It’s looking like a Ravens year in the AFC North

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Joe Flacco was handed the ball 92 yards away from the end zone, with 2:16 left, needing a touchdown to win in Pittsburgh.

That’s a situation the Steelers defense would gladly sign up for every time.

On this latest Sunday night classic between the Ravens and Steelers, Pittsburgh wasn’t up to the task.  The Ravens won 23-20 on Torrey Smith’s 26-yard score with 8 seconds left.

The touchdown drive that Flacco authored will shape the rest of the season in the AFC North.

It’s Baltimore’s division to lose now. They are a game ahead of Pittsburgh in the loss column, and they have the season sweep.

I love what the Bengals are doing, but they still have four games left against Pittsburgh and Baltimore.  If the Bengals are still tied for first place in two weeks (after facing the Steelers then traveling to Baltimore), then the Bengals are right in the mix.

The Ravens can savor this win.  There were so many incredible things that set up the victory in another Ravens-Steelers tilt that lived up the hype:

1. The Steelers threw the ball out of an empty backfield with four wide receivers on third-and-five with 2:37 left. The call wasn’t crazy, but it shows how little the running game mattered for Pittsburgh.  They called 17 runs and 40 pass plays.  That pass fell incomplete.

2. Pittsburgh was called for a delay of game on a planned field goal attempt on the next play. After the embarrassing penalty, they decided to punt.

3. After three Flacco completions, the Ravens faced a fourth-and-one from the Steelers 49-yard line with 1:06 left. With the game on the line, Baltimore moved Anquan Boldin to the slot. He beat William Gay for a ten-yard play.

4. Pittsburgh’s coverages didn’t make any sense after that. Steelers coordinator Dick Lebeau gave very little help to his man-to-man defenders deep.

Torrey Smith had his man beat for a potential-game winning score with 35 seconds left. David Reed had single coverage deep two plays later. Anquan Boldin was open over the middle the play after that, but dropped the ball inside the ten-yard line.

Flacco was dealing, but his receivers weren’t helping him out. LeBeau and the Steelers didn’t adjust, continuing to give Flacco chances until Smith held on for the game-winner after beating Gay down the sideline.

The Steelers have usually been on the winning side of these classics.  The Ravens coaches are usually the ones getting questioned after the game.

After Flacco’s 92-yard drive, it’s clear this isn’t your typical AFC North season.

(Now all we need is Ravens-Steelers in January.  Look for it to be in Baltimore.)

141 responses to “It’s looking like a Ravens year in the AFC North

  1. Coming from an unbiased observer, this is one of the greatest games I have seen in quite some time. Mr. Smith really redeemed himself on that last catch. This is why I love the NFL.

  2. Must be killing the Steelers to lose like that to a terrible QB. I wish I could say I feel bad, but won’t.

    About time we tear your heart out for a change!

    No excuses!

  3. Pass after pass was perfectly placed on the last drive. Perfect touch, velocity, and accuracy. Although I’m curious as to whether Cam was calling those plays or if #5 was.

  4. Enjoy that steelers fans. A beautiful, hand-delivered dagger from the qb you love to talk about so often.

    It’s funny how many posts I read all week about flacco, just feels good to know how much you all deserved that.

    – The City of Baltimore

  5. Flacco still sucks! lololololol We will still own the North. Watch. Seriously, grab a beer, sit back and watch. We still own the Rats. This game was written in a terrific novel during the Renaissance. Unfortunately it’s a satire. LOL!!! 6 rings. I hate you people! We will always prevail!

  6. As a Ravens fan I completely stoked with the win!

    Joe Flacco had a great game and engineered a great comeback against his and the Ravens’ biggest rival. Great game and was worth the buildup all week!!

  7. Sssshhhhhhhh…very quiet at the big ketchup bottle. See you at the Bank in January. Well….We’ll be there at least. Hope you make it….See you at our house.

    Save the 6 ring, ratbird, flacco sucks, Ray Lewis is a murder, all we do is complain about the officials, we never beat “Big Ben”, and anything else you can think of.

    Cause this year..(i’m gonna go junior high on your A_S_S_E_S = SCOREBOARD!

