Sheppard will start two games after re-joining Raiders


I picked the Raiders tonight against San Diego.

At their best this year, Oakland has been far better than anything the Chargers have shown. Oakland has far more talent on defense, and Carson Palmer played better last week than people realize.

The biggest problem with this theory: Oakland’s secondary. It wasn’t good to begin with, and it’s rather banged up for Thursday night’s game.

Cornerbacks Chris Johnson and DeMarcus Van Dyke are out.  That means Lito Sheppard is starting at cornerback; Sheppard was re-signed only a couple of weeks ago.  Safety Michael Huff (ankle) is also questionable.

The Chargers may not be able to take full advantage, because they will be without wideout Malcom Floyd.  Still, we expect a lot of points to be scored by both teams in this huge division tilt.

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  1. The Raiders should be playing primarily man to man tonight, even though they’ve been playing more zone lately, so Sheppard shouldn’t have a problem.

    Rivers has had problems with true man defense, especially bump and run.

  2. I find it interesting that it’s now the popular thing to say the Raiders controlled the AFC West before the injuries to Campbell and McFadden.

    Yet the Raiders were never alone in first place in the division. The best they have managed is to share a piece of the lead.

    Only one team in the division has lead the division alone.

  3. Guaranteed the Raiders target whichever top line CBs aren’t franchised or transitioned this spring. That, and finding a new Dcoordinator should be their top two priorities this offseason.

    There I go again, talking about the offseason at midseason. The Raiders need to regain their winning mojo to put me back on course.

    Honestly, the D needs McClain back more than they need to worry about Lito Sheppard and all the injuries in the secondary.

  4. And he’ll play exactly 3 minutes and 29 seconds before injuring his hammy.

    Believe me, the guy WAS decent 5+ years ago. He was done when the Eagles let him go. He was done when the Jets let him go. He was done when the Vikings let him go. He’s DONE.

  5. One more thing. The Bolts’ offense doesn’t need to target a washed up CB in order to exploit the Raider’s defense.

    Phil Rivers and Vincent Jackson have made a living abusing Raiders’ corners, including Stanford Routt, Namdi Asomugah and Chris Johnson.

    Asomugah would climb all over Jackson, and get the yellow flag for his efforts, but VJ would still come down with the ball for a first and goal.

  6. Huge game..the pressure’s on SD they are at home and have lost three straight.

    That said the Raiders really need a win to stop the bleeding.

    This game and especially week 17 when SD visits Oakland will have a HUGE impact on who wins the AFC West.

    It will come down to SD and Oakland – don’t think KC will stay in it with their schedule and Denver will struggle.

    9-7 wins the division, maybe even 8-8.

  7. It could be worse for the Raiders. They could have re-signed Nnamidi and gotten the same amount of production for a LOT more money. This year, hes playing no better than the rest of the Raiders corners… and he’s supposedly got a much more talented supporting cast around him.

  8. what are you talking about…the raiders have been banged up the entire year, going all the way back to preseason…… has been one “ding” after another.

  9. They should call this game the battle of the AFC Mess.

    Just look at the three teams tied atop the standings for the AFC West lead — it’s a log jam of mediocrity.

    One team — be it the Chargers or Raiders — needs to take the torch and run with it. It’s looking more and more likely a 9-7 or 8-8 division champ will come out of the West this year.

    The Raiders started off fast and were media darlings after beating the Jets and Texans, however, since then it’s been a downward spiral.

    The Chargers showed they can hang tough with the Packers after losing to the Chiefs.

    San Diego or Oakland will come out leading the division heading into Sunday, however, here’s the sad fact: The winner of this game could very well lay an egg in the next and once again force another log jam at the top of the division standings.

  10. San Diego’s biggest enemy is injuries and simple turnovers. Rivers isn’t having an “off” year, his wide receivers timing has been off. Gates has a foot injury and Floyd, Jackson, Brown, Crayton, etc. have all missed time at practice this season. PLUS, Tolbert and Matthews have missed several practices and games.
    Sure, Rivers has been “tricked” a few times with hidden and mirage coverage, but Rivers is still racking up yardage.

    Once the Chargers all get on the same page and re-figure out their teams strengths, San Diego will run away with this division. After all, 4 and 4 is still pretty good considering SD’s poor starts. I wouldn’t be surprised seeing SD running the table after tonight and starting a big win streak. The key lies with Running Back Ryan Matthews running and pass protection (and staying healthy to compliment Tolbert).

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