Tomlinson needs MRI on knee

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LaDainian Tomlinson limped off the field late in the fourth quarter after being tackled by Patriots “cornerback” Julian Edelman.

With a fast turnaround before the Jets’ game in Denver, we’d be surprised to see Tomlinson on the field Thursday. He confirmed he will undergo an MRI on his knee on Monday, according to

Joe McKnight will get a bigger workload if Tomlinson is out for a long period of time.

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  1. I honestly hate to see ANY player injured, but it was almost comical to see the mighty Tomlinson taken out by a clean tackle from little Julian Edelman, a tiny receiver playing some cornerback!

  2. Joe McKnight will get a bigger workload if Tomlinson is out for a long period of time.

    Yeah, because he displayed so much skill muffing that punt last night, right?

  3. i remember seeing this and thinking to myself, “wow, julian edelman just made a great tackle for a slot receiver… and THEN i saw LT was hurt. i don’t wish injuries on anyone… unless it’s LT! guy won’t ever win a thing, just cry on the sidelines

  4. Jets get their vet RB injured in garbage time against the Pat’s offensive players on defense. Icing on the cake for a franchise who always tells you they are better than they ever will be.

  5. I hate to see a hall of fame running back being critisized by a bunch of people that haven’t accomplished a damn thing in they’re lives. Age catches up with everybody.

  6. I hate the “classy guy” as much as any other Patriots fan, however I hate seeing anyone get injured. You do have to admitt that He was one of the great running backs of this era. I love it when we can shut him down, but also appreciate his level of play.

  7. I never thought I would say this but seeing him during the mid season I believe he wants to quit, I look at the sideline demeanor and we talked about it all the time in SD if LT doesn’t like his current situation he shuts it down. I was interested when he first decided to go to the jets and was excited to see him running as hard as he did last year, but he isn’t running the same way this year and unless this injury sidelines him for the year does anyone excpect to see “LT21” the HOF guy coming back to form?

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