The other New York cornerback


Darrelle Revis gets all the attention, and for good reason. Revis is back to his 2009 level of play. He’s playing at a level we haven’t seen at cornerback since Deion Sanders.

Revis isn’t the only New York cornerback that tracks the opposition’s top receiver, though.  Corey Webster was assigned the task for the Giants this year, and has done a nice job slowing down opponents.

After all the injuries in New Yorks’ secondary this year, defensive coordinator Perry Fewell called an audible. Webster wouldn’t play one side of the field. He’d follow the opposition’s best player.

“He doesn’t beat his chest. He studies. There’s that twinkle – that look like, ‘I got this responsibility. I am the man,’” Fewell said via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.

Webster picked off two passes against the Bills, but he was having a solid year before that. We’re not quite sure it’s a Pro Bowl year just yet, but he’ll have a chance to stand out with upcoming games against the Packers, Saints, Patriots, Cowboys, and Eagles.

The Giants secondary is the biggest question mark on a defense that could get very good very fast down the stretch if their pass rushers get healthy. With Webster leading the way at corner and Kenny Phillips playing better at safety, the secondary may be good enough to win the NFC East.

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  1. Any team in the NFC East is “good enough to win” the division, its the question of who destroys them in the first playoff game…Simple folks.

  2. No question Webster is having a solid year. He’s been solid for the Giants since they benched him in 07. He came back for the playoffs when Sam Madison was hurt and was a huge part of their success in that Superbowl run. Since then, he’s been nothing short of solid, short of a few games (vs. San Diego in ’09) where he didn’t play well. Very underrated CB, and doesn’t make a lot of noise.

  3. would love to have TT and Webster at the same time, also looking forward to seeing what Prince can do in a few weeks.

    The NFC East is pretty weak, but I have a feeling Dallas may come out on top. Giants have the tougher schedule going forward.

  4. As a Bills fan the only Giants game I’ve seen so far was two weeks ago when the two teams matched up. Both of his interceptions came on plays where Stevie Johnson beat him like a drum off the line of scrimmage but Fitzpatrick under threw the ball so Webster was in perfect position. Not exactly the kind of play that reminds me of Revis.

  5. I’m pretty sure that neither Revis nor Webster is a New York corner no matter what the media tells you.

    The only New York corners are in Buffalo… except when they are in Toronto.

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