Report: T.J. Ward could miss 4-6 weeks

Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns don’t have much to feel good about, given that they’ve beaten only the Colts, Dolphins, and Seahawks this season.  The Cleveland Browns now have something else to feel bad about, with their starting strong safety reportedly shelved for several weeks.

Technically listed as doubtful for Week 10 injury report, multiple reports indicate T.J. Ward will miss multiple games, possibly as many as four to six, due to a foot injury.

The foot is in a cast as a result of an injury suffered in Houston on Sunday.  The cast reportedly will be removed Monday for closer inspection.  If it ends up being a LisFranc fracture, Ward could end up on injured reserve.

In the same game, Ward suffered a dislocated finger that was pointing in two directions, with the bone ripping through the skin.  Ward went back into the game after the finger was stitched and taped.

“It was pretty bad, but it was just a finger,” Ward said after the game, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

It’s an impressive attitude, but not even a hard head can make up for a busted foot.  And so the Browns will have to face the Rams, and probably several more opponents, without Ward.