Pete Carroll has a “hormonal” day to forget


Pete Carroll has done a lot of positive things in Seattle in a short time. He’s turned over the roster into a young group with a promising defense. He’s drafted pretty well and won a playoff game.

There is no denying one of Carroll’s shortcomings. He has been one of the worst gameday coaches in the NFL since he returned from USC. Carroll makes Andy Reid look composed by comparison with his clock management skills.

“We learned about what happens when a coach gets hormonal and tries to jam it down their frickin’ throat for the touchdown,” Carroll said after Sunday’s loss to the Bengals.

Carroll is referring to his fourth-and-two call from the three-yard line with 14 seconds left in the first half.  Marshawn Lynch picked up two yards, and time ran out in the half during a 17-3 game before Seattle could run another play.

“It’s tough to balance it, because I have an attitude and a personality about how I want to do it, but as a team, we’re not quite able to take advantage of that yet,” Carroll said.

This sequence wasn’t an isolated incident. Carroll has endured plenty of gameday blunders in Seattle, including a very similar situation against the Chargers last year. He’s starting to get more criticism in Seattle for his mistakes.

The end of the half fiasco took some attention away from the odd decision to start Charlie Whitehurst at quarterback.

Seattle announced Tarvaris Jackson as the starter, then played Whitehurst for a few drives. White struggled, so Seattle inserted Jackson. (Jackson played much better.) Carroll wanted to see if Whitehurst was functional first, but said that the team’s backup wasn’t suited for the team’s up-tempo plan.

So why start him if Jackson was available?

“We’re still in a transition period,” he said of his young team. “Still figuring it out.”

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  1. Sounds like to me that Pete Carroll is panicking. His team is falling far behind the 49ers with little hope of taking the division. So instead of focussing on finishing strong and playing smart hes going for it, which he doesnt have to do. Thats a panic move. And it isnt the first time Pete Carroll has had that kind of thinking in the NFL.

  2. o why start him if Jackson was available?

    “We’re still in a transition period,” he said of his young team. “Still figuring it out.”

    Translation: I have no idea what I am doing anymore. Can I draft Matt Barkley yet?

  3. Why is this clown still coaching? Cheat Carrol failed in the NFL before.. cheated at USC and escaped before he could be punished… in time he will be fired again. Mark my words.

  4. Get a QB, please! You can’t go into next year with this situation again. Tavaris has been ok, but let’s not fool ourselves Pete.

  5. He’s still coaching because he has to reassociate his (admittedly failed) brand with the NFL. Hard to make the jump from coaching college to being an NFL commentator. The expectation would have been that he would have gone into college commentating.

    Now, after another year or so of him in the NFL, when he gets fired he’ll take his Hollywood moxy and get himself a position in front of a camera Sunday mornings.

  6. If Carroll was coaching in any other division, he wouldn’t have been in the playoffs last year. Had they lost that game to the Rams, they would have picked 8th in the draft. I give him credit for beating the Saints in that opening round, but the Saints didn’t set the world on fire last year. They stunk in that game. Good for him for getting there, but let’s not pretend like it was very impressive. It wasn’t. He’s being exposed this year. He’s a great college coach. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  7. “We’re still in a transition period,” he said of his young team.

    I think they need to transition to a new coach.

  8. Carroll’s job is most definitely not in danger. The decision to start Whitehurst was an odd one, though. Really odd considering this was as close to a must-win game as a team that isn’t going to go anywhere could have. It is as if they were giving him one last chance to prove he has something. But it is clear Whitehurst isn’t going to develop. He’s done.

    Most of the nation hasn’t noticed but Tarvaris Jackson has actually looked really good the last three games he’s played.

    The Seahawks are a young team. Lots of talent developing there. While they are not a legitimate contender this year, Tarvaris Jackson might be able to compete next year to remain the starter.

  9. This is who Carroll is – with New England, even at USC, he is a good evaluator of talent, he gets his players to play hard for him, but come game day, he falls flat. At USC, due to his recruiting and game-planning, those teams blew out their opponents and in such games, Carroll didn’t often have to make quick important decisions. But go back and watch the USC-Texas game, and he makes a number of bad decisions. In New England, his game-day coaching was often suspect. And in reading comments from him when he took the Seattle job, i had a feeling that would continue because there was no indication he had done anything to improve his short-comings.

