Irsay: “I’m committed” to the Polians


There will surely be big changes with the Colts this offseason after the team’s Peyton Manning-less debacle.

Colts owner Jim Irsay made it fairly clear, however, that he’s not going to change the front office structure of the team no matter what happens.

“I’m committed [to the Polians]. In their defense, it’s pretty radical after the successes we’ve had to start even talking about the question, in my opinion. If this is five or six years of losing . . . [but] you’re talking about eight weeks. With Bill [Polian] and Chris, that transition is a strong transition plan. I think it’s really not a fair question to be asked,” Irsay told reporters Thursday via the Indianapolis Star.

Just about any question is fair when your team is 0-8. Change happens.  Irsay also supported the job coach Jim Caldwell was doing, but he was less equivocal there.

“When it comes to changes and Jim’s status, it’s something that eight games going forward, more will be revealed. This situation is always changing,” Irsay said.

Translation: Irsay is less committed to his coach than his front office.  Which makes a lot of sense.

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  1. I am just curious as to one good move Chris Polian has made in the last couple of years to give Mr. Irsay confidence in him going forward. And YES, I said Chris Polian. He has had his hands on more and more personnel decisions over the past few season.

  2. I guess if it’s a privately owned team that Irsay can do whatever it is he wants… but that type of nepotism does him little favors in the court of public opinion.

    I would like to see Chris Polian’s resume before he gets handed the responsibility of overseeing one of the most successful NFL franchises of the last decade.

    The guy is about the same age as I am, and as far as I can tell has never had to do anything in his life… or, maybe he has…. no one seems to know.

    When I see him talk on local Indy interviews he sounds like he has absolutely no idea what’s going on, or how to manage anything.

  3. Fair enough.

    The Polians (despite what is spewed on Stampede Blue) have had a remarkable run running this Franchise and have seen incredible success over the past decade. The transition from Bill to Chris will be one that Irsay and Colts Fans need to monitor closely, but there is no reason the Colts should panic just yet.

    Caldwell on the other hand is a slightly different story. With 2 Div Titles, a Super Bowl Appearance, and 2 Playoff bids are in his favor… but then this year happened.

    Colts Fans want some coaching changes (at least Def Co and Special Teams), but the Head Coaching position may need to be evaluated over the next few months.

    The name that always gets mentioned is Jeff Fisher. We’ll see.

  4. Peyton Manning will give the colts the lead. So the soft defense of the colts will play soft and give up a score. Peyton will come down and score again. The colts should rethink the whole team and get some defense.

  5. I’m as pissed about this team as the next person, but Polian’s draft class this year is solid. Constanza had Ijiuana (sp) looked solid on the line before injury. Carter has looked decent at tailback. Rucker is young, but okay. Anyways, it’s a better class than the last couple years. The Polian’s have drafted a lot of solid guys, so i can’t blame them for this debacle. Catfish Caldwell and Manning’s stupid neck are the issues. Caldwell and his staff are the worst in the NFL!

  6. This guy never stops talking. I thought having a losing team would make you a bit humble and less talkative but he talks more than Caldwell.

  7. and that’s why you are not going to be good for a long time after Peyton leaves even if you do get Andrew Luck. but hey if you want to trade Peyton after you get Luck hit up Ozzie. I mean I love Flacco but if we got Peyton then we would be set!

  8. Hollow vote of confidence means that they’ll have a presser announcing their firings before Thanksgiving.

  9. @terripet:
    Clark, Mathis, Sanders, Addai, Bethea were drafted after Freeney, but I know what you’re trying to get at. They haven’t drafted a ProBowler since 2006 and unfortunately, no one drafted since then really looks like they could be.

  10. Constanza looked good until injury. Collie is solid with Manning. Delone looks like our feature back. Angerer is a stud too. Powers would be better if he had some help.

  11. I hope they can Caldwell after the season. The guy only got his job through racial nepitism and really hasn’t proven that he’s any kind of coach. He’s yet to win a game without PM.

  12. Jim Irsay is committed to nepotism. Look at

    James Irsay, Owner and CEO
    Bill Polian, Vice Chairman
    Carlie Irsay-Gordon, Vice President
    Casey Irsay Foyt, Vice President
    Kalen Irsay, Vice President


    Football Operations
    Chris Polian, Vice President and General Manager
    Dennis Polian, Director of Football Administration

  13. Of course he’s committed to Polian. Polian and Caldwell are doing exactly what Irsay told them to. Lose every game and get Andrew Luck.

  14. Every time I hear that Irsay has tweeted again, I think of the Beverly Hillbillies eating dinner on a pool table.

  15. “less equivocal?”

    Do we mean “more equivocal,” as in “more wishy-washy? Because equivocating means moving back and forth right?

    Carry on, sir.

  16. Chris really has done NOTHING. Look also at his bio in the media guide. It has upgraded over the years. Especially his time in Carolina.

    But Jimmy should let Bill go. That way he will only be paying Chris’ salary and still get Bill for free.

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