In talking up Leinart, Texans admit to not fully reporting Schaub injuries

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Though it’s unknown whether Matt Leinart will be able to parlay his shot at running a team that has the tools to play deep into January into a run deep into January, Leinart isn’t exactly stepping into the fray unprepared.

As pointed out during Tuesday’s PFT Live by John McClain of the Houston Chronicle and mentioned by coach Gary Kubiak during his Tuesday media availability, Leinart has been getting some reps with the first-string offense.

“The last month, Matt [Schaub] had a hip bothering him, had a shoulder bothering him, so we changed his routine in practice for about the last four or five weeks so Leinart’s been getting a lot of first team reps,” Kubiak said.

The only problem?  Schaub hasn’t consistently appeared on the team’s injury report.  Instead, he has only been on the report in Week Three, Week Six, and Week Seven.

So if he had a hip bothering him or a shoulder bothering him or any other body part bothering him over the “last four or five weeks,” Schaub should have been disclosed on more than three injury reports for the entire year.

And so, in their effort to prop up Leinart, who may or may not be able to succeed in place of Schaub, the Texans have admitted that they failed to fully and properly disclose a cocktail of injuries that kept Schaub from properly getting ready to play.

UPDATE 9:00 p.m. ET:  In a prior version of this story, I incorrectly wrote that Schaub had been listed on only the Week Three injury report.  I came to that conclusion after reviewing every report via the NFL’s media website, and I missed the disclosures in Week Six and Seven.  I apologize for the error.  The fact that Schaub wasn’t listed in Week Eight, Week Nine, or Week 10 nevertheless suggests a failure to properly report Schaub’s injuries, based on the contention that the team has “changed [Schaub’s] routine in practice for about the last four or five weeks,” which gave Leinart some of the first-team reps.

28 responses to “In talking up Leinart, Texans admit to not fully reporting Schaub injuries

  1. It’s the NFL. If you don’t have something bothering you, you haven’t played a snap. Something hurting is not the same as something injured.

    Getting the backup some reps with the first team? Sounds less like “controversy” and more like “planning” to me.

  2. you know who is the guy who is most bummed about mannings injury? Curtis painter!
    he had a cushy job and now he will be looking for employment come Jan.

    Its Lienarts last chance. If he flops now, he is done in NFL. Imagine the pressure on him right now. He is taking over arguably the second best team in NFL. Texans have performed at a high level even without Mario W and Andre J.

  3. mrsryansfamoustoejam says:
    Nov 15, 2011 8:28 PM
    Send Matt to my Rexy, and he’ll have him back on his feet in no time!
    I hope you’re a woman…otherwise that’s gay!!!

  4. Everyone has a sore something in this league that may change the way they practice to some extent. That doesn’t mean they are hiding an injury.

  5. No fines here……the nfl fine police couldn’t care less….now if it was the Lions, thennnnn it merit a fine!

  6. Who cares if they didnt say anything about his injuries? Why help an opponant prepare for whos going to start? Who cares if they say concussion like symptoms on the sidelines or say consussion? Just so long as the teams take their helmets and dont let them back on the field? No one cares that Houston didnt tell anyone about Schaubs injuries? Tom Bradys been on the injurty report for the past 10 years with nothing wrong with him. Isnt it just as bad to lie about non existant injuries as it is to conceal them?

  7. You only list him on the report if there’s a chance he’s not going to play. If teams listed every guy who had a sore this or that, every player on the roster would be on it.
    The Patriots used to do that after they got in trouble, listing 20 or so players per week and it became a running joke.

  8. you know, i am sure there are people who dont want to see Leinart in now, but look at the bright side. i am a Redskins fan and would love Leinart because he cant be any worse than Beck and Grossman, for some reason, i think Leinart will play, uh ok.

  9. The Texans will be fine. They are built to run the ball and play great defense. They don’t need a world beater just a game manager. Plus I could throw touchdowns to Andre.

  10. @ NakedCowboy!

    I agree with pretty much everything you said. If Leinart doesn’t step up, he should buy a ticket to Canada.

    The Lions have a guy named Drew Stanton, who we all thought was sitting on cushy job on practice squad. What was cool was that when he actually had to play (when our #1 and #2 QBs went down), he played well and won games.

    What I love is that in the offseason, instead of going elsewhere, Stanton re-signed with Detroit and went back to his cushy job on the practice squad. When he retires, he’ll have plenty of cash, a nice NFL pension, and he’ll still be able to walk.

    Goes to show that Michigan State grads are smarter than they look!

  11. There has always been confusion among NFL teams as to what is appropriate to list on the injury report. Its easy to assume a team is hiding an injury, and surely that happens.

    But the fact is that it is confusing.

    When you list the injury you also list his rough chances to play in the game. (Ankle, probable)

    In the case of Schaub there was zero chance he was not going to play… is it really an injury? Or is it just being “dinged up” and sore?

    There is no category for listing (Ankle, definite)

    The Patriots and the Colts listed everything anytime a player saw the trainer. The Jets listed nothing unless the player was told by a doctor he would miss the game. The NFLs attempt to standardize the injury report has left it (puposefully?) murky for the past couple of years.

  12. Now the Texans have to ask themselves a simple question. Are they happy with having Matt Leinart replacing the injured Shaub, or would they prefer Rex Grossman, his former backup…

    Unfortunately not everyone has a Kurt Warner or Tom Brady at backup.

    Some of us would be happy with Kyle Orton as a backup…

  13. I thought they changed the reporting rules to just indicate whether a player was a full participant, a limited participant, or missed practice. Just changing the practice routine doesn’t seem like enough to call him a limited participant, so I think they were probably right to not list him on the report.

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