  8. Well congrats Ratbirds. Baltimore is finally the better team. Even though you got a ton of help from the officials in this game, you pounded us in the first one. So my hats off and I hope we play each other in the playoffs. If you beat us there, I’ll be rooting for you in the Superbowl. Go AFC North!

  9. Joe Slacco is good in the regular season, see ya in Jan and hopefully on your field next time – Ben will beat you in the playoffs son – write it down!

  10. sorry squealers fans……your D-Coordinator is apparently experiencing dementia……as does anyone that would ever live in Shi^sburg! Ha Ha Ha

  11. About damn time the ravens beat the steelers.
    That was an awesome game to watch. This was by far the best Sunday
    Football with giants beating new England then the main event
    With Baltimore beating Pittsburgh. NBC should do this
    Every Sunday night.

  12. P.S. Baltimore fans. Believe me, there no one crying in Pittsburgh, we understand that we can’t win every year. Even a dog gets a warm piece of the sidewalk every once in a while.

  13. Don’t claim victory over the division until the season is over…that goes for everyone. Both the Ravens and Steelers have had bad games. It’s not impossible that both can’t have more.

  14. Looks like these “ratbirds” just whooped dat ass. I love loving in Baltimore when the steelers lose.

  15. I’ll start by admitting that the D on the last drive was horrendous. When a team needs to drive 92 yds to win, with 2 mins left, and you permit it to happen, you deserve to lose.

    That said, the officiating particularly in the 1st 3 quarters was awful. Where in the Hell was the penalty for the BLATANT helmet to helmet hit by the murderer on Hines? The Ryan Clark penalty was bogus. The PI in the endzone and in the 3rd quarter were phantom calls.

    Yes, you won the game, but be sure to give a BIG thanks to the refs.

  16. We got lucky
    This game doesnt mean anything
    The refs gave us the game
    6 Rings
    Flacco still sucks
    6 Rings
    Ray Lewis murders people (like hines ward)
    Steelers still own us
    6 Rings

    LOL, what a great Monday its gonna be. Ill enjoy it while it lasts cause we all know the Steelers are the better team…………………

  17. Can’t wait for all the whining about Coleman’s crew from the fanbase that never, ever whines about officiating…

    …except when it concerns legal chop blocks, fines, holding Harrison on every play, offensive PI, defensive PI, more fines, false starts, lack of false starts, or ball placement. Let me know if I missed anything.

  18. Wow..Usually the Ravens lose the games with the questionable calls. Ravens have had one of those TD runs mullified during almost every close game with the Steelers. The Ravens have gotten better this year so now they can win even the close games that he Refs can’t give to the Steelers.

    I wish the Steelers could play the Ravens every week, so they could look OLD every week.

  19. As Suggs said: “There’s the Superbowl, and then there’s Ravens-Steelers.” This game was SO worth it from a drama standpoint. I almost kicked my tv when Smith dropped that pass in the endzone. I thought it was over and done with when Ben did like he ALWAYS does, escapes to his right and throws a TD. I’m not ashamed to admit I didn’t have alot of faith when we got the ball at the 8 with just over 2 minutes left. But they got it done. The Steelers fought hard. It wasn’t a poorly officiated game. There were only 1 turnovers each. These games are all instant classics. If they make it to the post-season(superbowl losers usually don’t the next year) Ravens-Steelers 3 is gonna be awesome!

  20. OK. That was fun. But seriously Ravens fans that’s enough. Ease up on the poor Steelers becuase you know we are going to Seattle this weekend to lay another big fat egg. I’m just saying…you know it’s highly likely…

  21. This game proved once and for all that the Stoolers have the worst fan support in the NFL….Roethlisberger is a loser and a wimp…and that the Sooler defense is a MYTH and OLD and SLOW.


  22. We’ll see what happens in the playoffs. As a Steelers fan I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to trash talking an opponent we can’t beat in the playoffs (Patriots w/ Brady).

    The Ravens were helped by the refs greatly in this game. The refs in general where horrible. How was Boldin’s non-catch any different than Dickson’s “catch”? How do you call PI on Ike Taylor in that situation? I swear, I have no clue what PI is anymore. Seems like Revis gets away with it on every play and “lesser” guys get called for the same amount of hand chucking and shoving 20 yards down the field. Ray Lewis gives Ward a concussion on a helmet-to-helmet hit and gets up thumping his chest, Clark gets a flag for a questionable helmet-to-helmet 20 minutes later. WTF?

