DeMarco Murray: I think Felix Jones is the Cowboys’ starter

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DeMarco Murray’s three-game stretch as the Cowboys’ No. 1 running back has yielded 466 yards — the best total of any three-game stretch in franchise history. And yet Murray still doesn’t think he’s on top of the depth chart.

Instead, Murray says that Felix Jones, who has missed the last three games with a sprained ankle and has been ruled out for Sunday, will return to the starting lineup when he’s healthy.

“From my understanding, I think he’s still the starter,” Murray told the Dallas Morning News. “He’s a great running back, and he was doing a great job before he went down. I’m expecting him to come back in and do what he’s been doing, which is great, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to continue to compete and try to help out as much as I can.”

Murray added that “I know my role,” and it’s clear that he wants to avoid saying anything that would result in dissension within the Cowboys’ locker room. Good for him for that.

But the truth is, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett would be nuts to reduce Murray’s role in the offense. Murray has been sensational over the last three weeks, and Jones is the one who’s going to need to get accustomed to a different place in the Cowboys’ offense.

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  1. I really like Felix Jones – he is a class A decent guy. But if the Dallas Cowboys don’t make Demarco Murray their lead back, everyone will know just how stupid the entire organization is.

  2. as an owner of both jones AND murry, it’d be just super if they’d let murray keep, you know.. succeeding in the role jones repeatedly fails at.

  3. Felix is no McFadden… So let’s be real Murray there’s no if ands or buts about who is gonna have the starting role when Felix is back… Murray will get prob 15-20 carries a game and Felix maybe 10

  4. It doesn’t really matter if Murray is the “starter” or not.

    LDT was the “starter” for the Jets when they played the Bolts. You think he got more carries than Greene?

    It’s all a matter of semantics. Jones will get 10-15 carries and be “spelled” by Murray for another 20+ carries.

    Garrett isn’t a complete fool after all.

  5. Best use of Jones is to use him as a change of pace back like he was at Arkansas. Get him to the outside where he can run around people.

  6. I remember half falling asleep watching a preseason game, and this Murray kid comes in, and I just sat straight up and was like, “Wow, this kid’s good.” I wasn’t sure if it meant anything because it was the 3rd quarter of a preseason game but, I guess it did.

  7. As a Cowboy fan I don’t care who starts but, Murray needs to get about 2/3 of the carries.

    Simply put Murray runs with more power and gets up field better. Felix should still get 8-10 touches but IMO at least half of those should come in from screens and passes on passing downs. Felix can’t the punishment to be your horse. Let Murray do the heavy lifting, let Felix be the nitche guy.

  8. Everyone forgets that Murray plays for the cowboys where your salary determines who starts and i will not be shocked if Felix is still the starter. Just another reason why “Americas team” is being driven into the ground by Jerry

  9. It will be good for both of them in the long run. Murray will slow once there is more film on him and defenses pick up on his tendencies. He has proven the better back, but you need two, 4 if you play in DC.

  10. Everyone forgets that Murray plays for the cowboys where your salary determines who starts


    Sure, ask Keith Brooking about that.

  11. howley1 says:
    Nov 11, 2011 5:21 PM
    Everyone forgets that Murray plays for the cowboys where your salary determines who starts


    Sure, ask Keith Brooking about that.

    Or we can ask how Roy Williams started last year even though he was not among the top two WRs on the team.

  12. If Dallas needs/wants a starter for the “Guy Who Looks Like Dave Chappelle the Most” then Felix is absolutely the one to go with.

  13. Felix is the better all around back. Murray is good, but Felix is the better every down back.

  14. Both are great athletes, but how can you deny the resume Murray has put together over the last 3 weeks. As an Arkansas fan, I can tell you, Felix,is not an every down back. He is 10x better with a supporting cast.

  15. Felix doesn’t get through the line very well. He excels in open space I think they need to use felix on screens and on passing situations as a check down where he can do his thing let dickerson I mean murray do the every down stuff. Knowing garret though now that he has two good backs he will probably go to handing the ball off ten times a game.

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