Cromartie knows the key to stopping Wes Welker

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Wes Welker’s insane receiving pace slowed down for a few games after he faced the Jets last time around.

For two games, Welker caught only 12 passes 84 yards and a score. That’s not bad, but it’s not the record-breaking numbers we saw early in the season.

Welker bounced back for a huge day against the Giants, but Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie thinks he knows the key to slowing Welker down.

“Every team is starting to notice that if you bang him around, their timing is knocked off,” Cromartie said via

This isn’t exactly a state secret. It’s been the approach to stopping Welker for years. Still, he’s getting more attention now from defenses than ever.

Welker noted last week that he’s seenn more physical play and “grabbing” lately by defenders.

“At the same time, you have to understand that and do business as business is being done, and be physical and get open. That’s what it comes down to,” Welker said via Mike Reiss of

New England isn’t hitting as many big plays on offense, so Welker’s ability to convert first downs is necessary to keep the ball moving.

We’d expect to see Darrelle Revis cover Welker more Sunday night, after Welker caught five passes for 124 yards last time against the Jets. Revis is not one to shy away from getting physical with a receiver.

31 responses to “Cromartie knows the key to stopping Wes Welker

  1. “State secrete”?

    There’s a horrible joke I could make here, but I’m gonna be a grown up, if just for one day.

  2. Cromartie and being physical should not be in the same sentence. The same thing was said last week ( 100+ yards receiving) and the week before that and before that.

    While everyone is burying the Pats, they have lost the three games by a total of 12 points.

    Should be a good game and lets hope BB figures out something with the D backfield. The good news is this week they play against Mark Sanchez.

    Nobody gave the Ravens a chance last week either. How did that turn out ????????

  3. Hmmm… so let me get this straight.

    If you bang Welker at the line of scrimmage, slow him down and disrupt his timing, you can stop him?

    Wow. I wonder if this innovative insight has any application to stopping other WRs out there?

    It’s just lucky other teams and players aren’t clued into this either, otherwise Welker wouldn’t be on pace for over 130 receptions.

  4. “Welker noted last week that he’s seenn more physical play and “grabbing” lately by defenders.”

    I have also seenn Welker help me get to 1st in my fantasy league…

  5. The can just use two corners to jam him.

    It’s not like anyone needs to bother covering MuchoSucko.

  6. The only people Cromartie has ever gotten physical with is his 17 baby’s mamas, that guy he hit with a bottle in Pacific Beach, and Shonn Greene after he was already in the endzone back in ’09.

  7. man this guy still talkin. didnt deion branch break his ankles an score on this guy last game. just shut up and play

  8. With Haynesworth gone the Patriots only have one guy to do the “grabbing” and thats Julian Edelman.

  9. yankeesjetsknicksrangers says:
    Nov 10, 2011 7:14 PM
    With Haynesworth gone the Patriots only have one guy to do the “grabbing” and thats Julian Edelman.


    Even though you’re an attention-“grabbing” troll, probably because daddy didn’t hug you enough, this made me laugh a little. Silly Edelman.

  10. Brady used the same quote earlier this week about “doing business as business is being done”

    Hate to love the Pats and their no excuse mentatlity.

    — Bolt Fan

  11. Edelman and Haynesworth grabbing and groping jokes. I love it!!

    Good to see that the serious events in the college world aren’t changing the immature juvenile humor on this board!

    Don’t be so serious people!!! It’s a stupid ball game!

  12. Why do we continue to hear about Revis and his cover skills. Analysts have watched the tapes and shown that Revis only has single coverage on WR’s during certain defensive pkgs. which amounts to less than 30% of all pass plays. There are at least a half dozen real shut down corners in the league that play considerably more one-on-one coverage.

  13. “Every team is starting to notice that if you bang him around, their timing is knocked off”

    Pretty astute observation from a guy that can’t even figure out how to use a condom.

  14. Yes..Cromartie knows the secret to stopping Wes Welker.

    In order for Cromartie to stop Welker, he must stay the hell away from him, and let somebody else cover Welker. Brilliant plan.

  15. I question any sports fans knowledge who says revis is t physical and isn’t the best. Ornsr inthe league….. Idiots

  16. someone should tell him that covering welker with all 12 of his kids probably isn’t legal…so much for his secret

  17. As long as TB and BB are alive and on the New England sideline as a Jets fan I know we have to bring our best game to beat them . Say what you will…this is gonna be a knock down drag out fight. New England MUST win this game thats true…but this is a MUST WIN for the Jets as well.

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