Julio Jones probable; Saints banged up for big game

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After practicing in full on Wednesday, Falcons receiver Julio Jones was limited on Thursday with a hamstring injury.

That caused some worry among Falcons fans (not to mention fantasy owners) considering Jones’ huge performance against the Colts and his equally massive role in the Falcons offense.

That worry was unnecessary. Jones was limited again on Friday, but he’s listed as probable for Sunday’s huge game against the Saints. The Falcons are mostly healthy, but will be without tackle Sam Baker once again. Safety William Moore is doubtful with a quad injury.

For the Saints, cornerback Tracy Porter (neck) is probable after his scary injury last week. The team will also get Mark Ingram back; he’s probable.  That’s the good news.

Cornerback Patrick Robinson (stomach) is questionable after not practicing all week. Linebacker Jonathan Vilma (knee) is out, while wide receiver Lance Moore and Chris Ivory are both questionable with hamstring injuries.

13 responses to “Julio Jones probable; Saints banged up for big game

  1. There has got to be something more with Vilma’s nagging knee injury, he missed a game or two earlier in the season, comes back and is out again! Trainers do your job, let him heal completely so he’s not out for the post season. Get in there Jo-Lon!

  2. Saints will be fine with Dunbar who is a much more downhill player than Vilma. Robinson has had the flu, he will obviously play.

    Moore is the bigger loss; he is a Falcons killer. But then again so is Devery Henderson and he’s the guy that would get Moore’s reps.

  3. kayotiicdat says: Nov 11, 2011 5:28 PM

    Either way the Failcants are getting SMASHED!!! WHO DAT WE DAT!!!


    Everytime I see that corny nickname “Failcants” it reminds me that New Orleans is one sandwich short of a picnic basket! Fail-Cants if you look at it, is not a diss. Yeah we CANT FAIL! Don’t try to hard–just call us Falcants and leave it at that. See ya at the Dome Sunday!

  4. Win or lose the saints are gonna be much better off in 2011 than the falcons. The falcons defense is very porous as is the saints but the saints have proven in past they can make big turnovers to win. If falcons make the playoffs they will get away from the running game and act like they are green bay because they got some stud wr’s. The fact of the matter is matty ice is average at best and never shows greatness even flaccos performance against pitt last week is something i just dont see in ryan. 1 turnover and this team getting behind will be all she wrote if the falcons make the playoffs.

  5. Um, how exactly are the Saints “banged up”?

    1. They are getting back Mark Ingram
    2. Jonathan Vilma was also out last week and the defense didn’t suffer for it a bit
    3. Tracy Porter WILL play in this game

    How are they banged up again? I guess I missed something.

  6. This game will be REALLY close, coming from a Saints fan… May not like the Falcons, but ya gotta respect ’em. They got allot of talent on the O, and their D is TOO shabby either, but like the Saints D, there can be some MAJOR issues. We usually split a game with ATL, but Im hoping we can sweep em this year!

  7. I love how everyone’s acting like Julio Jones is the greatest WR ever now, those were his first TDs in like 7 games and it was the Colts! everyone torches the Colts up… Remember a guy named Marques Colston, oh ya he got 2 TDs against the Colts as well and hes taller than Julio and is a better receiver

    Sorry ATL but Saints got this one in a close matchup cuz Brees is that damn good

    Matty Ice isnt even good enough to target more than one WR in a game, ppl shouldnt talk about him cuz its Turner’s team Matt is just there to manage the game and take care of the ball

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