  23. Bengals are 6-4 against the Ravens in the last 5 years.
    8-4 the last 6 years.
    9-5 the last 7 years.
    10-6 the last 8 years.

    What I’m getting to is, we’re not scared of the Ravens. Never have been and never will be. And half of those years we WEREN’T EVEN GOOD. But whatever. Go ahead and crown them, though.

  24. Hey Ratbirds, how bout trying to beat the Steelers three times in a season, they did it to you in 2008, on the second biggest stage you can get on. So, until you can overcome the choke factor you have had in the playoffs since you SINGLE SB win, know your role in this division – always on the outside looking in.

    Otherwise, good game today. The refs sucked on both sides of the ball, so that’s no excuse… Only thing is that the biggest suck came on the final TD of the game when Torrey Smith pushed off – penalties offset, repeat the down.

    Eh, the hold to eliminate your 79-yard scamper for a TD was a great acting job by “Always givin’ uip a big play” Willie Gay, so we’ll call it fair and square :).

  25. Did you see the way Ray Lewis just crushed Hines Ward’s skull with that crushing hit.


  26. Calm down, they still have 2 games left against the Bengals who they are 1-3 against in the past 2 years back when pick six palmer and noshowocho where in town..


  27. Ya know, as a Steeler fan I’m of course disappointed…but not crushed. I’m really not dreading another match in January. I’m not saying that the Steelers will win. Who can tell. I’m just saying that I’m not shaking in my boots about a rematch.

  28. freerayray52 says:
    i’m sure pittsburgh will blame the refs.
    They will for the non-call on Ray’s helmet-to-helmet on Hines. That was a textbook example. Other than that, no complaints.

  29. This win is for all of the talking heads that doubted Bmore all week long. So much to be said about this game from the first play to the last, but all that matters in the end is that the Ravens get a big W for the Charm City. The sweep feels good, but it’s done and it’s time to look forward. Class of the AFC from here on out. Sweet Nightmares putzberg…You’re in the rearview now

  30. nobody in the afc north should celebrate until the next 4 games are played then we’ll see who the last team standing. You have 2 teams that are 6-2 and one that’s 6-3 and pft is ready to crown ravens the division champs. I love the media makes it easy for a team to fly under the radar.

  31. Wait, let me guess……another “meaningless” game. Or, is it that your defense is better, but not really.


  32. Joe flacco proved hes a good qb, if you deny it, then your a sore loser, that man deserves your respect from now on, he made history tonight in this small dangerous city we live in, I am proud and embarrassed at how this city has treated him, we need to celebrate this man. Hes the real deal.

  33. I’m thankful that this game was decided by the play of the two teams involved, and not by the officials. As always, the Steelers kept us Ravens fans at the edge of our seats until the final seconds of the game. Even though Flacco is not an elite quarterback, he did pull this one out.
    Great win by the Ravens!

  34. Game Winning Drives 101 with Professor Flacco

    Only available at Ball So Hard University

  35. Flacco is having an extremely wacky year. Some good moments, some bad moments. Well, tonight(mainly that last drive) was good.

    Props to him and the ravens for getting that win. Flacco & company got the job done during crunch time.

  36. If it was said once it’ll bear saying again, these games always come down to the performance of one player, and Joe delivered big today.

    When the defense with all its starters gave up 2 long drives. When Cameron kept calling those one-cut running plays. When the WRs kept dropping perfectly placed balls. One guy stepped up and kept his focus.

    Major props.

    Ps- how big a difference does Ben Grubbs make!? That guy owns his position.

  37. Nice job refs letting Ray Lewis get away with that helmet shot on Ward.

    Meanwhile, Ryan Clark gets flagged for a textbook perfect hit.

    But hey, this isn’t the first time Ray’s been allowed to get away with murder, right?


  38. 7thlombardiontheway says: Nov 7, 2011 12:37 AM

    I hate you people! We will always prevail!

    I’m pretty sure tonight and Week 1 are both part of “always”.

  39. 7thlombardiontheway says: Nov 7, 2011 12:37 AM

    Flacco still sucks! lololololol We will still own the North.

