’t provide.

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  1. You have a problem for what a fan roots for.. well give them another reason to root for something. Like Winning! Do your job, and the fans get to do whatever they want… they paid for that entitlement!

  2. Here is a crazy notion.. how about they win a few games to get people to stop thinking about having the worst record?

  3. If the current players think it is “sick” or are offended about it, maybe they should do something about it…such as win a game.

  4. I guess for Fasano, sucking for the sake of sucking is fine, just don’t suck productively, for Luck.

  5. Why? Sometimes the best thing for a team to do is quit being mediocre and just flat out suck. Miami has been hovering around 7 or 8 wins and while that’s just enough to not be bad, they can’t seem to get a pick high enough for a stud QB. Suck bad for one year and it could pay off. Hell, the best thing to happen to the Steelers this past decade was their bad season which let them draft high enough for Ben to fall to them.

  6. The network, fans and concession have a stake in the Dolphins. The fans are the most important element so if they want Luck then the players shouldn’t bitch.

  7. Does anyone actually have any genuine evidence of fans pushing “suck for luck” campaigns? The only people I have seen pushing such things are journalists and analysts. It was created by the media, supported by the media and spread by the media.

  8. I’m not a Dolphins fan, but props to you Mike for understanding their plight. I can’t say I’ve had the displeasure of watching the Dolphins play this year, but from what I’ve read it’s a pretty miserable experience. Hope is a good thing, the best of things, and if they need to cheer for Luck because the current teams sucks that bad, more power to them.

  9. i don’t understand what is so sick about this? the dolphins are horrible. the fact that the fans still show up to watch this team shows some loyalty. and the recent signing of losman a man who was booted from the nfl a year ago because he was really that bad is your new quarterback? it seems that even the front office agrees that the dolphins should suck for luck

  10. Been a season ticket holder since 1982.

    If the players don’t like us rooting for a high pick then give me something else to root for.

    This team has never been in shape this year, tackling is harder for them than chinese math and our coaching staff is over matched in every game.

    If I am going to keep dropping money on this train wreck then yea I want a G.. D… QB that can take us somewhere along with new personnel guys, new coaches and a whole lot of new players.

  11. If you love a team, want them to do well in the long run, and know the only way for that to happen is to have the entire coaching staff (and GM) fired as well as bringing in some new players starting with a possible franchise QB, it actually seems fairly rational to want them to do poorly now so that the changes can start as soon as this season ends.

  12. Maybe you could cheer for your team to lose in order to be able to draft a supposedly great college QB who has no guarantee of being any good at the NFL level, but I agree with Fasano.

  13. If the Dolphins players really wanted to take it to those “sick” fans, all they have to do is win.

  14. It should piss them off. Also if you don’t like fans hoping you suck for Luck, then by all means shatter those people’s hope and win some games to shut them up.

  15. Fasano should shut up and win a game then. I am a die hard Dolphin fan and have been for 25 years. It ticks me off that so many of the players on this roster are so concerned with the suck for luck campaign. There’s only one way to stop fans from talking about it and its the one thing they aren’t good enough to do. WIN A FOOTBALL GAME! Hopefully when the DOlphins draft Luck they follow that up with one of Stanfords 6’6 tight ends and send Fasano to a team that doesn’t have Luck. Keep the man happy. The “sick” Dolphins fans will mean while enjoy a decade of good football rather than the complete garbage we have been watching since Dan the Man retired.

  16. yeah, it is sick to want to have the #1 pick in the draft so you can get a qb who is going to start for you for the next 10 years & possibly help you, god forbid, win some games. Tony, I stuck up for you, but now you are so transparent about looking out for yourself that I have to agree w/ most Dolphin fans & it seems the players too- time to go. Sick was a poor choice of words….this from a Dolphin hater too, FYI….

  17. I think Fasano should embrace the fans and their Suck for Luck mantra. Otherwise, it means that the Dolphins – including him – just suck for no good reason other than poor leadership and an overall lack of talent.

  18. Wow, I completely agree with this article.

    If a fan has been here for 20 years rooting for a team that has done nothing, they certainly have the right to root for their team to get a great QB prospect to make their team better.

    Besides, very very few football players get to actually play where they want to. Most arent fans of the team they play for. Who the hell are you, as a mercenary, to tell me how to root for my team?

  19. Memo to Fasano: The fans are the reason you have a job in the NFL and are making a lot of money. You’re one of the worst Tight Ends in the entire league. Maybe if you and the other 21 starters would do your job then you’d win some games.

  20. Fasano shouldn’t be questioning the loyalty of the fan base. They have suffered a lot longer than he has with this Dolphins team. This is a fan base that remembers Dan Marino and has seen this team drag in a host of bums since Marino retired. Fasano is half right. The fans don’t understand the players perspectives. But Fasano doesn’t understand the fans perspectives and frustration with that franchise. Just as Tom Brady’s career is winding down, Luck will be hitting his prime and may become the star quarterback of the AFC East.

