T.O. wasn’t the only guy who worked out on Tuesday


On Tuesday, receiver Terrell Owens worked out for scouts in California.  The only problem?  No scouts showed up.

For starters, most scouts currently are criss-crossing the country, visiting college practices and games.  Also, teams with interest in available free agents will bring them in for workouts, in lieu of traveling to watch them run and cut.  Any team interested in Owens can do that, any day of the week.

Then there’s the fact that, if a team brings T.O. in, the team will want him to do things he didn’t do on Tuesday, like run 40 yards in a straight line.

The most common day of the week on which players work out for teams is Tuesday, and 53 players not named Terrell Owens received on-site workouts this week.

Here’s the list of all of them.  Keep an eye out for a certain former top-five draft pick, and for the absence of a man whose DNA match is still getting it done for the Buccaneers, who currently are in significant need of a running back.

Falcons:  tackles Kirk Chambers, Kyle Jolly, Kenny Wiggins; running backs Mike Cox, Verron Haynes, Jason McKie, Dimitri Nance, Lousaka Polite; guard Dennis Landolt.

Cowboys:  running backs Aaron Brown and Jason Parmele; defensive backs C.C. Brown, Chris Horton, Darcel McBath, Justin Taplin-Ross, C.J. Wilson; guards Nick Cole and Mike Gibson; receivers Yamon Figurs, Johnnie Lee Higgins, Tiquan Underwood, Demetrius Williams; tackle Langston Walker.

Broncos:  running backs Xavier Omon and Tyrell Sutton.

Lions:  defensive end George Selvie.

Texans:  defensive tackles Kentwan Balmer, Landon Cohen, Lamar Divens, Ra’Shon Harris, Trey Lewis, Kade Weston.

Vikings:  quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson; receivers Chris Brooks, Kerry Taylor, Terrence Toliver.

Jets:  receivers Andy Brewer, DeMarcus Ganaway, Dexter Jackson, Jamarko Simmons; tight end Shawn Nelson; defensive end Ricky Sapp.

Eagles:  defensive back Andrew Sendejo.

Buccaneers:  running backs Jon Hoese and Eddie Williams; tight end Ryan Winterswyk.

Titans:  guards Stanley Daniels, Leonard Davis, Vincent Manuwai, Duke Robinson.

Redskins:  running backs Tristan Davis, Kareem Huggins.

Back to Owens, it’s hard not to wonder whether the open workout was part of his latest reality show, a plot line aimed at driving whatever contrived notion the producers are trying to push.

It doesn’t mean T.O. will never find another job in the NFL.  All it takes is one team to be sufficiently desperate to bring him in, check him out, and offer him a contract.  He played well for the Bengals last year, and if he is recovered from the torn ACL he suffered in the offseason, he could still contribute to a team.

If that team is willing to assume the risk that Owens will find a way to tear the team apart from the inside out.

25 responses to “T.O. wasn’t the only guy who worked out on Tuesday

  1. Man what a brutal league, especially for Running backs. All of those scrubs and no name players getting looks and Tiki Barber and Clinton Portis can’t even buy a workout, let alone a backup 3rd or 4th string spot. It’s amazing to see how quickly players in this position fall off. Tiki’s not such a surprise since he took such a break and went completely away from football, but Portis is a little surprising, he’s an insane blocker and was still a good 3rd down option.

    Oh how the mighty fall…stunning.

  2. “If that team is willing to assume the risk that Owens will find a way to tear the team apart from the inside out.”

    Exactly. The fact that not even ONE team sent as much as a representative speaks volumes.

    The guy just isn’t worth the hassle.

  3. “He played well for the Bengals last year…”

    Truthfully, he did not play well for the Bengals last year. He dropped a lot of passes, didn’t try for a few more, and was the intended receiver for the majority of Carson’s interceptions.

    The Bengals, Bills, Cowboys, and Eagles all still had questions at wide receiver when they made decisions to not have T.O. on their team anymore. That says something.

  4. T.O.’s workout was televised on NFLNetwork, so don’t assume that no one was watching. If someone needs him, and both sides can agree on compensation, then he will be signed. T.O. has a high minimum because he is a 10 year vet, but stranger things have happenened. I’m still hoping to see a Jeff George to T.O. connection.

  5. You nailed it in describing how the system works. If a team wants to take a look they send you a ticket for a date and time.
    Pure T.O. that he thinks he should set the workout, do only what he wants to do (like avoid a 40 time), and show off his pecs and abs for the fawning media.
    Maybe he can make it as an underwear model but at soon to be 38 coming off ACL surgery, he should be quiet and humble, letting his agent work at getting him a trial with any of the several teams desperate for WR help.

  6. T.O. hasn’t been trouble since he was with the Eagles. He has been a productive receiver in Buffalo and Cincinnati and could definitely help a potential playoff team down the stretch. It even seems like T.O. may not have been wrong when he complained about Donovan McNabb’s work habits and conditioning in Philadelphia. I say give the guy a shot, you know he’ll product on the field and if he causes any trouble off the field release him.

  7. Notice how the ‘big-name’ RB’s still unemployed are also the ones with bad attitudes? Sometimes it isn’t soley based on talent…

  8. Lol half of those players are ravens cast offs, parmele is pretty good, he was a pretty serviceable back up running back. Demetrius Williams and figurs can’t catch a ball to save thier life (or job) and they get injured when they sneeze lol. No body want t.o. It’s pretty obvious

  9. TO’s end is ALMOST as embarassing as Jerry Rice’s and Tim Brown…

    Rice cut by the Broncos LOL and Brown couldn’t even get a workout LOL!

  10. I’m surprised Dominic Rhodes isn’t on a squad yet. He just won Offensive Player of the Year in the UFL and led his team to a championship. I know it’s not the NFL, but I’m sure some team could use him. He’ll probably end up on the Colts roster again.

  11. So, guys like Tiquan Underwood, Terrence Toliver, DeMarcus Ganaway and Jamarko Simmons get workouts at receiver but T.O. doesn’t? Yep, all 32 team’s are looking Rosenhaus. All 32 teams.

  12. bayoubauer says: Oct 26, 2011 10:54 AM

    So, Cardinals brass, Leonard Davis drafted instead of Adrian Peterson. How’s that working out for ya?


    Leonard Davis wasn’t drafted in 2007, he was drafted 2001.

  13. As a Bengals fan, let me tell you that you DO NOT want this guy on your team. I saw it first hand last season in training camp and from then on I knew that this would not work.

    Practice started at 7pm, everyone was in full their pads at 6:55 pm. Even Carson. Except for two players… 7:13 pm rolls around and here comes Chad and TO, together. Not in full pads yet, they’ve got their little spandex tights on and their gold shoes. Those two single handedly destroyed the chemistry of that team that went on to go 4-12.

    You do not want TO on your team.

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