    Because of your post, I have written a letter to the league office requesting that tonight’s win be taken away from the Ravens and given to the Steelers. So please just ignore the standings and the win/loss columns. Mr. Goddell assured me that will be taken care of very shortly.
    Congrats on your win tonight!

  40. Man right before Ray rice ran in the first touchdown of the game I heard loud and clear through the television from the steeler fans, FLACCO SUCKS, FLACCO SUCKS. Ever since this kid came up he has been criticized as much as anyone in the NFL. Especially from steeler fans who said he could never win a game aganist big Ben, could never come in and win at hienz field, could never put the team on his back……..well the last 2 years in Pitt he has thrown game winning touchdowns and he swept the season series WITH BEN STARTING. It’s about time you throw all that out and respect this guy as a legitimate quarterback who will beat you.

  41. what an amazing 4th Q… 2 amazing drives!

    You cant run the ball on either team but pass rush is a big issue for both the teams…

    i didnt think flacco had it in him on that final drive… hats off! That too after 2 drops on final drive!

  42. You know that odd sounding noise everyone
    heard during the last 2 minutes of the game?
    Well, there was nothing wrong with the
    broadcast or anyone’s TV sets.

    That was the sound of the Steelers choking away a win.

    Beautiful, wasn’t it?

  43. 7thlombardiontheway says:Nov 7, 2011 12:37 AM

    Flacco still sucks! lololololol We will still own the North. Watch. Seriously, grab a beer, sit back and watch. We still own the Rats. This game was written in a terrific novel during the Renaissance. Unfortunately it’s a satire. LOL!!! 6 rings. I hate you people! We will always prevail!


    Sore loser…

  44. Hey “7thlombardiontheway”
    I’m neither a Steelers or Ravens fan, so this post has nothing to do with any alliances.

    Just an observation that your post is both childish and moronic.

    “LOL” means Laughing out Loud”.

    So, what is”lololololol” supposed to mean doofus?

    Laughing out loud out loud out loud out loud out loud?

    Learn the english language will you?

  45. benwantsababyruth says:
    Nov 7, 2011 12:34 AM
    Where my Flacco haters at?
    I’ll holla @ him…I’ve never been a believer in the guy but he played excellent tonight for sure. Big props to him.
    I’m far from a Ravens fan but it’s hard not to root for Torrey Smith.

  46. Even in the dog years Cincy owns Baltimore. Don’t crown a damn champ at the midpoint of the season.

  47. Flacco must be an elite qb now. He dd the same thing Eli did against a really good defense. Unlike manning who did it against a terrible secondary and got help on a bogus Pi call. My hats off to joe Flacco.

  48. Time for the Pittsburgh fans to insert their customary “We have six rings” comments since there’s nothing else to say right now.

    Talk about eating Crow, Ratbird or whatever derogatory name you choose to the call us Ravens fans.

  49. wow, this writer is very bias. the Bengals are doing much better than the Ravens who have to depend on a Steelers defensive implosion for the win. The Ravens didnt “win” that game, the Steelers defense lost it. to discount the Bengals is to show how short sided and uneducated you all are. The Bengals may have been crap last year, but they have shown they are a different team. Saying this is a Ravens year is proving why I hate sports writers.

  50. As we say here in Bawlmer, hon…AIN’T THE BEER COLD!!!

    WOW!!! what a win. Great game. well played all around. Glad both teams gave the national audience a great game.

    Well, I said I didn’t expect Harrison would have much impact. I was wrong. And I said I expected to lose, boy I was way wrong!!! never loved being so wrong so much!!!

    I was disappointed in our D giving up that 80 yard drive…so I can only imagine how disappointed you poor Steelers fans must be!!! 🙂 Feel so sorry for you…..Ha!!!

  51. It’ll make coming into m&t that much sweeter! See you in january! Guess all you people posting dont comprehend just how hard it is to beat a team 3 times in a year?!…oh this win in january at m&t may send the baltimoron fans out on the ledge!

  52. no excuses. great job to the ravens. looks like it could be your year.
    Good to see the prevent Defense still prevents you from winning….no idea what our strategy was on that last drive, and it cost us…offensively and defensively… first we get spanked, then we piss one away…keepin ’em crossed for a 3rd crack at it this year.

