Steelers stay within striking distance of Ravens


The Bengals had a chance to legitimize their 6-2 record against the Steelers on Sunday.

And the Bengals failed to deliver.

Pittsburgh squandered an early 14-0 lead, allowing the Bengals to chip away until tying it up in the third quarter on a one-yard touchdown pass from tight end Jemaine Gresham by quarterback Andy Dalton.

The Steelers answered with an 11-play, 81-yard drive to reclaim the lead, via a nine-yard touchdown run by Rashard Mendenhall, his second of the game.

Thereafter, the Steelers put the clamps on the Bengals’ offense, with Cincinnati taking only one snap in Pittsburgh territory — a pass that was intercepted by Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons.

Pittsburgh’s ability to hold a late lead reverses a troubling trend, and allows them to climb back toward the division crown at 7-3, especially if the 6-2 Ravens can’t reverse a troubling trend of playing down to the level of the competition in Seattle.

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  1. How can you legitimize a 6-2 record? It’s not like it gets wiped out after a loss. What, did you think the Bengals and their rookie QB would go 10-2?

  2. Looks like it’s time for the Bungles to start another losing streak.

    Boomer Esiason’s cheerleading can only take this team so far…

  3. A quality loss if there is such a thing. Dalton still had a pretty good game overall and I’m glad we’re not handling him with kid gloves like so many other teams are with their young QB’s. He’s going to be better for it in the long run. Solid effort out of the Bengals. I wish the D coulda make a couple stops right there before the 2 min warning though, but overall, not a terrible loss.

  4. I think they legitimized it anyway. They lost their best receiver and best corner, and best DE wasn’t playing and they still almost won that game.

  5. Lot of football left. No Green, Dunlap, Leon Hall or Adam Jones for Cinci, and they were still within a few plays of a W. Bengals will contend for the division.

  6. no pressure ravens fans… But youre losing 10-0 and steelers shutout seahaeks 23-0! I smell a choke! I cant stop smiling & laughing!!!!!!!!

  7. Dalton looks like the real deal. He really impressed me today. Stood tall under pressure, made some great throws. Looks like Cincy has something special.

  8. Agreed….the Bengals are for real. Our Steelers have what it takes to play Green Bay again. Cincy is solid though. I’m counting on them beating the Raisins at least once.

  9. Lot of football left. No Green, Dunlap, Leon Hall or Adam Jones for Cinci, and they were still within a few plays of a W. Bengals will contend for the division.


    No Woodley, no Sanders, no Hoke.

    No answer for the Steelers D.

    You lost man up.

    Good game by rookie boy, BTW.

  10. The headline of this article starts with “The Steelers Say Within Striking Distance of Ravens.”

    However in fact, the opposite of the headline is true – as there are no one from Steelers quoted saying anything about anything.

    C’mon PFT — you guys nitpick over fraction of a nanosecond errors made by athletes playing a collision sport none of you have ever even played at the Pop Warner level.

    So if you’re going to play the hypercritical card repeatedly on others doing things with a much higher degree of difficulty (than saying crafting a headline that isn’t true at all), then stop making the obvious botch jobs yourselves.

  11. Its amazing what Marvin Lewis can do with a team when he get’s rid of all the head cases. Being a big STEELER FAN I’m glad the ball bounced our way.
    Some are saying if the Bengals were at full strenght it would have been different, but the Steelers have not been full strenght for a while also.
    Only could listen to the game, but it seemed to be a good game, and just glad Steelers came out on top.
    But Bengals fans should forget Palmer because I think Dalton will take you further. It’s my opinion he was the best QB in the draft, saw him as a sleeper like Brady.

  12. bonniebengal and donbaseball,

    GREAT points. Especially since the Steelers are playing 100% healthy. In fact, I think the Bengals are the only team in the NFL with injured players.

    Keep up with the excuses/rationalizations. It’s funny to teams that actually win.

    I could name all the Steelers that are also injured but I’ll just point out that Woodley is leading the AFC North in sacks and didn’t play the last two games.

  13. We needed this win today. Good victory after tough loss last week. Brown is developing as a top flight go-to WR to compliment Wallace. Glad we threw those passes on the last clock-killing drive, we got too conservative late in the game resulting in too many 3 and outs.

    And hey Bengals fans, please don’t start whining and making excuses such as your injured players. No one has had more injuries than the Steelers this year and we hear EVERY DAY about don’t whine about them, and generally we don’t. Fact is, Dalton looks pretty good as a young QB, and you have a few other nice WR’s and RB’s to work with going forward. Your team seems to be on the rise, and it is nice to have the good rivalry with you. So, no excuses, don’t demean the rest of your players that are playing, congrats on a good game, we will see you again.

    Oh yeah, and beat the Ravens next week!


  14. From what I could see on Red Zone, the Bengals looked good–and as a rookie, Dalton has infinitely more poise than Palmer. He completed two difficult passes I know Carson would not have completed given the same circumstances. Were it not for Gay’s great play on the ball while Cincy was driving, that game might have gone to OT. I’m more concerned that my D gave up a 14-point lead than I would be with Cincy’s performance if I were a Bengal’s fan.

  15. No excuses, just facts… Bengals look like they can play with anyone, injuries or not. They’re 6-3 and look to be a big factor the rest of the way.


    And the fact is, the Bengals didn’t get a call against them until well into the second half.

    Nope. No holding or late hits going on until then.

    No siree.

  16. Bengals played well & represented as a formidable foe. They have what it takes. And with all the draft picks they will get in upcoming years they will be up top of afc in years to come. Not quite ready yet. But a very young team with a lot of talent! Afc north is most definitely the best division in nfl. Well done bengals keep your chin up!

