Seahawks cornerback: A.J. Green is “nothing special”

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Bengals rookie A.J. Green caught a long touchdown against the Seahawks, but Seattle rookie fifth-round pick Richard Sherman did not come away impressed.

“I would say he’s probably one of the most overrated receivers out there,” Sherman said on 950 AM in Seattle via the Seattle Times. “He wasn’t anything special. Dalton was a good quarterback. He makes good decisions, but A.J. Green is just a lot of noise talking and bad routes.”

Sherman actually did a nice job on Green, who caught his score against another defender.  Sherman had one pick and Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor got an interception on a play where Sherman blanked Green.

We’re not sure what Green said to Sherman to annoy him, but the numbers don’t back up Sherman’s claims that Green is overrated. Green has 516 yards and five scores in only seven games playing on a so-so passing team.

Meanwhile, it seems like Seattle may have found a solution to their extremely thin secondary. It’s a good sign Sherman is confident enough to trash talk like this after only one NFL start.

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  1. Seahawks CB Sherman: A.J. Green is “overrated” and “nothing special”

    Kind of like your team.

  2. Yeah, a wide receiver on pace for around 15 touchdowns in his rookie season isn’t anything special. Not at all.

  3. AJ Green = the man Falcons should have traded their future for (instead of Julio)

    But, as a Panthers fan, I’m glad they didn’t.

  4. “Meanwhile, it seems like Seattle may have found a solution to their extremely thin secondary. It’s a good sign Sherman is confident enough to trash talk like this after only one NFL start.”

    And after his team got droped by 22 points by the 32nd ranked team in the league at season start…

  5. This is the same guy who gave Sydney Rice 18 million dollars guaranteed, who has only played one whole productive season and that was Favre….Makes sense

  6. I miss the days when players let their play do their talking, or at least waited until they had something to swagger about.

    Sherman may be a player someday, but the Seahawks are so bad overall (and were so thoroughly owned by the Bengals) it might be best to just dummy up and play.

  7. Beaten by 22 points, playing for a clueless coach and unable to stop Mr. Nothing Special from scoring. yeah that’d get my panties in a bunch too. We’ll check back when you have game.

  8. What ever happened to going out, playing your butt off and keeping your mouth shut. The fact that you have to trash talk to a guy that is having a very fine rookie season makes YOU “nothing special”.

    Signed, Old School NFL fan

  9. The best rookie WR is not “overrated”. You who is overrated? Pete Carroll. The Seahawks suck, and will continue to suck. Winning a division at 7-9 is pathetic. They are lucky they play in the NFC Worst. The 49ers are finally bringing some respect to that division. Thanks in part to Pete ‘s ol’ nemisis Jimmy.

  10. haha! dalton actually made a few bad throws, one that lead to shermans interception. hes lucky AJ, with his rookie route-running skills didnt get another 3 grabs and 50 yards on top of what he had.

    id hate to see what he says to his own offense during practice…

  11. Whatever became of Brandon Marshall vowing to get thrown out and fined in the Monday night game against the Jets?

    Geez, these guys are starved for attention that their quality of play can’t get for them.

  12. …and when Green caught that 45yd TD that was nothing special too right?

    Sherman, your team is 2-5…that is the definition of nothing special.

  13. Um, ya, okay Richard……..I’m looking at NFL stats and have been scrolling down the list and I still haven’t see your name.

  14. If by nothing special, Sherman means a WR who is on pace for double digit touchdowns and a 1,000 yards receiving …. as a ROOKIE; then yes he is nothing special.

    On the flip side, the entire Bengals team thought the Seattle Seahawks were “nothing special” as they dropped a 22 point beatdown on them in one of the supposedly toughest places to play.

  15. Didn’t he look at the scoreboard ? you gotta love it when you see a team loses by 2 touchdowns and and idiots like this guy celebrate a pass breakup. Simply ridiculous

  16. Green may or may not be “nothing special”… time will tell, but he’s a whole lot better than any WR on the Seattle roster.

  17. ummmmm hmmmm….Really…We had a lead the WHOLE game….our game plan was not to let a crappy team pull one out….We took a few shots down the field but we played not to lose………and still whooped that a________. Hate sore losers…..

  18. “but A.J. Green is just a lot of noise talking and bad routes.”

    WTH? – I’m a Bengals fan and I don’t think I could tell you what A.J. even sounds like. Why do you all insist on giving these turds recognition?

  19. Funny how the Headline reads “Seahawks cornerback” rather than his name. Cause no one, including PFT knows who you are.

    Just sayin’

  20. Man, I’m tired of hearing these soft, whiny, punks complaining to the media about the gameplan, coaching, refs, other players, smack talk…especially when they LOSE. SHUT UP…BE A MAN FOR GOODNESS SAKES!