  53. Guess we know who has the better defense now. Ravens stop Ben, Pittsburgh can’t stop Joe for 92 yards in less than 3 minutes. Was there every any doubt though? Silly Steeler fans.

    How was that drive home from Heinz? Did you troll around thinking of ways to still trash Flacco? Ben couldn’t get the job done last night, Joe Flacco did. Soak it in Pittsburgh.

  54. See you in January, Pittsburgh.

    Great win for my Ravens, especially against a great organization like Pittsburgh. That is what makes this one so sweet. Much respect for Tomlin, and I hope Ward is ready for round 3.

    I’m not chalking this division up to the Ravens until they can prove they can beat bad teams, on the road. Hey, what do you know. Possible let down vs Seattle next week? Hope not.

  55. Congrats! Ravens win their second Super Bowl in the same year! But seriously, Ravens deserved to win the game, the way they came down the field at the end. Very tough loss to take. Steelers secondary is weak, and it showed against an average QB like Flacco; when he wasn’t harrassed and had time, we didn’t cover the WR’s too well, especially on third down. But hopefully we get to play you again in the playoffs, and maybe we can have most of our regulars in the line up at that time as well.

    I don’t understand why someone would want to drink someone else’s tears? Isn’t that unsanitary??


  56. Well a Steelers fan here. Props to Ravens great comeback. I am not going to sit here and make excuses. When the Steelers take a delay of game penalty on one of the most critical field goals of the year and we play pressure man to man coverage with little to no help over the top on the last set of series from the 28. What is not normally the case but coaching killed us in crunch time. By the way when can we finally get rid of William Gay for good!!!!!

  57. Pittsburgher and die hard Steeler nut here.

    Ravens won, fair and square, gotta blame Tomlin for the delay of game losing the FG, and then the defense for letting them drive 92 yards at the end.

    That being said, the refs were beyond terrible, but it is no excuse for the loss, just saying good lord they were bad.

    We will see the Ravens again, no doubt about it, just this time we will have to do it in Baltimore.

  58. Extremely proud of Purp, that final drive was a masterpiece. Props to Torrey for rebounding, he made some crucial mistakes but shined when it mattered most. The drops have to go, a lot could be nerves but I think he’s gonna be a great receiver for us moving forward. Eager to play the Bungles here soon, I haven’t watched them at all this year but they seem to be doing something right. Enjoy it fellas, but no let downs in Seattle PLEASE.

  59. see you in your house in Jan, can’t wait til the real games begin, Slacco or Ben, I like Ben with the full young money crew

  60. That was one of the best games I’ve been to in person even though I wasn’t happy with the outcome. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a rematch in the playoffs. Although, dumping gatorade on a coach for a game in early November is pathetic. Act like you’ve won games before geez…

  61. Dont sleep on the bengals they have beat baltimore more than baltimore has beat them since marvin got here.Next week at this time after cincy beats pitt. they will become the new all hype team.WHO DEY!!

  62. Here’s proof that not all die-hard Steelers fans are hot heads (since I was born and raised in da’ Burgh):

    1. Baltimore was clearly the better team last night and deserved the win.

    2. That said, there were some obviously atrocious calls last night. Whether you are a Ravens fan or a Steelers fan, if you have any honest bones in your body whatsoever, you would have to admit that at the very least, the helmet to helmet against Hines should have been called.

    3. Steelers defense SUCKED last night. There were more holes in their defense than swiss cheese, allowing the Ravens to continually get down the field.

    4. I’ve always had respect for Joe Flacco, just as I do for Ray Lewis. Flacco will only get better.

    In sum: Ravens played a better game. Steelers defense also gave it away. And the officiating was completely out to lunch. None of those statements negate the other.

  63. Just keep counting the bengals out… I respect the ravens always have but they havent been the most consistent team all year….

    If anything the bengals have def been consistent. Lets re-evaluate after next week against the Steelers i wouldnt give the division to anybody quite yet

  64. game was thoroughly enjoying down to the last few seconds. gotta give Baltimore their credit…. no excuses…. 92yds in 2:18! unacceptable… congrats birds u deserve it

    signed- Diehard Steeler Fan

  65. Game was great. Flacco had a great drive. Of course, a blind squirrel finds a nut as well. While that Ravens D is still excellent, Flacco and that offense doesn’t scare anyone, IMO.