  17. bonniebengal says:
    Stay overconfident Steeler fans. You struggled against our backups.
    and I suppose Lamarr [the sack leader] Woodley and Emmanuel Sanders and our starting Righ Tackle wouldn’t’ve made a difference.

  18. Think back to preseason. Who predicted going into this game 6-2 and staying competitive with our rival (not theirs, rightfully so) with a chance to tie at the end of the game. I’m not happy, but I’m not livid like most previous Bengals losses. This team feels different. Still need a GM, indoor facility, scouts and a secondary. But sill, I haven’t felt this cautiously optimistic about the team since 05. WHO DEY!!!

  19. hey bengal fans you have something to look for in next couple years..a couple more pieces and they will be legit..great game by both teams..see ya in 3 weeks..i cant say there is anything to say bad about the game was clean for most part…GOOD GAME

  20. Hey, if the Seahawks hang on to beat Baltimore today will that help “legitimize” the Bengals record? (since then the Ravens will then be 0-3 against the Titans, Jags and Seahawks, teams that the Bengals are 3-0 against this season with all three of those games on the road) Funny how Baltimore isn’t coping quite so well with the same “soft” schedule the Bengals have had.

  21. I think I even saw the head ruff look to the Bengals sideline and shrug his houlders as if to say I HAD to CALL that one. One thing for sure Pittsburgh gets no respect from the refs when it comes to there QB. I’m glad our QB gets evry flag if he gets looked at wrong.

  22. Thank you, Seahawks.

    As good as the win over the Steelers was, this is just as bad of a loss for Ravens, maybe worse.

    Division lead for the Ravens – gone. Amazing how they can’t seem to be able to beat the teams they are supposed to.

    Steelers back in the division race, baby.

  23. Great win by the Steelers. We’re going into the bye week on a good note. But as a Steeler fan, I will say the Bengals are a good young team and they played a great game as I expected.

  24. “bonniebengal says: Nov 13, 2011 4:34 PM

    Stay overconfident Steeler fans. You struggled against our backups.”


    Well, you lost to our backups. Remember, we don’t have our starting DE (Smith), starting OLB (Woodley), starting RT (Colon), RG (Legursky), and our backup WR, Antonio Brown, ate the Bungles for lunch. Lastly, our third string WR would have had 2 TD catches had it not been for Leavy and his band of blind men throwing a phantom PI flag. Even the booth guys called it “questionable,” which usually means it was a BS call.

    So, you say what now??

  25. Heath Miller’s head snapped back so far his helmet hit his name, nope no helmet-to-helmet there, no siree. Nice call officials, exactly the same as Ray Lewis’ hit on Ward last week. And Heath Miller was also called for offensive interference. And Lamar Woodley was not in the game…..

  26. look packups or not.they are on the team cause they are supposed to be able to play at any given time..the steelers backups are always ready to go in the that is just a lame excuse.

    they lost the game it was a good game..the betetr team won is al..the bengals are far from a bad team but at same time they honestly still need pieces to be a playoff team.kuddos to them for there success

  27. Lot of carping by Bungles fans over the health of their team. Your “back-ups”?. Hmmm … Check out the guys we had out. Colon, Smith, Sepulveda, Woodley. Those are starters. Then we had out top back ups in Legursky, Sanders and Hoke.

    You have to win with the guys you have, every team is dealing with injuries. Every team. Not just your team. The Packers won the SB last year with gobs of guys on the sidelines.

    Don’t spoil a good performance by your team by whining about woulda, coulda and shoulda. The Bengals look for real, that Dalton kid might be one of the best picks of the draft and Zimmer has the defense fired up again. Lick your wounds, tape up the guys, next man up and go lay a licking on the Ratbirds next week.

  28. Injuries:

    Steeler – Not having Woodley is certainly going to impact the Steeler’s defense, knowing he is a starter and maybe their top linebacker. Also missing Sanders, who is the #4 wide receiver. I’m sure there are a couple other no name scrubs.

    Bengals – Missing #1 DE in Dunlap, #1 cornerback for the second half in Hall, missing #1 wide receiver for three quarters in Green, and a few other scrubs like Pittsburgh.

    I’m seeing a resounding difference in the injuries here clowns.

    If the Bengals sacked (Fat #7) five times without Dunlap, could you imagine if he would of played?

    Injuries are part of the game and in my opinion, the Bengals get out coached the first time they play the Steelers each year. The second game always tends to be a little more exciting.

    Stay tuned, its only a few weeks away.

  29. The Ravens losing against the Seahawks made sure the AFCN is a 3 team race at least for a few more weeks.

    I give credit to the Steelers for the win. They’ve owned Cincy in Cincy, and in reality, I don’t think the Bengals match up well against the new look Steelers. The Bengals D is built on stopping the run, and the Steelers air it out more than pound it on the ground. Leon Hall was burnt toast even before the injury. The front 7 showed up. The secondary let the Bengals down in a big way.

    I hope everyone can see that even in the loss, the Bengals aren’t going away.

  30. whoplayswhere says:

    Injuries are part of the game and in my opinion, the Bengals get out coached the first time they play the Steelers each year. The second game always tends to be a little more exciting.


    In the Roethlisberger era, the Bengals have only won that second game twice. One of those wins was followed up with a loss to the Steelers in the playoffs. Ouch. So how’s it feel to be owned six out of 7 years by ole Fat #7? How does that feel Bengal fan? Maybe you should ask yourself why you sacked fat #7 repeatedly and still lost to a banged up Steelers team at home? The crowd was still cheering too. Probably because it was half Steelers fans. Heard that was the first sellout of the season. You’re welcome.

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