Report: Broncos could turn to Quinn, soon

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How short is the leash on Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow?  According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who once worked that beat for the Denver Post, Tebow could be down to his last chance.

Per Schefter, continued regression by Tebow will result in the Broncos benching him, with the team possibly turning to Brady Quinn.  Schefter also says that Quinn is expected to be activated on Sunday, for the first time in three games.

The biggest problem is third down.  Schefter says Tebow must show improvement when the drive is on the line.

Though the Broncos reportedly aren’t ready to throw in the towel on Tebow over the long haul, he’s on the clock in the short term.

49 responses to “Report: Broncos could turn to Quinn, soon

  1. Yikes.

    Didn’t Orton throw for 4m yards and Llyod have 1400 yrds last year?

    Now he’s gone and Orton fills waterbottles for punters.

    When does John Fox take some heat for their problems?

    If you have three quarterbacks you don’t have any.

  2. Neckbeard didn’t pan out, Teblows is struggling as expected and now Mr. “GQ” is going to get his turn.

    They should get rid of all these QB’s and as start over next year.

  3. Well I’ve already seen enough of Quinn to believe he isn’t a starter in the NFL. Tebow, as bad as it’s been so far doesn’t have enough experience to KNOW yet.

  4. Water is still wet?

    Tebow sucks, unfortunately for those of us that want him to beat the pathetic faiders.

  5. quinn could be OK… you never know, time to develop might have helped…

    Tebow will win ELSEWHERE ,get outta denver…

    and brady quinns GIRLFRIEND IS SOOO HOT!!!

    i thought she was the bomb back in the day at the olympics…


  6. They need to quit jerking this kid around. Either stick with him, or stick with developing him on the bench. Rodgers is a great qb right now, but if the Packers had jerked him around like the Donkeys are doing with Tebow, he would not have faired as well.

    Tebow’s best chances to become a successful NFL quarterback now seem to be going to a team with a solid established qb where he can learn and develop. I hope he goes to a team like the Saints or Packers where the fans don’t have expectations. He would be a solid team guy learning from a vet that’s not threatened by him taking his job.

  7. If Quinn plays as well as he did last year he’ll be sitting by week 10. Orton’s the best of the three. He wasn’t playing well and he’s got a fairly fat contract. Denver needs a QB house cleaning.

    McDaniels wrecked that franchise. It’ll take a couple more years and that’s if they score a decent QB in next year’s draft and pick up a serviceable backup.

  8. Wonder how long it will be before the Tebow fangirls will be here bitching how Tebow wasn’t given a chance and the coaching staff failed to design an offensive system that would fit Tebow’s strength?

    And to Denver fans. You did have a QB, he’s doing very nicely in Chicago. Coach McDumbass sure got a nice return on that investment.

  9. That makes no sense. The only reason orton was benched was because of all the people that wanted to see tebow and the broncos wanted to see if he could be a quality starting quarterback. Quinn is a bust and has nothing to prove, orton is a much better qb and if they give up on tebow, they need to Play orton again

  10. how did Quinn get by passed for the number 3 guy in the first place? Elway/Fox should show some balls and quit letting 50 per cent of the fans dictate who starts.

  11. This is so funny. I’m glad Fox is gone in Carolina. Now somebody else has to deal with the “It is what it is” comments. I almost feel sorry for Denver. He will ruin that team.

  12. I’m with some others here.
    The QB situation isn’t great but….
    John Fox is the guy they picked to fix everything? Seriously?
    They’ll never be better than 8-8 with him there.

  13. I don’t get it. I mean yeah Tebow hasn’t looked great, but you sunk how much money into him as a player? Even if it wasn’t your regime, I’d still give him every shot to develop into a usable pro. What do you have to lose besides games, and you sure as hell will be doing that with Brady Quinn anyway.

  14. How fox has lasted this long as a HC is beyond any solid reasoning…….decent DC and that’s all.
    He couldn’t even handle Al in Oakland just running the defense…………..

  15. Haha Brady Quinn. I know tebow and orton didn’t work out but we’ve all seen what this overrated overhyped ND QB can do haha. Stick with Kyle or Tebow. Brady Quinn sucks! Hahah

  16. Quinn is good at driving fans crazy, take it from this Browns fan. He’ll come in and have an awesome game, then the next will be OK, then the third and fourth will be terrible, that’s when the 5th game is awesome, then repeat pattern just extend out the terrible more each time.

