Vikes lose Antoine Winfield for rest of season

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Pro Bowl cornerback Antoine Winfield returned to action Monday night, after missing four games with a neck injury. And now he reportedly won’t be back this year.

According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Winfield is expected to miss the rest of the season with a broken clavicle.

Winfield, 34, is earning a base salary of $6.75 million in 2011. Signed through 2013, he’s due to make $7 million and $7.25 million, respectively, in each of the next two seasons.

The 2-7 Vikings lost at Lambeau Field 45-7.  At 38 points, it was the biggest deficit for the Vikings in 102 games against the Packers,according to the 2011 NFL Record & Fact Book.

It also matched the most points allowed by the Vikings to Green Bay.  During the lost Les Steckel season of 1984, the Packers beat the Vikings 45-17 in Minnesota.

It remains to be seen whether 2011 will be remembered as the lost Les Frazier season for the Vikings.

40 responses to “Vikes lose Antoine Winfield for rest of season

  1. As a Vikings fan I’m calling for frazier to be fired. There are too many problems, most of which should have been coached out by this time of the season. Some problems aren’t his fault but he’s still the primary issue. They also need to hire a GM who has won a few superbowls and knows what he’s doing.

  2. @madesian

    Yeah, cuz there are so many GM candidates with a fist full of rings unemployed. The Vikings are what they are and have always been. A mediocre team who rises up every 10 years and makes a run, then falls back into mediocrity.

  3. A quick hook for the head coach isn’t the answer. Learn from the Packers. Find a GM who can build a staff of talent evaluators, build through the draft, and hire assistant coaches who are teachers.

    And most of all, stop signing free agents.

  4. The only way to turn this team around is to gut it and bring in a proven coach with NFL experience. Frazier is over-matched, his offensive coordinator is over-matched and the GM has failed to set this team up for the future.

    Bring in a big name like Gruden, Cowher, or Billick. Some young offensive pieces are there with Peterson, Harvin, Rudolph and maybe Ponder, but the OL and WR’s need to be upgraded and the entire back of the defense needs to be replaced minus Greenway.

  5. That’s too bad. Winfield is a textbook football player. That guy (I feel like Gruden) is one of the most solid tackling machines that there is. He’s a very smart player…too bad.

  6. @madesian

    Frazier’s biggest flubs by far were McNabb and Berrian. The fact that either of them were on the team at the start of the season was mind boggling. BUT at least he eventually recognized the error and fixed it. He’s basically a rookie head coach so given him slack, the way we give Ponder slack. Let him build the team. 3 full-years at least. Then start complaining.

  7. This injury + last night’s game = DAGGER for my Vikes. Stick a fork in us. 3-13. Justin Blackmon…come on down! It would be 2-14, but we are a lock against Tim Tebow. Even the Vikings can beat that bum.

  8. The Vikings should learn from the Packers and quit trying a quick fix like they have at QB. They have a lot of holes on defense and they need to build with the draft not free agency.

  9. Once again the Vikings do not have a GM.

    Winfield has looked old for years. Even in the 09 season when Carolina burned him at will.

    He has a couple of spectacular games a year but gets burned in most cases.

    Also why did the Vikings not bring longer cleats for the watered down field!?

    They were slipping left & right but the Packers with the longer cleats were fine.

  10. Good thing he made it back for that epic beatdown. He made a huge difference in that game.

    So how’s that trading the future to win now attitude working out for you?

  11. I think Winfield’s contract has a clause that pays him less if he plays fewer snaps, in anticipation of him moving to the nickel as he got older. They aren’t going to owe him that much next year so I think they’ll bring him back.

  12. I love how people are willing to say that if a team wins a championship with a new coach that they will simply say that the coach did it with the previous coaches players. I.E. Gruden in Tampa with Dungy’s players. Yet when a new coach comes in and is not doing well there is a call for his neck even though he is doing the same thing, using the players from the previous regime. Sorry to disappoint people but, Chilly’s teams were not that great.

  13. It’s too early to call for Frazier’s head. That’s what losing organizations do. We need to have continuity on the coaching staff and let him grow into the job. I wish he could adjust more quickly during the game, but that will come with experience.

  14. Berrian wasn’t Frazier’s flub. He was already on the team. McNabb? Yeah, that’s on him.

    Anyway, this is unfortunate but doesn’t change anything. With or without Winfield, the Vikes secondary is the worst in the league. Time to blow that up and start over. Completely.

  15. Calls for firing Frazier are premature. The problem with the Vikings is that they don’t have enough quality players to compete with the upper echelon of the league.