    AJ Green DOES have amazing hands so even if his routes aren’t the best , or even the throw, dude makes the grab. I’d call that talented….not “nothing special”. As a Pats fan I’d LOVE it if they had a burner WR with those hands.

    He’s “nothing special”… what does that say about you dude that he was a reason they beat your team???

  21. greenpacker says:Nov 1, 2011 1:00 PM
    “randall cobb > aj green”

    so is this common on pft, for a person to go around trollin’ in a weak attempt to get everyone to hate on a good team’s fanbase?

    example: that steelersownleague7rings troll clearly is just some fed up browns fan trying to get everyone to hate on the steelers and their fans.

  22. Green I’m fairly certain leads all rookies in yards and TD’s… and is on pace to do better in his first year than some of the all-time greats and HOF’ers. All with a rookie QB at times lobbing ducks his way for him to snag above defenders (something your highly paid “veteran” QB is doing in Seattle too by the way…)

    But he’s nothin special…

  23. Both those picks were on Dalton; both balls were inside, and not on Greens’ outside shoulder where only he could get it.

    AJ Green may ‘not be anything special’; but I guarantee that with 7 games on tape, all the other 31 teams would take AJ in a heart beat.

  24. A.J. is just out there doing his job and doing it well I’d say.

    The fact he is a talented WR that does NOT act like a “Diva” makes him special in my book.

  25. Although his comments are not very accurate, I must say (having seen the game) Sherman played very well and may be a good find.

    The Seahawks are by now means a good team, but they are young and have talented guys, on both sides of the ball. Give them one or two more years and they will at least be a competitive team.

  26. Allow me to further my point from earlier to demonstrate how talented Green is. He is of course on pace for 1,000 yards and double digit touchdowns, and I didn’t even mention that was with a ROOKIE quarterback throwing him the ball. Also, I don’t know too many rookie WR’s who enter the league running precise routes from day one. Especially one who did not have a full amount of training camp and mini-camps. He will improve with a full off-season and more time together with Dalton.

  27. nothin special.. hes only a rookie with over 500 yrds recieving and 5 tds with another rookie tossing him the ball w no ocho cinco or T.O next to him takin off the heat.. nooooooo nothin special.. lmao seahawks are trash

  28. Amazed at the ignorance of most fans.

    Just look at the final score and draw their conclusions from that.

    Game was within 8 points with minutes to go in the fourth, a special teams blunder and a pick six in garbage time do not equate to “The Bengals dominated Seattle”.

    Most NFL fans only know their own team and talk trash about every other team based on a final score.

    No wonder fantasy football is so easy for some of us, others just talk the talk with out actually knowing match-up’s and fact’s from the stat line.

  29. A Rookie WR with no offseason to gel with his Rookie QB and Rookie OC is on pace to get 1k yards. I’d like to know who Sherman is comparing him to and how he even thinks he is qualified to talk about who is special after one start.
    Sherman is lucky those passes were short or he would’ve been watching “nothing special” pull away from his 4.6 speed.

  30. Dericivy…… I watched the game and yes Seattle was dominated Tjax put together a lil something in the 4th quarter but for 50 minutes of that game Seattle was getting pushed around in front of the 12th man. Seattle was never really in the game.

  31. Green is a stud who will be catching TD’s in the playoffs, Sherman is a nobody who has better chances of being Luck’s new teamate then ever playing in playoff game in his career.

  32. I am a Seahawks fan and I wish that Sherman had enough sense to shut his mouth. Green caught a touchdown against Seattle and is on pace for a great rookie season. I don’t even understand the point of making comments like this after having your ass handed to you by the Bengals.

  33. Green may be the Bengals next Isaac Curtis. For you children, look up Curtis on YouTube. In time, cornerbacks will need a pair of binoculars to see AJ Green’s ass.

  34. aj green wasn’t even the best rookie wideout on the field. let’s finish a season before we crown him mvp. I like aj green but neither he nor the Cincy offense won that game. Charlie whitehurst did!

  35. Wow, guess this guy didn’t take advantage of his Stanford education, because he isn’t very smart.

    I wondered why Harbaugh passed on his former players like Sherman and Baldwin in the draft. Turns out they were whining little babies! Perfect for Pete Carroll!

  36. AJ Green had 4 catches for 63 yards and 43 of those (and the TD) came on one play in which he wasn’t matched against Richard Sherman. In this game as he related to Sherman AJ Green was “nothing special.”

  37. I don’t expect too much from Seattle they are a young team who will likely become a great team in the next few years look at Travaris Jackson, he’s getting better every game give them time, but as to the A.J. Green. I am a UGA fan but he’s not that a great of WR he drops too many passes and is horrible when in comes to running the ball when he catches it. He just makes great catches every once in a while.

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