  10. patsforever says:
    Oct 31, 2011 11:05 AM
    How could Seattle have run another play if the one they just ran was on fourth down?


    4th and 2 from the 3. They got to the one. First down and goal from the 1 time expired.

  11. How could Seattle have run another play if the one they just ran was on fourth down?

    If it’s fourth and 2 and they run the ball for a gain of two what do you think happens?

  12. …becuase it was 4th and 2 on the three…

    …gaining the two yards led to a first down but time expired before they could spike the ball…

    …they had no time outs…

  13. Pete Carroll is not an NFL head coach and never has been. Seahawks won crappy division last year by sucking the least and they are showing us who they really are this year.

  14. They could help themselves out on offense by making Lynch the backup and rolling with Leon Washington as the feature back. You don’t think he could hold up for a full season as a feature back? Fine. There’s only half a season left anyway. He’s got better vision and burst than any of the other journeyman types on the team and the team is desperate for some type of success on the ground, along with the threat of completing dump off passes to a RB.

    Do that and commit to it for a few weeks and then see how much better the WRs and Tarvaris Jackson suddenly look.

    But it’s unlikely, unfortunately.

  15. We get it – this blog writer doesn’t like Charlie Whitehurst. ( even calling him ‘ White’) Neither does Pete Carroll. Carroll has jerked around Charlie for two seasons. He pulls him out of the game after a couple of series against one of the best defenses in the NFL. That’s great for a QB’s confidence. And yes, Carroll WAS the guy who ripped the Vikings for “jerking” Tarvaris around. I doubt Carroll lasts til the end of his contract.

  16. Through all the piling on PC for a bad call at the end of the half (aided by the Bengals taking 10 seconds to get off of Lynch), SEA lost that game due to critical receiver drops.

    Jackson played ok. Whitehurst, horrible. Defense, very very good.

    And for the 4th time out of the Seahawks 5 losses, Seattle was within a touchdown or less, with 5 minutes or less to go in the game.

    They need to seal the deal, and while part of that falls on the coach to instill that, its also part of a semi-rebuilding year with a lot of new/young guys still figuring it out the hard way.

  17. what I gather from seeing this young seahawk team is a huge lack of discipline. self-inflicted wounds. and they always seem to occur at crucial, game changing points.

    last week in cleveland, red bryant loses control and gets a penalty on a play that would otherwise result in a punt with some time and I believe (correct me if im wrong) a timeout left with only a 3 pt deficit instead turns into a unsportsmanlike conduct, game over.

    first drive vs cin could have been a 3 and out, but a seattle defender powerbombs a cinci player right in front of a ref. bam a third and long turns into a first down, cinci gets rollin, few plays later, td. all as a result of a silly, avoidable act which is a result of no discipline.

    dont get me started on the 12 plus dropped passes, countless holding/false start/ pass interferences, and straight out boneheaded penalties. no disciplne.

    mix that in with a special teams unit who looks like they just find away to kill any hope of a comeback by letting their opponents run laps by em on nearly every kick or punt. seemed like cinci had good field position nearly every drive.

    then when the team does make a positive play, you see pete n company cheering, woo-hooing, arse slappin like they won the friggin super bowl, forgetting they stunk the whole game and still is behind on the scoreboard.

    while I dont think it was the smartest move considering your last t.o. was burned, I dont blame pete for going for it. it was a gutsy call. pete knew sea was over their head and a 17-10 deficite was managable, considering that team hadnt had a td in nearly a month. just sucks for him, the gamble backfired.

    poor decision making, poor time management, a horrus o line, stupid penalties, dropped passes,.bad calls..and most importantly no discipline. you have to sharpen up your troops on the basics, pete carol.

  18. Carrol is always bull headed when he’s stopped at the goal line. That was obvious last year, and I don’t think he’s going to change. But he’s doing a great job regardless, winning the division wasn’t even the goal last year and they managed to do it, and then by bringing in TJ & CW its obvious that they don’t plan on winning it this year either. Next year though once they get their QB, they’ll be right back in the division race.

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