    The OL is pathetic; they need two OTs, and a new center, and Loadholdt needs to be moved to guard. With Harvin best suited for the slot receiver position, they need at least one big play WR. Michael Jenkins is a decent #2, at best. The entire defensive backfield needs an overhaul, starting with replacing their safeties, who would be no better than third stringers on any other team.

    The only place I fault Frazier right now is on his team’s lack of discipline. Too many penalties and mistakes last night, including on special teams. But they played the Packers last night, and GB has made a lot of their opponents look awful this year.

    There were a few positives for the Vikings last night. Ponder played fairly well give the fact that he was under constant pressure, and he continues to show promise. Kyle Rudolph needs to be on the field a LOT more – great hands. Kevin Williams FINALLY made his presence felt, and Christian Ballard flashed some potential.

  16. As for hiring Gruden, I wish some club would do it (not the Vikings, though) just to get him out of the MNF booth. I could stand Joe Theissman better than Gruden.

  17. Personnel-wise, the Vikings are not bad. Frazier is in WAY over his head and Musgrave is clueless as an offensive coordinator — as he has proven repeatedly everywhere he’s been. How he keeps getting jobs is beyond me.

  18. Thats terrible news about Antoine, one of the best tacklers in the game. Peopl need to calm down though, you dont go fire your coach right now, you let him make the team. Right now they have to figure out the draft, you draft for your division, with Rodgers and Cutler and Stafford in the division, you go and draft a new secondary, get corners and safetys, number 1 priority, then look at recievers and OL, and maybe a linebacker. Anybody except Jared Allen on the defense should be nervous about losing their job.

  19. when antoine’s healthy, he plays like a beast.

    the 09 reference is just stupid, considering he broke his foot, and actually played on it for a while, including the carolina and chicago game. gotta be pretty dumb to think that wouldn’t bother a corner back.

    as physical as he plays in relation to his age, i will say that it’s a bit unsettling, but i still love him in the slot, or would like to see what he could do sitting back at safety in the tampa 2 that they run. especially since the safety’s suck,. except for maybe abdullah, who i’d like to see develop a bit more.

    the season’s shot as it is. i’d prefer antoine to just sit the rest of it and come back at 100% next year.

  20. Frazier is a decent HC, but he needs better coordinators (Musgrave is a joke) and he needs better players. The problem is that nobody is accountable – that whole “triangle” of authority is a joke. Can that and bring in a GM who can evaluate talent and build through the draft.

  21. that sucks…

    I got a lot of respect for Winfield, dude is a class act, great player, hard worker, never wanna see a great person get hurt…. get well soon.

  22. The Vikings problems stem from lousy draft picks and spending too much money on free agents. Yes, and selling their soul to Favre……….watching Chilly fly down to Mississippi was pathetic.

    Also, someone needs to get control of this team and tell Allen that doing his stupid lasso sack dance when his team is getting their arse kicked is embarrassing for him and hios team mates.

  23. chatham10 says:
    Nov 15, 2011 9:18 AM
    The Vikings should learn from the Packers and quit trying a quick fix like they have at QB. They have a lot of holes on defense and they need to build with the draft not free agency.

    I’m pretty sure Ponder is not a “quick fix.” I also think you can build through both the draft and free agency as long as you don’t give bad contracts to bad players, copyright Bernard Berrian. The Packers are doing pretty well with Charles Woodson.

  24. I would consider this a huge loss if the Vikings had anything left to play for this season. Hope Antoine gets better and would like to see him back next year, but I’m starting to wonder if this is it for him. It’s starting to remind me of Bob Sanders with the injury issues.

  25. That’s why this team never learns. Will Zygi Wilf find a new GM when he moves the Queens to LA? Maybe once they’re out on the West Coast they’ll know how to actually build a good program. Look at the Packers. Ted Thompson is the smartest person in the NFL, builds through the draft, the Packers will go 19-0 this season & may not lose another game for a very long time.

  26. Not only are the Vikings not talented, but they are old at key spots. They should be at a point where they start a three year re-building process with a competent GM. The problem is that they are beholden to an owner, who is going to maximize profits by trying to field a team that will keep the fans interested.

    That’s why they sign free agents left and right, which further promotes the decay of young talent. Not trying to be a jerk, but it’s basically proven that if the Vikings aren’t in the playoff hunt, they have trouble selling tickets, so Wilf isn’t exactly wrong from a business standpoint. It’s just the wrong philosophy if you want to win a championship.

    The Green Bay Packers were 4-12, old, and in salary cap hell in ’05. The fans had to eat some crap for a while, but they all hung around and sold out every last game years in advance. If Wilf knew he’d be able to sell tickets regardless, he might be able to withstand a few lean years.

  27. The only place I fault Frazier right now is on his team’s lack of discipline. Too many penalties and mistakes last night, including on special teams.