  21. there are a lot of sick things that happen in the world of football, but rooting for your team to suck so you can get a franchise QB is one of them. now hoping that Andrew Luck absolutely sucks and fails in the NFL, like a lot of people did with Cam Newton for no reason, that’s sick. but realizing that the Dolphins suck and hoping they can get a player to turn the franchise around, that’s just thinking ahead.

  22. Coaches and players aren’t tanking it because the most likely scenario is even if a team “gets” Luck, they’ll likely just see him on TV or an opposing team. Cleaning house after 0-16 is likely!

  23. Dolphins are 86-96 since Marino left. Excuse them for getting excited about cleaning house and drafting a real quarterback.

  24. The problem isn’t these fans who have never played sports but players like Fasano, who have never been fans (or have been professional and elite college for so long they have forgotten)

  25. As a true Vikings fan, I’m 100% gearing up for next year. I want us to practice the young guys, rest the veterans, and lose as many games as possible so we get a good draft position. Fasano should shut his mouth and realize Dolphins fans don’t give a crap about his sucky season. They want a better team for future years.

  26. The team isn’t sucking for luck they just flat out suck and it’s because of lack of coaching from the top all the way down and it started with the lockout and lack of ota’s and has snow balled to this extent

  27. He’s right.

    The real fans are going to support their team no matter what. The rest…..it’s just background noise.

    Long live Dansby and Fasano.

  28. Having been a Dolphin fan longer than anyone on the roster has been alive, I can tell you that I was a huge fan before the Superbowl years. I remember the first season. The glory years, the Marino era. I will always be a Dolphin fan. Truth is, they do suck this year. We are just trying to be optimistic about. Go Dolphins!
    Fan Forever,

  29. I can understand the Dolphin fans “suck for luck” mantra. The draft is set up so that bad teams can get help through the draft….and fans can justify a bad season by looking forward to high draft picks……..but I can also understand Fasano’s point. Those players have been busting their humps since training camp and don’t want the fan base giving up on the season. The only thing a fan can hope for is that the team doesn’t have a bad season, than blow the draft pick (think Jamarcus Russell).

  30. so anthony…what would you have the truly “loyal” fans do? sit on the edge of their seats, rooting like mad for a team that has nothing to gain by winning?

    the “suck for luck” thing is indeed a media creation. for one, what the fans root for has absolutely no bearing on how the players perform – it’s irrelevant. secondly, regardless of who was in the draft, i’d be rooting exactly how i’m rooting now – no knowledgeable fan of a team that’s completely out of it has ever sat there and rooted intensely for wins. the media just decided to give that fact a lot more attention this year than others.

  31. No Coach here is what’s sick;

    The VISITING QB who plays for a team in COLORADO was honored on the field where he won a national championship, in the city(MIAMI) where his college rivals(University of Miami) play. What is also sick is how your defense (which I assume has no players on it from the U, for if they did there would have been no way Tebow and the Bronco’s would have left that stadium with a win) which had some nice sack totals but looked like a pee-wee team trying to catch and tackle their big brother’s whenever they had to chase Tebow.

    What else is sick is the offense, special teams, coaching, ownership, and fanbase.

    That about does it. Coach I don’t envy your situation and I truly liked what you did at UNH, but don’t call out the fans, call out them sorry ass so-called football players on your team.

  32. You can’t fanthom rooting for 1 bad season for the reward of 15 great seasons? see Colts and Pats and GB

  33. They are fans in the sense that they realize that players like TONY FASANO are not taking this franchise to the promised land. Ever. They are also smart enough to realize that a franchise QB and high draft picks are excellent building blocks for a successful franchise.

    Anybody who would rather have 3 Dolphins wins this season rather than a potential franchise QB is functioning at the shallow end of the bell curve. Take your “real fandom” elsewhere.

  34. I don’t think any fan will willingly root for his team to lose, just to get the #1 pick in the draft. I think the Fins fan base is still trying to replace Marino, the likes of which don’t come around very often (good luck to the Colts, Saints and Pasties when they lose their franchise guys for good, that time is coming…). That said, Fasano and other players are really missing the boat here. These fans want to see W’s. If the players we had played better, perhaps the S4L contingent would shut up…but until we start to see Fasano, Marshall, Bess, Burnett, etc play like NFLers, they’ll still hear the S4L group shouting…so….the ball is in your court, Mr. Fasano…

  35. For some reason I can see Fasano as a Giant in the future. Come back home to New Jersey and help push the pile.

  36. Mr. Fasano, if you actually lived through almost 40 years of NOT winning a SB, and then 17 new quarterbacks after Dan Marino, coupled with an owner who doesn’t understand the business and coaches and players that have no focus or discipline (questionable calls, drop balls, tunovers, penalties), then you can comment. Otherwise, shut your mouth and instead of talking to reporters, go practice more… be a leader. shmuck!