  66. Yes, the Bengals exist and have managed pile up some wins. Grats. Put it on your facebook pages and move along.

  67. Dear Purple Browns,

    Enjoy this while it lasts! Monkey on your back= Beating the Steelers in the post-season. Until that happens (or you can collect 5 more rings), Steelers are king of the North.

  68. Not sure why everyone is singling out the delay of game as the turning point. Even without the penalty, that distance was by no means a gimme.

    In my opinion, the turning point was the pick that Ben threw to Suggs. That was at least a 10 point swing, and possibly 14 points. As much as I hate to say it, Suggs made a great pick.

    As usual, it was a hard fought game and I’m sure the whole nation enjoyed it. Congrats to the Ravens. They’ve owned us this year. Also to Flacco. He appears to have gotten the monkey off his back with this one. Ravens fans will savor the 2 wins, and they should. Congrats to the City of Baltimore.


  69. I’m sure Steelers fans will say the game was “meaningless”. LOL! I’ll take a meaningless season sweep anyday. Oh yeah, dont blame the refs – they kept you in the game in the very 1st play of the game with a phantom holding call while Ray Rice takes it to the house.

    I guess we wont have a “meaningfull” game against the Steelers this year, because they are not going to make the playoffs. bunch of suckas!!!!!

  70. Enough of the Bengals being good talk. They have played one division game, the BROWNS. They still have 4 divisional games left against Baltimore and Pittsburgh. After those games are over you may have room to talk. Until then, shut up.

  71. Can’t win when you allow a team to go 14 for 21 on 3rd down conversions can you Pittsburgh?

    The shots of Hines on the sideline without his smile was just like his mugshot: PRICELESS.

  72. Good grief, Ravens fans, stop projecting! We’re not going to blame the refs. That’s your schtick LOL And it would be a bit foolish to claim the game was meaningless, wouldn’t it? Instead of putting words in our mouths, why don’t you just let us say it …

    Congratulations on a great win. Brilliant defensive game on both sides, but wish our guys had kept it up until the end. All the credit in the world to Flacco for that closing drive. He seems to have really grown into his leadership position. Didn’t get rattled last night no matter what we threw at him. Hope Ravens fans will finally appreciate him because several times his receivers let him down but he kept his poise. But for the most part, it was the much-anticipated defensive show, and the only disappointment for me as a Steelers fan was the final score.

  73. It’s spectacular to hear people cry for a call on that Hines Ward hit.

    Was it helmet to helmet?

    You bet.

    Has Hines done that without penalty his entire career?


    Is anyone outside of Western PA crying a single team that Ray Lewis scrambled his brains?


    Maybe he’ll think twice about throwing another crackback against Baltimore, that is if he ever suits up again.

  74. benwantsababyruth says:

    Where my Flacco haters at?
    If you’re being honest, you’ll admit most of them have been in Baltimore … until now. I’ve spent more time defending your QB over the last two seasons than you guys have.

  75. Gotta love it when Stealers fans blame the refs. Excuse me? No team in the history of the NFL has had more games handed to them than the Pittsburgh Stealers, including their two most recent Super Bowl victories. How about last year’s game against the Ravens, where the refs threw in a totally bogus phantom holding call that negated a kickoff return for a touchdown? Or the bogus phantom holding call against a defensive tackle? Or the bogus phantom pi call in the first quarter? Or allowing the Pittsburgh center to move the ball an entire yard forward on his own.

    No I’m afraid your complaints about the refs sound very hollow and insincere, Stealer fans.

  76. YouMad …

    No, it’s not okay to spear a guy with your helmet. It’s not okay when Ryan Clark does it. And it’s not okay when Ray Lewis does it. Hines Ward does it? A receiver spends a lot of time spearing defenseless players with his helmet? You got film on that?

  77. Kudos to the Steeler Fans willing to pass along congrats to the Ravens for last night’s win. No other fan base knows better than us (The Ravens Fans) how terrible losing a game like that feels. How many times have you all done that to us? I thought you had again last night.

