Jets need to trust Sanchez this week

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The Jets were 2-2 at the beginning of October, coming off a second straight road loss.

Rex Ryan promised publicly and privately that the team would return to their “ground and pound” roots before they faced the Patriots.

The results weren’t immediate, but ultimately the change was effective.  New York has won three of four games since. Although we’d attribute the turnaround to the defense mostly, Mark Sanchez has seven touchdowns and two interceptions in those four games.

The running game has been better, but not exactly great. Still, the conservative approach fits for the Jets.

“We’re a much more confident team playing this way [with] this style,” coach Rex Ryan said Wednesday via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I feel very comfortable and confident. This is what we know.”

“We feel like our old selves again,” fullback John Conner told Mehta.

That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea play like their “old selves” this week. Any team that doesn’t attack the Patriots secondary is doing New England a favor, even if Sanchez isn’t exactly Tom Brady. The Jets offense struggled in New England in large part because of the run-first approach.

Football is a game of matchups. If the Jets aren’t confident that Sanchez can take advantage of this matchup in his third year, they should look for a new quarterback.

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  1. Good point, GGG.

    Sanchez is still going to be throwing to McCourty, Chung and Arrington (who leads the league in INT’s).

    Neither team that beat them in the past two weeks ran particularly well. The pressure is on Sanchez once again.

  2. they have to ground and pound with Sanchez, there is no discussion about it. As a packers fan from NJ (i know, the worst type right?) i have seen mark sanchez’s ceiling first hand and it sure is a low one.

  3. Sanchez should emulate the Steelers’ passing gameplan, not the Giants’. Eli took too many shots deep along the sidelines, where the Pats were sitting with corner coverage plus deep safety help. Several balls looked like they should have been intercepted.

    Roethlisberger picked them apart over the middle in their short, soft zone. Dustin Keller and Santonio and LT should be able to sit in those soft pockets and set up shop all day long. With Plax, Sanchez will have the Red Zone threat that Roethlisberger was missing. Pats are missing even more guys on defense than last week.

    If Rex plays this right, this one could get ugly.

  4. This seems to me like the most winnable game the Jets have had against the Pats since Ryan has come around. Pats D stinks, Jets are hot, Brady has been shaky, it’s being played in on the Giants New Jersey home field.

    I’ll take the Jets in my pool, and the Pats will probably win.

  5. Jets are playing some of the best football out of anyone in the league…last week they held buffalo to 11 points…8 of which came in the last minute against prevent d Buffalo averages 30+ points a game. Jets have one of the top special teams in the league and there O has been on fire. They have three good targets. No one can cover plax in the endzone and Holmes will shred the pats piss poor secondary.

  6. This is the only week of the year I will actually be rooting for Tom Brady and the Pats. L.D.T(there is only one L.T.) runs his little mouth too much, along with a few certain others on that New Jersey team. Yes, the Giants are the only New York city team. Anyway, I hope Wes Welker has a record breaking game, Brady steps up and Belicheat comes up with a plan to make those puddle jumpers look ridiculous. My new most-hated team- Jets

  7. I’m looking forward to watching this game….feels like an early playoff game and might determine the division.

    With that said….I think if Jets attack Pats secondary they could win easily….if they go Ground-and-Pound it will be close and they could lose.

    Interesting to see what happens.

  8. Oh give it a rest!!….Sanchez is going to be fine..this nonsense about “they must trust Sanchez” its all on him. Sure he has to have a good day, there will be ground and pound… thier O line is looking pretty good and getting better every week..Sometimes I dont know where they get this crap from!

  9. Still don’t understand all the Sanchez hate relative to other QBs in the league. Here’s a short list of the QBs Sanchez is currently outplaying this season:

    Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Philip Rivers, Josh Freeman, Sam Bradford (based on QB ratings)

    Also don’t forget that Sanchez already has more playoff wins than any of them after only 2 years in the league. He also has 7 4th quarter comebacks to his name already.

    Sanchez, at worst, is an average QB. Yet people act like he’s the biggest liability in the league.

  10. The Patriots have not beaten the Jets at the new stadium the past 2 years. These are the only games I have attended, and I can attest that the crowd was as loud as anywhere, and nobody can tell me that the crowd noise does not affect Brady.

    Combine this information with 1. the Jets have righted their ship winning last 3 games, 2. the Pats (even though its only a 2 game losing streak) are in disarray no matter what D. Branch says to the media, 3. its no longer about Rex vs. Bill, its all about the players on the field now.

  11. Working on his third year in the NFL, Mark Sanchez has shown he is a competent caretaker QB. However, any time the Jets have to depend on him to win a game, there’s going to be some doubt.

    Sanchez is big, tough and has good arm strength. He doesn’t run well, and his balance is only average. He reads his progressions too slowly, and is at his best against a defense with a soft middle. His accuracy declines as the length of his throws increases.

