Packers defense pitches a shutout in first half


The Vikings defense has actually done a nice job overall on the amazing Aaron Rodgers Monday night.

Yet Minnesota still trails 17-0 at halftime.

The Packers scored quickly on a Randall Cobb punt return, and their defense picked off Christian Ponder to help keep Minnesota off the scoreboard.

Rodgers has made a few ridiculous throws, but Minnesota has held the Packers offense somewhat in check with “only” 150 total yards and ten points in the first half.  The Vikings defensive line has done a nice job pressuring Rodgers and the Vikings actually have more total yards.

We’re not sure if the Packers can go undefeated, but the Vikings don’t look up to the task of making this game interesting, much less winning it.

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  1. the Pack better protect the Cal kid a little better…why let him get so beat up back there on a nothing game?

  2. Huge block in the back on that kick return.

    It’s plays like that which make us think that all plays should be reviewable.

  3. The Packers will 1st lose to the Oakland Raiders in 3-4 wks. The Raiders Big D-Line and it’s man-to-man Defense will give Rodgers a “your guy vs my guy” no cliché style defense. Just like they did to the Chargers/Texans/Jets.

    Again… RAIDERS will give GB their 1st loss

  4. “zn0rseman says:
    Nov 14, 2011 10:18 PM
    Huge block in the back on that kick return.

    It’s plays like that which make us think that all plays should be reviewable”

    Well that didn’t take long for the first Viking whiner to show up.

  5. so much for “trap” game….
    people with logic and common sense could see this blowout coming from a mile away.

    first game is close, next game is a blowout.

    in 2007, 1st game was 23-16. next game was 34-0
    in 2010, 1st game was 28-24, next game was 31-3

  6. Meanwhile, the only statistical difference from the first matchup was Peterson rushing for 125 fewer yards, and no 72-yard pass to the GB 1 on a busted coverage. Other than that, the Vikings offense put up almost an exact replica statistically except for scoring… Cobb even muffed another punt giving 7 points to MIN to match that up as well.

    Specifically, Ponder’s numbers were comparable (47% accuracy up from 40%, 29 fewer yards passing, 52.3 QB rating down from 59.2… 0:1 TD:INT ratio down from 2:2). Can someone please explain to me how Ponder deserves credit for “keeping them in it” the first time around, and why he didn’t even come close the second time around despite putting up almost identical numbers? My guess is because he wasn’t the one “keeping them in it” the first time around, and Peterson deserves the helmet award sticker for that feat.

    Just a note, I’m not bashing the Vikings or really even Ponder here (he’s a rookie, so he gets a pass… not all of them can be Cam Newton)… they’re having a rough enough season without it. I’m just pointing out how all these people, including ESPN analysts, had no clue WTF they’re talking about after that first game by talking up Ponder.

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