DeSean Jackson misses meeting, will be inactive

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Sunday mornings are usually quiet, but we have a surprise in store for Week 10.

Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News reports that DeSean Jackson was told he will be inactive Sunday against the Cardinals because he was late to a meeting this week.

Bowen notes that the Eagles do this as a matter of policy. Correll Buckhalter got the same punishment for the same offense a few years ago.

Still, it’s hard not to wonder if the Eagles are sending a message to their star receiver here. Jackson has struggled throughout his contract year.

UPDATE: Bowen updated his report to say Jackson wasn’t just late; he missed the meeting entirely.  The team confirmed the report to Bowen.

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  1. When the losses are piling up, someone has to play hardball. I think that the Eagles are doing a good job keeping Jackson’s ego in check by making sure he knows he won’t get any special privileges for being a star.

  2. It’s reason like these why you should NEVER pay a turd like this. If this is how he behaves when he’s trying to get paid, imagine how he behaves AFTER he gets paid. Once a turd always a turd!

  3. The Eagles front office act like they’re parents and the players are unruly 4-year-olds.

    Random Iggle 1: Now, DeSean, you’re going to timeout now and you can’t text for ONE whole day.

    Random Iggle 2: And you BETTER not disrespect us, ’cause we’ll spank you if we hear any sass, young man!

    DeSean Jackson: Why can’t I just go out and play?! Those footballs aren’t going to drop themselves!!


  4. I’m going to the game today.This definitely puts a damper on it.. But oh well, he deserve it of he’s going to be a jackass. Obviously I wouldn’t care if he had just reasoning, but something’s telling me this is just about the money.look for steve smith to take his spot I’m the lineup, and hopefully produce

  5. DeSean (look at me) Jackson, Chris ( Jaws) Johnson, Fat Albert Haynesworth, Terrel(where did all my money go) Owens, Chad Ochostinko etc etc, the list goes on and on. Bad attitudes and big contracts dont mix.

  6. IMO this is a passive aggressive way for him to “protest” not getting paid. When someone feels they’re underpaid, they can tend to stop giving their best and doing everything right.

  7. Following that disastrous punt return fumble, DeSean is really looking for a new start with another team.

  8. As an eagles fan, I agree with the benching. I think they should trade him. Better off teaming maclin with another WR.

  9. There’s a reason he wasn’t a 1st round pick and it’s not just his size. There were attitude and maturity questions w. him coming out of Cal.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. It could easily be a one-time, lesson learned situation. Or Jackson could have Rosenhaus in his ear and blow up like T.O.

  10. This is like the T.O. saga all over again. It’s the Eagles Front Office vs. Ronsenhaus. It’s not going to end well. Neither side will budge.

    Actually it’s nothing like that. After he came back from his hold out, he vowed not let his contract situation be a distraction and he’s done a surprisingly good job until this.

  11. The problem with being late to team meetings with the Eagles is that it prolongs the meeting and that means precious extra minutes added to the time until Andy Reid can leave to go shovel food down his big, fat gullet.

  12. I guarentee if the sheagles were playing a decent team today, MeSaun Jackson would still be in the line-up!

  13. This is being blown out of porportion.

    The alarm clock has screwed us all over at some point or another

  14. Considering daylight savings was a week ago, and everyone gained an hour of sleep, this excuse is just more pathetic! I don’t know about you people, but I’ve been waking up an hour earlier

  15. nflofficeadmin says:
    Nov 13, 2011 10:53 AM
    How ironic if the Giants signed him next year after the Eagles signed Steve Smith this year…
    Please, no. Do you hate the Giants that much? As a Giants fan, I would dump my fandom in a heartbeat if they signed this Diva turd.

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