Bears expected to lose starting guard Williams for season

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The Bears offensive line has improved dramatically over the last month, but now they are about to face a new challenge.

Starting guard Chris Williams is expected to miss the rest of the season following wrist surgery, according to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune.

Bears coach Lovie Smith only confirmed that Williams would be out “a while.”  This news comes after first round pick Gabe Carimi underwent surgery earlier this week.

Edwin Williams replaced Chris Williams at left guard on Sunday in Chicago’s huge win over Detroit.

12 responses to “Bears expected to lose starting guard Williams for season

  1. Williams will be missed, he’s really come on since he was moved over to Guard. Come back strong next year big fella.

  2. it was good to see the Bears put the Lions in their place, they still have alot of way to come to be competitive in the NFC north with the Pack and the Bears not far behind.

  3. No matter what happens the rest of the season, Jerry Angelo has to go. He drafted Williams as a tackle 14th overall even though he knew he had preexisting herniated disc injury.

  4. Cutler is a poor man’s Troy Aikman. He has never done anything wrong but unlike Troy Girl, he has no rings. Cutler/Aikman are inter changeable on the field on how they react on every down. Spoiled, self righteous lil girls that have never done anything wrong.

  5. Decent game against a bad team yesterday, if I know my Bear-fan buddies they’re already savoring a trip to the Super Bowl.

    Best part about this win streak against bad teams is it guarantees Lovie, Martz and most importantly Angelo will be around at least one more year. Angelo is the best thing to happen to the rest of the NFC North since Matt Millen.

  6. Mike Tice has to be some kind of genius for being able to have the line provide the pass protection they’ve given Cutler the past two games.

  7. well hopefully for them they get the rookie back soon at RT, slide lance luis or chris spencer over to LG and problem solved. the bears are a team who seemed hopeless at oline positions at the beginning of the year but now seem to have decent depth.

    i am a packers fan and i’m worried.

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