    Granted, the Jets’ offensive line is improving as the season goes on. Against the Patriots, who lack a legitimate pass rush, Sanchez may have the extra time he needs to find an open receiver. But if he tries to throw deep to beat the defense, it’s likely he’ll have a low completion percentage, and an interception or two.

    I have doubts as to whether the Jets can win against New England by running the ball. That means Sanchez is going to have to make some plays. How many is going to weigh heavily on the outcome of this game.

  12. It all comes down to turnovers in this one. The Jets have the tools to win this game and they are catching the Pats while they are reeling. Sanchez is an average QB at best right now but he gets beat up more in the press because he’s in NY and because his coach/team is very vocal. That puts the spotlight on him as it is a QB driven league.

    I have a feeling that the Pats pull this one out this week, though. Something tells me that they aren’t finished and they have some heart. Those last two losses aren’t sitting well I’d imagine.

  13. Real quick how many new York jet quarterbacks in the history of the franchise have been to 2 championship games in 2 seasons ? Look for a new quarterback? Are you insane ? They’ve been trying for 40 years don’t change anything Jets !

  14. Jets are taking first place this week! Their d has been playing great while the pats O has been struggling the last few weeks. The jets had tons of chances to win the first game this year. With the home field and all phases clicking finally this is gonna be our week!

  15. EJ says “Yes, the Giants are the only New York city team.”

    You know they play in the same stadium, right?

    The Jets were in a bad place when they went to Foxboro. The offense lost its identity, the Jets are a running team. Those runs lead to play action passes that Mark Sanchez excels at. Set up a running game and Santonio, Plax, and Dustin will exploit a very bad Patriots secondary.

  16. Sanchez showed some improvement last week. Uncharacteristically he hit some WR’s in the hands rather than his normal completion of 2-3 yards behind or above the WR. He also completed a nice back shoulder pass to Burress along with 1 or two other completions outside the hashmarks.

    But Sanchez also made a number of terrible decisions. And in all fairness his completions all came to wide open WR’s with no pass rush. The Bills focused on stopping the Jets run game and Sanchez went to play action 12 times and tore them up with the play action. Primarily exploiting the middle of the field where the linebackers should have been.

    The book on Sanchez is the only pass he can throw with accuracy is a slant route. If you rush him he panics and freezes and makes mistakes. He still telegraphs his passes, only looks at 1/3 of the field and cannot move past his 1st read. If a team floods the middle and presses his WRs Sanchez has nowhere to throw the ball. He cannot beat a blitz and panics with any pressure.

    What has made Sanchez better has been superb OL play and wide open WR’s along with some improved accuracy. But he still makes bad decisions at to a high a rate, still panics, still is awkard n the pocket and when he makes a mistake he falls apart mentally.

    Terrell Suggs said it right when he said Sanchez is soft. Mangini who I will almost never agree with was right when he said the key to Sanchez is to keep him in then pocket and force him to throw the ball. The only damage he can do is when he runs. When he runs or moves he is a different QB who plays more on instincts and he loses that stiff awkardness that he has when in the pocket.

  17. You’d think the Jets were 0-32 the last two seasons the way the haters talk about Sanchez. He’s a better than average QB who is improving every year and needs a supporting cast to do their part as well.

    There can only be so many “elite” QB’s in the league and ok……… Sanchez isn’t one of them. We get that. So what! He’s still our guy and we support him.

  18. Here’s my guarantee for the game…Jets keep it close in the 1st half, Patriots make adjustments at halftime and Sanchez loses the game for the Jets (fumble or int or all of the above). Sanchez is a joke and will crumble under the unexpectedly “good” pass rush the Pats will bring this week.

    By the way, I’m a ravens fans and hate both teams, but I have 0 faith in Sanchize and when is the last time a Bellichick team went 0-3 over 3 games…and I rest my point.

    Jet’s come out of this game 5-4 and lucky to get a wildcard for the playoffs.

  19. Sanchez is still a work in prgress. He has “deer in the headlights” look way too often. If a Jets fan cant admit that he’s not being honest.

    I’ll take the Pats in this one.

  20. sanchez steps up. responds to coaches demand that he play more like he’s in the playoffs. shuts people up a little (thank god!) though we all know he’s got a ways to go to go beyond avg.

  21. You sanchez haters need to get a life…The kid’s in his 3rd year and has more playoff road victories than Peyton. Get used to him-you’ll be watching him play all through january…again! He is also currently ranked 12th in fantasy rankings. If you could do the math, that’s better than average.

  22. And..he only makes 10 million a year, with a contract he that was redone to help sign Plaxico this year.

  23. revrondog says:
    Nov 10, 2011 1:18 PM
    Sanchez makes 15 Million a year, shouldn’t they trust him EVERY week?


    They do trust him. That is the reporter’s title. You feed way to much in the media, don’t you?

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