Suggs brings “cape of confidence” to Heinz Field


Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs is a sack machine during games, and often a quote machine before them.

This week, Suggs has been talking a black-and-gold streak, with conference calls and press conferences and interviews regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers.  In an interview with Bob Costas to be aired during tonight’s edition of Football Night in America, Suggs talks about a variety of topics, including his feelings on whether the Ravens can complete the sweep.

“This time I’m walking in there with a big cape of confidence,” Suggs told Costas.  “I know we can do it.  I know we can.  Times before I walked in there, I’d be like, let me see how this one is going to go.  This time, I know we gonna do it.”

Suggs claims that he’s ambivalent about Baltimore’s opponent.  “I don’t have any feelings towards them to be totally honest with you,” Suggs said.  “Whenever I see those two colors together or a certain someone smiling at me, I don’t get no feeling at all.”

Suggs was talking about Hines Ward, even though Suggs will refer to Ward only by his number.  “They’re the enemy,” Suggs said.  “They’re the enemy.”

The enemy is waiting for Suggs and company.  It gets started tonight at 8:20 p.m. ET.  Before that, tune in to NBC at 7:00 p.m. ET for the fulls Suggs interview on Football Night in America.

14 responses to “Suggs brings “cape of confidence” to Heinz Field

  1. Can someone please remind T.Suggs the Ravens have failed to beat the Steelers at Heinz Field in a game of any significance in probably 5-7 years?

    Wear your cape all you want Terrell. The Ravens have been owned at Heinz Field by the Steelers and Ben time and time again.

    This isn’t Week 1, and these aren’t the same Steelers.

    You should be a LOT more worried about your offense that for 6 quarters (against JAC/ARI) scored a whopping 3 points before ARI remembered they were ARI and committed 2 PI penalties that put you guys on the 1 twice in that game.

    It should be more of a “Game of the Century” then LSU/ALA was.

  2. My undefeated Crimson Tide lost 9-6 in OT to the top-ranked team in the nation last night. It would be awful to lose two EPIC games in one weekend. Bama, LSU, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore all have the best defenses in their respective games. The one variable only Pittsburgh has is Roethlisberger. None of the other three teams has a QB with his talent. I hope this time around someone, anyone, finds a way to strip Suggs of his “cape of confidence” and keep him from getting to #7. If Ben has a good game, the Steelers will be okay.

  3. Deb, I need a Steeler win too — my Nittany Lions had their own nasty dose of bad news this weekend.

    Regarding the Steeler game, we obviously have some cause for concern at LB …. the precise position we built our defense around. In the chess game that is football, let’s see what LeBeau puts together for B’more.

  4. Im down at heinz field now tailgating! We’re gettin pumped! Bring it on suggs…im sure all your talk & hype is way more than what your team will bring! We got some high octane offense prepared for you boy! SURPRISE!

  5. Suggs has the same confidence that the Steelers had going into week 1 . We know how that turned out . Steelers will rise to the occasion at home tonight . Their manhood was challenged for this game .

  6. Hey Suggs,
    Remember when you beat the Steelers in a game that meant something? Like a playoff game, or a late season game that clinched the division, or something like that? Yea, me neither…..

  7. @paulieorkid …

    I understand. People were complaining last night about that 9-6 outcome. Obviously they don’t appreciate a great defensive standoff. I’m expecting more of the same tonight … except with some mud, blood, a few fines, and at least one offensive TD that I’m hoping Ben will supply 😀 I am worried about our linebackers, though. Would give anything for a Woodley miracle 😦

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