    To those pointing to bad calls last night, let me just say the bad calls went both ways. In the end, both teams had to overcome bad calls. There are dispuable calls in every game; sometimes every play. We all view these calls differently depending on rooting interest and result of the game. So spare us the officiating complaints. We don’t want to hear them.

  78. @goawayeverybody:
    “No I’m afraid your complaints about the refs sound very hollow and insincere, Stealer fans.”

    – kinda like yours. your team wins and you still find a way to complain about officiating about games in the distant past?

    “Ravens stop Ben, Pittsburgh can’t stop Joe for 92 yards in less than 3 minutes”

    -wait…what? didnt Ben pass for more yardage in fewer attempts? obviously our D didnt stop Joe who kept his poise and kept throwing absolute darts. not sure when all that stopping of ben happened, but had it not been for Suggs’ timely INT, i think we’re having a different conversation today.

  79. ravens scored 16 pts off of pass interference calls and a bs personal foul call on clark…lewis gets away with it and clark makes a good play….refs had it out for pitt this game

  80. As 9ers fan I watched this game with particular interest as both these teams are on the 9ers schedule. So far the 9ers are 2-0 against the AFC North. I wasn’t sure who to root for in this contest so I just enjoyed watching these two teams slug it out. It was IMO the best game of the year so far.

  81. Ravens fans calling Steelers fans whiners for criticizing the officiating is like Patriots fans calling the rest of the league “a buncha cheatahs”. i don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger crybaby than John Harbaugh. He’s always got that weasely, constipated look while doing it , too.

    On a similar note, can we please put in a rule that Terrell Suggs needs to wear a mask at all times? The man looks like a tanned Sloth from “The Goonies.”

  82. @steelerdynasty2010

    Yes, actually. It happened at 2:35 in the 4th q. Ben had a 3 and 5 and was confused as to where the pressure was coming from on a 4-man rush. He threw out wide, missed into the dirt, well before the intended receiver and Baltimore was given the ball with 2 mins and change. After receivers continually let Flacco down on solid passes, he kept his poise and continued to throw to the single covered receiver to move the chains. Flacco got the job done, not Ben.

    So much for that 1st ranked pass D…Stats mean nothing…they are but arbitrary measures of success.

    I’m going to enjoy this sweep now, thank you very much.

  83. goawayeverybody says: Nov 7, 2011 12:11 PM

    Gotta love it when Stealers fans blame the refs. Excuse me? No team in the history of the NFL has had more games handed to them than the Pittsburgh Stealers, including their two most recent Super Bowl victories. How about last year’s game against the Ravens, where the refs threw in a totally bogus phantom holding call that negated a kickoff return for a touchdown? Or the bogus phantom holding call against a defensive tackle? Or the bogus phantom pi call in the first quarter? Or allowing the Pittsburgh center to move the ball an entire yard forward on his own.

    No I’m afraid your complaints about the refs sound very hollow and insincere, Stealer fans.


    I’m a Steelers fan, and I’m not blaming the refs for the outcome last night – I’ll blame things such as the Steelers’ inability to stop Flacco from converting at will on 3rd-and-long situations, or Ben tossing an inexplicable INT that left me scratching me head, or the guy with the most sacks on our team not playing. Hell, I even know how to spell Steelers correctly, or at least have the maturity level to spell other team names as they should be spelled and not act like a child. You choose. And if the hollow and insincere complaints hurt your feelings that much, well … I’d suggest you learn to be a bit more resilient, because it’s a cold world out there, pal.

    As for me … the game last night was frustrating as hell, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think it was a great game to watch. The ending was what you’d expect in this rivalry: a 3-point victory won right at the end. I can’t complain about that – it could have gone either way. Of course I’d have wanted to have seen the Steelers hold on, but hat’s off to Flacco for being able to move the chains and holding that offense together when his receivers were getting all butterfingers on him in clutch moments.

    I can say, however, that I wouldn’t be counting on Torrey Smith to come down with any clutch grabs come playoff time. I’m sure a lot of people woke up in Baltimore today with this guy on their good side, but you don’t always get a second chance to redeem yourself.

