Five games to watch this weekend, from NBC SportsTalk

It’s Saturday morning.  There’s nothing on TV other than infomercials and the neverending SportsCenter loop.

But there was something on TV last night, and you may have missed it.  The Friday edition of NBC SportsTalk on VERSUS is fully devoted to the NFL, with Russ Thaler hosting, Peter King at the big desk, Rosenthal making a fantasy-football cameo, and yours truly via remote camera hookup over an ultra-double-high-speed Internet connection.

Among other things, we go over a series of five games to watch for the coming weekend.  They aren’t necessarily the five best games, since we go in-depth on other contests elsewhere in the show.  But in this specific segment, it’s a quick look at a quintet of games.

If you missed it, here’s your chance to redeem yourself.

Good luck.  I know you can do it.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!