  37. The argument that we as fans have never played competitive sports is exactly the argument I would expect from an athlete who has never engaged in critical thinking.

    The fact is, I’ve been a die-hard Dolphins fan since 1992. I’m 28. I saw about 8 good years total since then and I want a winner. This past decade has been a crash course in how to be a terrible franchise. Now, we’re faced with the burden of having a completely moronic owner who seems to be the worst parts of Jerry Jones and Daniel Synder put together.

    I don’t root against the team on game day but after every loss I can’t say I’m pissed about our position to get a franchise QB.

    It’s a stupid statement from a player who is average at best.

  38. Really? Loyal fans. Those there last Sunday not wearing Gator or Bronco jerseys are the loyal fans. I have been there since 1966. I was there before this guy was born. Pisses him off? The product on the field that us “loyal fans” pay for (including his salary) is disgraceful. I know many fans who just want the Dolphins to finally draft a franchise QB and hire an experienced head coach to upgrade the product. Forward my email address to Anthony Fasano and he can talk to one of the original fans who are just as pissed off.

  39. Get a team full players with the attitudes of Chris Johnson, JaWalrus, and Albert Haynesworthless and they won’t care about the team’s success as long as they got paid.

  40. Where do I even start? Not loyal? I have been a fan since the team was formed and before you were a tadpole in your Dad’s pants! I have travelled to see you bunch of loosers play at least once a year at significant cost and have watched every stinking game this team has played since Sunday ticket was available, including EVERY game from start to finish during the 1-15 debacle. DON’T YOU F’ING DARE TELL ME I AM NOT A LOYAL FAN. I have both played hockey at a very high level and coached several future NHL players so IMO your opinion about my ability to judge a professional player is about as good as your ability to catch the football. I am sick of over paid, over hyped crybabies. I am sick of poor front office decisions and poor coaching. I am sick of excuses but most of all I am sick of loosing. So I hope we drop EVERY game this year, clean house (starting with your sorry azz) and draft a much needed franchise QB. Tell that to the rest of your butterfingered recieving core!

  41. I’ll be glad when the Dolphins cut all their ex Cowboy crap from the roster. Fasano is one of them.

  42. “Suck for Luck” is a fantasy. For starters, there are too many terrible teams this year to guarantee that purposely sucking will even give you the first draft pick. Secondly, Luck isn’t graduating, so there’s no guarantee he’ll even be IN the 2012 draft.
    Third, even IF he is, if your team really sucks that badly he might tell you to go pack sand. I mean, he would if he were sane. Who wants to play for the Dolphins anyway? Their star wide receiver drops more balls than he catches.

    The thing is, all of this has been true ever since PFT first brought it up, but yet he still keeps propagating the notion that anyone with a football job is actually stupid enough to do it, let alone be able to convince their players (most of whom can’t stand being on terrible teams year after year) to purposely suck.

    “Suck for Luck” is not happening, and will never happen, because it makes absolutely no sense.

  43. As a Phin fan, I will tell you that I will never cheer for my team to lose. I don’t care who is in the draft. I scream at the TV everyweek, especially lately. This is crazy. However I am starting to wonder what is going on in Miami.

    1. taking knees to go into half time with enough time to try to get points;

    2. running the ball on third and seven, up by 15 with 6.5 minutes left;

    3. Having Tim Tebow day;

    4. going for two points for no real reason;

    5. not going for 50 yard field goals;

    6. calling the worst plays in history in the red zone;

    7. not covering Tim Tebow on a 2 piont conversion;

    8. allowing a team to get an onside kick, really how often are those succesful;

    9. trying to get rid of the coach and then give him a 2 year extension;

    10. not catching balls which hit receivers in the hands;

    11. still trying to run Reggie up the middle, not throwing the ball to Reggie,not attempting to get the ball to Reggie in space;

    12. completly giving up on Defense in the 4th Q;

    13. despite having by all accounts, at least in the preseason, one of the deepest and best front sevens in the league, not getting any pass rush;

    Maybe, just maybe, they are sucking for Luck. I hope they are not because I would lose respect for the team. As a loal Phin fan, BEAT THOSE GIANTS this week!!!!!!!!

  44. The dolphins have not be materially competitive since I have been a fan (the mid 80’s). If losing another 10 games this year would cause them to even have a chance to win in the future then sign me the F up. We’re the only team that have never been seriously competitive in that time. If you remove losing to the Bills in the 90’s we haven’t been a true contender since the year I was born 1982. Its put up or shut up time. Fasano can kiss my as$.

  45. I like it………….Now I understand the slogan for Luck! If it takes a 0-16 record to get a quarterback that can take us to the next level, then I’m all in!!!

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