Seahawks considered drafting Dalton, now face him

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While Seahawks fans wonder if Charlie Whitehurst or Tarvaris Jackson will start this week, we wouldn’t blame some of them if they wondered “What if?” with the Bengals coming to town.

Reports before the draft claimed that the Seahawks strongly considered drafting quarterback Andy Dalton in the first round. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll confirmed as much, saying he and G.M. John Schneider liked “everything about” Dalton when they scouted him.

The Seahawks thought they needed to build their offensive line first before they picked a franchise quarterback. They took tackle James Carpenter; he’s quietly improved his play after a rough start.

Dalton, meanwhile, has helped the Bengals jump out to a 4-2 record.  He has a higher quarterback rating than players like Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers, and Cam Newton, although we anticipate that won’t be true once the Bengals play the tougher part of their schedule.

It’s way too early to decide whether the Seahawks erred in passing on Dalton. He may or may not be a “franchise quarterback” and perhaps the Seahawks can do better in the draft next April.

This much we know: Another season of Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst isn’t going to happen in Seattle.

42 responses to “Seahawks considered drafting Dalton, now face him

  1. Not a Bengals fan, but Dalton is the real deal. Smart, level-headed and a winner. I think years from now we’ll look back and, except for possibly Newton, see that Dalton was the best QB to come out of this draft class.

  2. This is yet another case of where being a red head keeps you down.

    On the bright side, in the last Bengals game the refs clearly blew a call by not penalizing Dalton for taking his helmet off on the field of play.

  3. i dont think hell tear em up but they will win. I dont know what Seattle is up to, but its not good. How they hell did Pete Carroll get ANOTHER chance at head coaching in the NFL….?

  4. how are you guys thumbs downing ekash? his resume was first round, but was drafted in the second. he has played well for a rookie, but people are slow to praise. he will be on a shorter leash than most QBs. why? because he is a redhead.

  5. These ocean creature teams (Dolphins, Seahawks) might have half a chance if an actual sea creature was their G.M. You have chad henne, tavaris jackson, and charlie whitehurst as your QB’s and you pass on Dalton?!?

    Good luck building your teams gentlemen…if you still have your job.

  6. Matt Flynn would be my guess for the next QB in Seattle. They have a thing for former Packer backups…

  7. I’ve watched all of his highlight throws (mostly TD’s, INT’s, and throws for first down). About 25 throws in all. Every single time he has locked in on one receiver from the start of the play – I have yet to see him look to a second route. About half the time or more, the receiver he ends up throwing to is the only guy on that side of the field. All of his interceptions so far (that I have seen) were caused by a DB watching his eyes and jumping the route.

    The kid has great touch, and seems to know how to lay the ball in over a DB where only his receiver can get it. However, this is a severely dumbed down offense, with no second options (that I can see). When he plays the Ravens and Steelers, I think he’s going to be in for a very, very rough time.

    I like the kid – hopefully he will learn the NFL game. He’s definitely got some sweet throws. However, at this point, I would have to say that he’s about to take a giant step backward. Already in his last three games, I could see linebackers are following his eyes on every play, and flowing to that area. He’s locked into his receiver from the moment he takes the snap (possibly before). I think he’s going to have a 3 or 4 INT meltdown very soon.

  8. Rex, you couldn’t be more wrong in your “analysis”. Andy looks off the S/LB’s better than most Rookie qb’s at this stage. It’s one of the main props given to him by the announcers during the games…. He sees the whole field well beyond his years. With his arm strengh not elite his smarts make up for it. Being able to look of defenders falls in the “smarts” category.

  9. NO! Seattle has Tarvaris Jackson who was mistreated in MN, wasn’t given a chance, wasn’t properly repsected….now that he is being treated correctly he has to be the Seahawks QB of the present and the future. Pete Carol himself said it before the season began.

    Of course, then they saw him play….YIKES!

  10. It still boggles my mind that Carroll would go into this season with Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst as his QBs. He essentially folded the season before it ever started, an unacceptable action in a division as weak as the NFC West.

  11. It looks as if the 2011 draft was quite a year for QBs. We’ll see in a few years, but it’s shaping up to be much better than the bust year of 2007.

  12. @rexismybff

    its shocking that you managed to gain such an assessment after watching all of 25 of his near 500 passes. probably best to not try and sound like an educated scout assessing a players performance after only seeing roughly 5% of a players passes. just saying.

  13. “Matt Flynn would be my guess for the next QB in Seattle. They have a thing for former Packer backups…”

    I know.. right… I mean.. you got Matt Hasselbeck and……. well…… I’m sure you’re right, I just can’t think of what other Packer backup QB went to Seattle off the top of my head.

    Maybe the Packers will trade for Cris Redman, since they “have a thing” for Falcon’s backup QB’s. (see Brett Favre if you don’t get the reference)

    1 time does not a “thing” make.

  14. Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco were also considered good by many others. Freeman’s hit a rookie wall.
    Give a QB 3 seasons before deciding if he’s really good or not.

    People keep forgetting that the Bengals have a top-5 defense at this moment. That will help any rookie QB. Just ask Cam Newton how he feels about the Panthers defense.

  15. Yep, missing out on Dalton is tough, but I’m sure the Seahawks will be fine for the future with Tarvaris JacksHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

    Sorry. I tried.

  16. Pete Carroll’s stubbornness in not acknowledging that he screwed up in going after Jackson, has killed the aspirations of Seahawks fans.

    I’d tell you to be a man, Pete, but I know you’re not capable.

  17. He played the 49ers and struggled. Let’s see what he does when he plays Steelers, Ravens, Browns & Steelers in a 4 week period.

    AJ Green is the real deal!!! He should be a capable QB. A notch above Trent Dilfer

  18. I think Dalton is pretty solid but it helps to be a rookie QB with Cedric Benson, AJ Green, Jermaine Gresham and a top 5 defense.

    NO………. It helps to not be carson palmer.

  19. They liked “everything about” Dalton except for the fact that he’s a ginger. Gingers are one of the Devils many sadistic goofs on society, you can’t trust them.

  20. The point of this article is great. Can anyone even remember another time a team has passed on a player in the draft who later played against them?

  21. “Considered”? You have T-Jack and Mr. Whitehurst at QB. GM and Coach are you still with me…

  22. Choosing a Left Tackle over a franchise QB? Browns have a HOF Left Tackle (joe Thomas) how have they been in the standings! Been looking for their Franchise QB since Bernie had “diminishing skills” You know how many T-Jacks and Whitehursts we’ve gone through?

  23. What I want to know is how Dalton seems to know everythng that’s going on without the benefit of off-season workouts. Anyone think that maybe the OC’s big brother was coaching Dalton up during the lockouts? The same big brother who interviews every coach who ends up on MNF? Would that be a competitive advantage for the Bengals’ offense? I wonder if ESPN will look into this?

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