Cowher says he doesn’t plan to coach next year

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Instead of CBS signing Bill Cowher to an “exclusive” five-year contract and then refusing to comment on whether “exclusive” means “he can’t coach for five years,” Cowher has opted to use his Sunday platform to throw water on the possibility of returning in 2012.

Here’s what Cowher said earlier in the hour, as transcribed by Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated:  “I’d just like to say this. I’ve not been contacted directly or indirectly by any football team or any organization. It’s all speculation, and it’s unfortunate because it affects the lives of many people that are in the profession.  I am here to say to you today, I do not plan on coaching next year.  I love where I work, and more importantly, I enjoy the people that I work with up here. So I can put all the speculation to rest. And if I have to repeat this in December again, I will.

“It’s a tough profession, I know there is speculation out there.  I’m flattered by it to be honest with you.  But at the same time it affects too many people’s lives.  I like what I’m doing right here, and I plan on being back in the same seat next year.”

Four comments.

First, he said “I do not plan on coaching next year.”  He should have said something more definitive, like “I will not coach next year, period.”  He may not plan on coaching next year now, but plans can change.

Second, he came a little closer to being unequivocal by saying “I plan on being back in the same seat next year.”  Again, he used the tried and true wiggle word:  “Plan.”

Third, it doesn’t matter if he repeats it in December.  It matters if he repeats it in January.

Fourth, even if Cowher were unequivocal, it really doesn’t mean anything, as we learned five years ago when Nick Saban told anyone who’d listen that he’s not going to be the Alabama coach.

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  1. Oh come on. Coaches can’t win in these press situations. It’s not true that Saban told “anyone who’d listen” that he wasn’t going to be the Alabama coach. He repeatedly said he wouldn’t discuss anything but Miami while Miami’s season was in progress. But every time he stepped to the podium for the NFL-mandated press conference, he was hammered on Bama. At that point, Bama had approached his agent and been told he wouldn’t discuss it until Miami’s season ended. Saban had no way of knowing whether they’d wait for him or move on. When he finally got fed up with the inquisition and said he wouldn’t be Bama’s coach, no formal offer had been made. That didn’t come until later. Saban’s statement was true when he made it.

    What he should have done was pull a Ryan Mallett. Tell the press he’d only discuss Miami and leave the podium when they kept harping on Bama. But we all know how that worked out for Mallett–they labeled him unpoised and uncooperative. Cowher has said he won’t talk about a coaching job that’s occupied. And since they’re all occupied, he’s saying he has “no plans” to coach next year. For now, that’s true.

  2. show him the money and the hand picked job, errr perfect job, and he will leave. can’t tell me he would not take the colts if caldwell is booted, cant tell me he wouldnt take texans either. guy has become a real punk

  3. deb – i appreciate your viewpoint – most of the time – even though i can’t STAND the steelers – but honestly – saban is a dirt bag – i think it runs in the family – but best of luck to you and your team

  4. I’m beginning to wonder just how long can a coach not coach in the NFL before he starts to lose something. Maybe desire, maybe edge maybe when you spend your whole life on the go and then take a year too many off that chair and comfy warm office starts to call to you a little more strongly then you might realize.

    If Cowher doesn’t return soon he could very well either never return or return and struggle simply because even though the coach’s body doesn’t need to stay as fit as a player’s his mind does and being away from direct daily football contact will cause ANYONE to slip a little and the longer he stays away the more he’ll slip.

  5. Cowher is not the kind of guy who would use the words “I do not plan on coaching” in order to get better offers or give himself wiggle room to come back and coach. That just isn’t him.

  6. Poor Miami might get stuck with Gruden.

    If the psych isn’t bad now, it will be when he goes there.

    Ask some ex Bucs like Meyshawn and MeCardell.

  7. why would anyone WANT to coach in Miami..that team is a mess, I think if Philly and or Indy jobs are open, they would be much more attractive to Cower. Miami has been offer hyped and overrated for almost 30 yrs now!

  8. @jg725 …

    Nick was wrong to succumb to the pressure and say he wasn’t going to Bama instead of just ignoring them like his buddy Belichick would have done. It’s true that no deal was on the table then, but you never say never. Don’t think that makes him a dirtbag, but yeah, he can be a jerk. However, he’s our jerk, and I love him. Roll Tide!! 😀

  9. @Deb,

    Nick Saban is one of the greatest college head coaches ever… And, he’s a liar. Many of the greatest have been fantastic liars. It’s not an insult. It’s part of what drives him to excel.

    Your explanation of events surrounding Saban’s move to Alabama sounds a lot like: “It depends what your definition of is is.”

  10. i can’t see cowher coaching the fins or the giants next year,but i could see him going to the colts especially if they are in the top 3 worst teams record wise at the end of the year.colts are’nt bad on Offense provide manning comes back,and he could recruit some guys for the D and maybe talk somebody like plax to come in and help because garcon is gone after this season.
    he could win faster in indy than he could in new york or miami!then again the chin may fool everybody and end up coaching and being the jags head coach and gm!
    as far as building a team,jon gruden does’nt bring anything to the table! he inherited tony dungy’s bucs,and we down hill fast after the super bowl win in 2003.he should stay at espn,he’s better at that than he’ll ever be at coaching!

  11. A) Cowher should never be used in the same breath of air as Saban. Saban was a coward peeve bag for leaving Miami the way he did after not making the obvious game winning call (drew brees).

    B) Media needs to give this cowher talk a rest. Cowher is getting annoyed… he might get angry.

  12. “He should have said something more definitive, like ‘I will not coach next year, period.'”

    Well obviously he didn’t say anything more definitive because he didn’t want to be more definitive. I think Cowher ends up coaching next season.

  13. @phinfan …

    Saban’s wife hated South Fla. and hated the NFL lifestyle. Huizenga stated publicly that he understood Nick’s reasons for leaving and has no hard feelings. He didn’t feel duped. If you guys are going to have hard feelings toward anyone from that time, it should be the medical staff that advised Saban to pass on Brees and Cam Cameron.

  14. Cowher has an infinitely more class and integrity that the “Nicktator” so don’t even make that comparison.

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