  84. Oh, and one other thing I’ll blame — me naively getting up to go and get a drink when I think the Steelers are going to kick a field goal, only to come back to find out that they instead had to punt because they managed to get a delay of game called against them (or something like that … I’m still not even sure what the hell happened there).

  85. @ the majority of Steeler fans that are good sports – good game. nice series. always the most agonizing games of the year to watch.

    To the guys like steelernation, steelersownyou , 6thlombardi, – Bwaaaa haaaaa hhaaaaa. you are still trying to find excuses for why your aging team lost. it is hilarious.

    to Deb – you are spot on. many Flacco haters are from Bmore. You want to know why? Frankly, they are jealous of Ben and Flacco is not Ben. Ben is the standard they are holding Flacco up to which is unfair to Joe. He is a different QB. But that is what is going on and I think it is stupid. Joe may never be one of the top 2 or 3 QBs in the league, but I believe that he is good enough to take a team and win a SB and that is all that really matters in the end.

  86. All that matters is the last man standing in the sb and it won’t be the raisens. Their a playoff team but they don’t have what it takes to win the BIG ONE, Ben Roethlisberger does. Hope to see you in a rematch, it will be a different story next time. We know most raven(not all) fans think they won the superbowl when they beat the steelers. Enjoy your lucky win, it wont last long.

  87. I watched the whole game and with that being said,b’more wanted it more than we did. From B.Arians,D.LeBeau to M.Tomlin we have not learned our lesson on adjusting to what teams are doing to us. When we do we’ll be better. Until then congrats b’more you earned it.

  88. FYI

    Record of both the Steeler and Bengals wins.

    Bengals: 16-33
    Steelers: 15-34

    Bu-bu-they beat the Pats. Who have the same record and were beaten by a team the Bengals beat. The Bills. Weak schedule wha?

  89. ppdoc13 says:

    to Deb – you are spot on. many Flacco haters are from Bmore. … Frankly, they are jealous of Ben and Flacco is not Ben. Ben is the standard they are holding Flacco up to which is unfair to Joe. He is a different QB. But … he is good enough to take a team and win a SB and that is all that really matters in the end.
    I think the SB is all that matters to Joe’s critics, too. They’re more jealous of the rings Ben’s helped us get than of Ben. Since I was here for the 26 years and parade of mediocre QBs between Terry and Ben, I know Roethlisberger was the missing link. He may have performed poorly in XL, but we wouldn’t have gotten there without him, nor would we have won XLIII without him. But Ben’s a QB who can break your heart, too. He has extraordinary natural gifts–maybe more than the best in the game. But I’d be willing to bet Joe worked harder in his first three years than Ben did.

  90. @ ppdoc13

    steelernation1 says:
    Nov 7, 2011 6:26 AM
    omg the season isnt over relax the ravens still got 8 games to play..and they could easily lose 3 or more of them…

    if you call that making excuses for the steelers losing you need serious help or you need to stop posting cause you are making a fool of yourself..the other threads i gave the ravens grats on winning the before you start throwing names out there think before you type..

  91. ravens scored 16 pts off of pass interference calls and a bs personal foul call on clark…lewis gets away with it and clark makes a good play….refs had it out for pitt this game.

    Yeah, refs stole the game – did they steal that first one too – what 35-7 or so????

    soooo funny…………..

  92. @ Deb:

    I am a Ravens fan and of course, most Pittsburgh fans bashed Flacco, which is expected. I do agree with you on one thing though; More Baltimore fans have bashed Flacco than anyone else which is something I have never understood. That’s talk radio for ya!

  93. @squealcity …

    Oh, I hadn’t thought about that! Talking heads drive me nuts–and it’s the same with those guys in every market. They probably make Joe the team scapegoat any year the Ravens don’t win the Super Bowl. If they didn’t stir the pot, how would they fill all that air time?

  94. HAHAHA, “see you in january”? But in week one it was, “fluke, wait till week 8”. Sweep, with pig pen both games. Nothing to say. How does it feel to see the dominance slowly fade in front of your eyes? Ohh, and if we do meet in January, Enjoy the flight to Baltimore. Thanks for home field advantage. As for the bengals fans, you dont stand a chance in hell with a rookie QB and WR, and a mediocre OL. You havent played the crop of the division yet, wait till the steelers whip you and then the ravens make you wanna run back home

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