    But, when you boil it down, isn’t that essence of the Head Coach’s job? You have Offensive Coordinators, Defensive Coordinators, Line Coaches, etc. to deal with the Xs and the Os. The Head Coach is supposed to keep it all together, create the team’s culture, and maintain a disciplined team.
    If you fail at that, then you fail as a Head Coach.

  28. Too early to tell if Frazier’s the problem or not. Be real here…………..he has inherited a team that in my opinion has the most talented RB in the game and that’s it. He’s the only blue chipper.

    Ponder- talented, but young. Needs time to develop.

    Allen- Best defensive player, but a dope. He needs to show up when it counts and realize that doing his stupid lasso sack dance when his team is getting pounded is embarrassing and makes him look like a fool.

    Harvin- awesome talent when he can get open.

    Greenway- he’s paid like a great player and that’s it.

    All the rest just rank & file.

  29. Good to see all the comments on the succesful Pack, shows you all paid attention to the 3 commentators last night. 47 of 53 players were draft picks etc. Wasnt to long ago Ted Thompson was a wanted man. How soon we all forget.
    Cant argue the fact that the Packers are a very fined tune machine, but the love affair last night was hard to stomach.

  30. Winfield is always injured. Slow. Has been missing tackles all year. Vikings fans think he is the player from 07 & 08. He is not. Move him to safety.

    I hate idiot’s like neer music who say he is a beast “when healthy”. Quit dreaming of the player he used to be. Now, in reality, he is a liability.

    Just like the wide receivers, nose tackle, LB’s, the entire secondary, Center, RG, LT, RT (Loadholt is constantly burned.).

  31. Packer fan here.

    Winfield was a truly great player. While he may not have the numbers of past greats, this man was as good as it gets. A constant thorn in Packers’ proverbial side, he might be the best tackling corner of the past 20 years.

    I am honored to be a witness to his final game, if it is truly his last one. Great player, and from the sound of it throughout his career, an even better person.

  32. buffaloviking:

    I know it’s probably impossible for you to believe me, but my stomach was turning as well. The last thing the Packers need is more hype. I almost hope we lose soon, as there’s almost too much attention (see: pressure) in today’s NFL to go undefeated.


  33. calloustongue says:
    Nov 15, 2011 9:25 AM
    Good thing he made it back for that epic beatdown. He made a huge difference in that game.

    So how’s that trading the future to win now attitude working out for you?

    Are you seriously talking about Winfield here? He was signed as a 27-yo FA in 2004, 3 years younger (and many injury questions lighter) than Woodson when the Packers signed him. Get a life.

    Or is it the rest? Okay, so lets just let what good players we have walk away so we can get those compensatory picks and hope they work out. Because that ALWAYS works…..

    Or is it Allen you’re referring to? Yeah, the Packers would never trade a 1st and two 3rds for a 26-yo DE who was a 3-year starter in college and racked up 38.5 sacks, and another 43 in his first 4 years in the NFL. They just trade a 2nd and two 3rds for a 23-yo with 96 career tackles and 5.5 sacks on his 4 year college resume.

    I’m going to enjoy watching the fall of this team. With $74 million tied up in Rodgers, Sitton, Jones, Nelson, Crosby, Raji, Pickett, Bishop, hawk, Williams, Collins, and Woodson, where will the money to resign players come from? It’s a good thing that the $20 million in Driver, Clifton, and Jennings is coming off the books soon, isn’t it? Finley still needs to be signed. After next year, Jennings and Driver are both up. One or both will probably be allowed to walk (or retire, for Driver) because Shields is up too, and they will probably overpay him, given the lack of depth at CB. the 2014 FA period should be interesting… Surely Pickett will be let go, if not before, and Jones with him, since Collins, Burnett, Raji, Matthews, and Neal will all be due. Oh yeah, and Starks too, but who needs a RB, right? Even if they manage to keep enough talent on the team that year, the next year will see the end of Williams and Woodson, since Rodgers, Nelson, Cobb, and Bulaga will all need new contracts too.

    You all better hope that TT can keep pulling UFAs out of his happy place. Reality has a death grip on the Packers window and is dragging it down. This year and next year, and then players start leaving. Maybe Rodgers can hold it together like Manning did….it wouldn’t surprise me, but it’s going to keep getting tougher. Will a 32-yo Rodgers still be able to carry the team with out Driver, Jennings, and Jones? We’ll see.

  34. Nice try Calloustongue, all those guys you named will play for free, we are the PACKAS! This is GREENBAY Wisconsin! We have Ted Thompson! (who we were calling for his head at the beginning of last year but lets forget about that), and we have an Applebees!

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