Rex Grossman splits first team snaps with Beck


John Beck may be on a short leash for his return to Miami this Sunday.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that Rex Grossman split first-team snaps with Beck during practice this week.  That’s a strong sign that Beck could be removed from Sunday’s game if things don’t turn around.

Beck is 0-3 at the helm as a starter.  After a decent first start against the Panthers, the team was shut out against Buffalo and didn’t score a touchdown until the final minutes against the 49ers.  Mike Shanahan is trying to avoid the first five-game losing streak of his career.

While Grossman made plenty of errors as a starter, at least he hit a few big plays. Losing to the one-win Dolphins would essentially end Washington’s dimming chances of getting back in the playoff race.

Shanahan said throughout the week that he still believed in both quarterbacks, but they needed to improve the supporting cast around the players.  That’s not going to happen anytime soon, so the team may just change quarterbacks. Again.

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  1. 0-3, 2 TDs vs. 4 INTs + 3 fumbles lost. The same reasons Beck wasn’t allowed onto a regular season game field after being benched in Miami in 2007 until the Shanahans decided he should be.

  2. Neither one of them is the long-term answer…

    I don’t think this debate is worth it. Without a decent QB we will have a tough time seriously competing in this division.

    We will have to see what we have to work with next year. Hopefully with the top 10 pick we are heading towards we can add a QB and beef up our line.


  3. Another circus in dc. So many players need to be gone. Deangelo hall being number one. Way to many egos and players that think they r better than they r. How about landry giving up a first down last week then celebrated cuz he made the tackle. That stuff needs to stop. This team is a joke im sry to say

  4. Leaving Beck in is the best chance the skins have of getting a shot at drafting Luck. Then again, the greed of the Shanahans is about to screw that up. Too funny!!


    1 1

    There’s 52 other guys on that team he has to show respect… They all know that Rex Grossman gives them the best chance to win after the last few weeks… You can’t just lose on purpose without giving your team the illusion you are trying to win.

  5. Its Over…Forget about it Skins fan and Im a Skin fan..its over..i repeat..this season is was over when it started…Look at it! look at what happened from the Veterans to young guys…we are not adequate or coaching articulate right now as well..simple as that..Beck is not it…and hes mobile..Gross man is not it and hes the interception king..Shananhan SR seems devoted to his philosophies and Shananhan JR…We lost our Veterans, maybe now London, we lost Moss, Cooley, Portis,….Sellers…just Get ready for next season, the Skins have a new coach every 2 years….i give shanny 1 more for a change….other than that forget it!…im Sorry

  6. I guarantee, 100%, that Jake Locker would be a Redskin if he was there at ten. Perfect Shanahan QB.

    He didn’t get his guy, so he traded down and went from there.

  7. Grossman is a proven INT factory and Beck cannot stretch the field. Shanahan should have gone after Orton [maybe using Haynesworth as part of the deal]. Trade up for Luck next year, if possible. Need OLs and WRs too. Love our ‘Skins! Hail!

  8. As a skins fan, we must lose now. Let’s face the sad music—From D to O….we flat out stink. Games are painful to watch and we look out gunned every single play. Fire the coaches, the players, handle Dan and let’s rebuld the right way.

    I can handle another 5 or so years at this point. Just show me that we are not going to do the same thing over and over and over again. This is soooo painful….What would a win tomorrow prove against an awful team and awful franchise?

    At least the SKINS have a great history.

  9. Say what you want, Rex Grossman can beat -ANY- NFL team with his arm. Of course, he’s just as likely to throw 4+ interceptions against -ANY- NFL team. But John Beck just isn’t an NFL quarterback and gives the Redskins next to zero chance to win any games. Redskins are better off with Rex just going deep every play.

  10. Please just lose and draft a qb. Rex/Beck aren’t even good enough to be third stringers on any other team. If it wasn’t for the skins, they’d be out of the league.

  11. You know your QB situation is bad when your QB that gives you the best chance to win is a former Bear starter (Grossman). And you think your season would be better if you had just traded for another former Bear starter (Orton). I guess chicago is a QB factory though…. Just look how many theyve gone through Luckman to Cutler!

  12. Here’s me playing a bit of GM…

    Team needs:
    OL (maybe 2)

    Since this team has so many needs, I would start by paying Matt Flynn (back to Aaron Rodgers) to be our next QB. Then trade down (much like last year) and draft new OL, Corners, and a WR. Fill in rest of spots via Free Agency. Nothing splashy, just get solid players who can do their jobs…

  13. Settle down, all of you….Beck needs experience to develop. He’s not your guy long term, but he will do more for you than Rex in the next 8 games…..also, I’m glad to see these rookies get a chance. Moss, Cooley, etc. are good, let’s see if we can get greatness in there!! Youth is what this team needs!

  14. Anyone who thinks Mallett was an ab answer should evaluate the current class of QBs available this year. ALL of them are better than him. That’s why he slid so far. The Skins will end up with a better QB in this years draft than they could have last year.


  15. Shouout to all the Skins fans who cheered for this bum to get under center. Rex may turn the ball over, but at least he throws down the field, and looks at more than 1 WR. Lol John Beck??? Idiots

  16. I dont know how you redskins fans do it..who was the last “decent” qb? schuler? ferotte? props to the true fans for stickin with it.

  17. Grossman’s our only chance if we’re going to lose this game and keep the dream alive. We win tomorrow, and the season is a total waste. Lose, and you never know; maybe the Colts will pullout a win here or there. We already know what DC fans are learning now. Beck is incompatent. Did I spell incompetent right?

  18. Of course this isn’t over yet, but when it’s all said and done, I wonder who will be considered the bigger swindler of Snyder’s $…..Haynesworth or Shanahan?

  19. Anyone who thinks Mallett was an ab answer should evaluate the current class of QBs available this year. ALL of them are better than him. That’s why he slid so far. The Skins will end up with a better QB in this years draft than they could have last year.


    In fairness to Mallet he slid because of undisclosed “red flags” rather than talent issues. As for this years crop ahead of him, yeah Newton and Dalton are studs but we havent seen Locker, Ponder looks ok but he has come in when MIN looked terrible anyway and Gabbert is probably the worst starting QB in the league right now. Mallet has a rocket for an arm and can lay it on a sixpence. Skins should have taken him in the 2nd round. Minimal financial risk as well. Hopefully they’ll learn this year. Maybe Landry Jones could in the red in 2012

  20. Rex is a very talented quarterback with a cannon arm. Took the Bears to the Superbowl. Protect him and give him talented receivers and he can lead the Skins to the playoffs. No fooling.

    His downfall with the Bears started with missed snaps from Olin Kreutz, the Bear’s wayyyyyyyy overrated center, who was on his downward slide the last few years. Little midget center who couldn’t block anybody anymore, leaving the middle open to Rex to get blasted.

    Nobody talks about this in Chicago, but this is what was really happening. Rex got a bum deal. Washington, if they stick with him, will be glad they did. He has the heart of a champion and the arm and heart of a gunslinger.

    Forget about Beck, already. Grossman is the real deal.

  21. Point taken. However, I think that, were Mallett in this years class, he would be talked about, but grossly overshadowed by Luck (obviously) Barkley & Jones, and in the range of a Foles or so. who is projected to go in the mid rounds also.

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