Andre Johnson misses practice, day-to-day for Sunday

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We’re no closer to knowing whether or not Andre Johnson will make his return from hamstring surgery against the Browns.

The Texans held Johnson out of practice on Wednesday because he was sore after a workout on Monday. Kubiak downplayed the development, saying that it did not rule out anything for the weekend.

“We’re still in a day-to-day process,” Kubiak said. “But I think every day, it tells us something. If he feels good, then we come and we get going again. If he doesn’t, then hey, hold on. It’s not ready yet. We’re just going to continue to listen, but everything’s still positive. We just gave him a day off.”

The team expects to have Johnson practicing in a limited capacity on Thursday, but that’s obviously subject to change. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, in an interview with the Akron Beacon-Journal previewing the Texans, says that neither the team nor the player “have a clue right now” about the outlook for Johnson’s recovery.

If Johnson isn’t able to play this week, it might make sense for the Texans to just shelve any thought about a return until after their bye in Week 11. That’s not an ideal scenario, obviously, but it would likely ensure that he’s 100 percent when he gets back on the field and at a lower risk of reinjuring himself. The experience with Arian Foster earlier this season should make them shy away from rushing anything with such an important player.

7 responses to “Andre Johnson misses practice, day-to-day for Sunday

  1. What’s the point on “There goes the Texans’ season” comments?”…their season was lost before the it started…they are the Texans after all.

  2. why blame the people for making “There goes the Texans’ season” comments?
    Its not like the reputation is not well earned… make a deep run and these comments would disappear…

    Its like blaming commentators for poor performance in dec from cowboys…

  3. Thanks Andre, V. Jax and Roddy White for screwing me in Fantasy.. on the real hope he gets well.. and Ryan and Rivers can get it together.

  4. steelerhypocrite: you are an idiot. dont talk crap about a team that beat yours. The texans go about their business good or (often) bad without saying a word its the media who appoints them AFC south champs every year. so just go away

  5. I dunno. I just get tired of every single piece of even minuscule bad news for the Texans instantly gets flooded with “So much for the playoffs” and “Texans: 2 -14” and etc. It’s the NFL. Stuff happens. Granted Andre being out doesn’t help their chances at all, same would go for any team losing their best player. But teams have backup plans and the good teams execute those plans. Yeah the Texans have never been what I would call a “good” team, but that’s certainly in danger of changing this season. Like most Texans fans, I have a wait and see outlook. So let’s not immediately concede this as a lost season every time someone stubs their toe. Let’s wait and see. Just sayin’.

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