Panthers linebacker Lawrence Wilson arrested for pot possession


Panthers practice squad rookie linebacker Lawrence Wilson went about relaxing during the bye week the wrong way.

Wilson was arrested Wednesday afternoon with 11 grams of marijuana after getting pulled over on Interstate 85, according to Nathan Hardin of the Salisbury Post.

Police smelled marijuana in the car before handcuffing Wilson,  who was pulled over for speeding. Wilson said he had “a break from his job.”  According to the police report, Wilson began to cry and ask what it would do to his career.  That’s actually pretty sad.  Let’s move on.

Wilson, a rookie, was placed on the practice squad on September 5.  He was was cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and speeding.

41 responses to “Panthers linebacker Lawrence Wilson arrested for pot possession

  1. Oh wait, Ricky was a 1st round pick; you’re a rookie on the practice squad.

    You’re screwed, dude.

    Repeat after me, “Would you like fries with that?”

  2. Dude, I don’t get the thinking. Keep the stuff at home. I have an idea: let’s roll a blunt (of nasty Mexican swag) and smoke it in the car while speeding down the freeway bumping out on “thangs”. Sounds like a winner. Then cry when you get pulled over because you assumed no one would notice?

    Do that stuff at home and you’ll be fine. These guys invite this onto themselves. I’d much rather hear about this then alcohol related club or driving incidents, but keep it at home. Don’t call attention to yourself.

  3. Translation: “I want to do whatever I want to do with no accountability for my own actions.”

    These guys always feel sorry for themselves after they do something stupid. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him.

  4. “oh i had all the opportunity in the world… And I pissed it away to get high with my friends… woe is me… whyyyyyy” Maybe if he stopped getting high and focused on his career, things would be different.

  5. So sad to get in trouble like he undoubtedly will for something that is such a non-factor. Wish North America, including Canada where I live, would get it together already and stop this insane and useless prohibition against Pot. It’s the most useful crop on the planet, it has incredible medical potential (and I’m a Neurological researcher by the way), and it has almost no health factors if used responsibly. Time for issues like this one to go away.

  6. “According to the police report, Wilson began to cry and ask what it would do to his career.”

    That flushing sound you just heard was your career.


  7. How is 11 grams a MISDEMEANOR?! If a regular Joe Schmoe got caught with 11 grams, you’de be hearing about intent to distribute charges…

  8. According to the police report, Wilson began to cry and ask what it would do to his career.
    Obviously he should have asked that question BEFORE he bought he weed.

  9. So he was going 76 in a 65 on the highway and he was pulled for speeding?? I think the cop was just being an ass!!

  10. @nagaswan

    Best comment by far.

    Hating marijuana because school, parents and the government told you to is about as ridiculous as blaming video games for violence. Idiots.

  11. shotofginn says: Nov 3, 2011 12:52 PM

    You forgot to mention he was pulled over at 4:20 PM

    That is hilarious, I didn’t think you were serious but that’s exactly what the article said:
    According to a Rowan County Sheriff’s Office report, Lawrence Jamal Wilson, the Panthers’ sixth-round choice in 2011, was stopped on Interstate 85 near the Innes Street intersection at about 4:20 p.m.

    Can’t make that up! You wonder if cops are extra aware around that time looking to bust people driving in the car while burning?

  12. Its a nonstarter. It won’t effect his career at all. Most guys smoke weed in the league. Its the driving that will get the commish’s attention. You’ll go in a program for 4 weeks and it will be forgotten

  13. The bigger question is whether a blood test showed that he was being effected enough that it created a driving under the influence scenario.

    By the way, 11 grams equals less than half an ounce.

  14. @ norseyapper;
    NO….He was pulled over for speeding.
    Does’nt matter whats in his blood…”Possession” of it is illegal. What part of that is difficult?

  15. to the math whiz that thinks that he should be charged with intent to distribute for having 11 grams, that’s less than half of an ounce.

  16. that sucks… But he must not be very good, because the Panthers drafted him this year, and have had so many linebacking issues and injuries its not even funny… and still not getting a game day jersey?

  17. 11 grams is nothing special, certainly for personal use. It says he was cited for marijuana posession and speeding which means he was not smoking it when they pulled him over. It was probably some potent stuff that left his interior a little fragrant. It is too bad for him, moves like this are what shift guys on the edge of a roster to the wrong side of being employed in the NFL.

  18. Gifted athletes are coddled their entire lives, rarely, if ever held accountable for their actions. Then one day, they are held accountable and they have no clue how to handle it.

    I wonder if this kid can read?

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