  17. Quinn another good college QB Who will never succeed in the NFL . Long time Browns fan . Quinn just doesn’t have it . Now neither does Hillis .

  18. >Fox wouldn’t know how to win if it hit him in the side of the head.

    Fox took a Jake Delhomme team to the Super Bowl. Take a look at the Carolina front office/GM if you want to lay some blame.

  19. Eli Manning’s first 5 starts were far worse than Tebow’s first 5. How did that turn out for the Giants? Give the kid a fair chance.

  20. All Denver fans deserve to be forced to watch Tebow for the rest of the year. Then lower their pants, bend over, and have Orton smack their butts with a wet towel.

  21. Denver is completely adrift. Quinn isn’t under contract for next year, they have nothing invested in him, and he hasn’t taken a regular season snap since joining the team. They gain nothing by making him the starter unless one believes their coaching staff is so incompetent they missed the fact Quinn is really good in the two seasons he’s been with them.

    For all the problems Tebow has, they win about the same percentage of games with him starting as when Orton was their guy. And Quinn isn’t going to be any better–the problem is the team stinks as a whole, it’s not just the QB holding them back.

  22. snarkzilla says:
    Nov 6, 2011 12:04 PM
    >Fox wouldn’t know how to win if it hit him in the side of the head.

    Fox took a Jake Delhomme team to the Super Bowl. Take a look at the Carolina front office/GM if you want to lay some blame.


    Remember the Panthers massive steroid scandel after the superbowl?

    “In the report, Wadler said medical records showed Shortt prescribed steroids and human growth hormone (HGH) to several players for more than a year during the team’s Super Bowl season of 2003. During that time, no player was suspended for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy.”

    Their entire offensive line was massively roiding up for over a year. They ran their way to the superbowl. That’s why they went to the superbowl. The justice system didn’t catch up to them until a year later and the NFL for the most part swept it under the rug.

  23. Newsflash, Tebow isn’t in Gainesville anymore in a gimmick offense and surrounded by superior talent while having all day to throw to wide open receivers.

    As a system QB, all he had to do was shotput that ball in his loping windup throw to the first WR and rarely had to make reads if the first guy wasn’t open (another rarity).

  24. Bitter Carolina fans: Foxy took you to a Superbowl despite what he had to work with. Then he got even less to work with. But it’s nice to see you all think you know so much about winning now at 2-6.

  25. Right now, it doesn’t matter who they put in. With their pathetic protection, and all the sacks they are giving up, no one can be an effective QB there, except maybe Roethlisberger.

  26. Does anyone remember Troy Aikman’s first year? 1-15.

    Tebow has a terrible front line, a running game where Tim is 2nd in yards and a mediocre receiving core. Not everyone is born a Cam Newton. Let him play so they can get some decent draft picks.

  27. Fox changed the offense this year on Orton and so they cant go back to him to him but people are gonna figure out that it was there system that stunk and not Orton .

    Orton was a top ten passer last year the majority of time from the shotgun and now we find out that this year hes been mostly under center and the Broncos dont open it up from the shotgun until they are claiming to try and put Tebow in a the best position for him to succeed .

    How come no one asked if they were putting Orton in position to succeed ?

    Is there any wonder that Lloyd asked out ?

  28. Remember when Quinn was backing up Derek Anderson in Cleveland? Now, Quinn is starting ahead of Orton & Tebow? Maybe the Broncos should have traded for Anderson. (I know the trade deadline is past, I said, ” should have.”)

    If the Broncos are intent on losing, which QB do you sacrifice to take all those hits? The Bible Boy or the Pretty Boy?

    Orton is a survivor, he’ll play another day.

  29. >Their entire offensive line was massively roiding up for over a year.

    A doctor who was accused in a television report of writing illegal steroid prescriptions for three former Carolina Panthers players has been indicted on federal charges.

  30. >Eli Manning’s first 5 starts were far worse than Tebow’s first 5.

    Eli could throw a spiral. And this is Tebow’s second year, so it’s apples and oranges.

  31. and then what…the broncos lost all last year with orton, and started out losing with him again, then tebow comes in and they still suck and they will suck with quinn. its about more than the qb

  32. Tebow did fine today. So he struggled against the Detroit defense. Tell me, is he alone there? Is he the only QB who has struggled against the Detroit defense this year? I think not. Give him a chance.

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