Former Pennsylvania governor predicts Reid resignation


With the Eagles at 3-6 and as a practical matter needing to run the table in order to have a chance at the postseason, the man who used to run the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania believes that, if the Eagles fail to finish the regular season with a seven-game winning streak, coach Andy Reid voluntarily will end his 13-year tenure as the head coach of the team.

That’s the prediction from Ed Rendell, an ardent Eagles fan and part-time amateur football analyst.

I think he will resign.  I don’t think they will fire him,” Rendell said Tuesday, via Jonathan Tamari of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Some think that Reid will neither resign nor be fired.  Plenty think that one or the other should happen.  Though the right answer as of right now isn’t obvious, the next seven games likely will provide plenty of clarity.

Starting with Sunday night, when the Eagles travel to MetLife Stadium to face the Giants.

40 responses to “Former Pennsylvania governor predicts Reid resignation

  1. I don’t want to see it but it makes sense.

    This season was, and is, all him, all his decisions, and he has to be held accountable.

  2. I am a Dolphins fan and I hope Reid does resign/get fired. Then I hope he would come coach the Fins. Philly is experiencing a tough season but the man is a GREAT coach and deserves to be treated better than he is by some “fans” now.


  3. Reid predicts Ed Rendell’s resignation next.

    Why not at this rate….? Even more ridiculous is Penn State cancelling it’s season.

    DID THE VATICAN cancel itself? Is the Pope going to resign?

    lets not be naive here, please.

  4. I’m so tired of Andy Reid. Seems like a nice guy, but just isn’t a great coach. Nobody in the League has done less with more talent over the last several years.

  5. Not getting fired or resigning..he shouldn’t give up his money while he’s under contract by resigning…but with that being said not an eagles fan but live on the east coast so I get all their games…the window of opportunity closed for the eagles yrs ago he really shoulda been gone before he sign his recent extentsion that runs thru I think 2013..when he couldn’t get TO and mcnabb together and say hey we got this u two need to get on the same page I knew it was over then it..then the release of brian dawkins on his defense his leadership and his play they never got its been time too move on but he or the owners won’t sucks for you eagles fan..

  6. Great. A politician making football predictions. Maybe there’s a reason that he’s a “former” governor.

  7. i found it much more telling that howard eskin thinks reid will be out at the end of the season. howard usually has his mouth planted somewhere on the entire eagles’ front office’s butt…or other appendage in the same general area…so if he is saying that, it means a lot more than if anyone else says it.

    with THAT said, it seems like there’s been “andy reid HAS to be done THIS time!” speculation every year since TO came and went, and andy remains. i will say that this year feels like it’s the end moreso than any other year, but i’m unwilling to say for sure whether or not reid will be here for another season since he has continued to coach up to this point despite about 5 or 6 years of CONSTANT speculation.

    but for what it’s worth, i’ve been a reid apologist for just about as long as i can remember…and i think it’s time for him to move on.

  8. Yeah, right. Andy Reid wouldn’t even take time off when his sons were were arrested for drug dealing and being junkies. Like he’ll quit when he fails at his job.

  9. It’s a shame that this is even being mentionred. One season of new players with no offseason has meshed together yet, trumps years of being an elite team. If he leaves Philly, good luck

  10. n0hopeleft says:
    Nov 16, 2011 8:04 AM
    Philly wasn’t ever elite.

    You need to win a ring to be elite.

    Good talk though.


    So Trent Dilfer is elite? As usual more trolling by you.

    Good talk though.

  11. Why does everyone think Reid is a “great” coach? Is it because of that one time he made it to the Super Bowl 7 years ago?

  12. In many cases with coaches on the hot seat I think it’s the players that aren’t getting the job done rather than poor coaching. Should Reid and the Eagles have more success than they have? Yes they should but Vick isn’t looking like he did last year he seems to be forcing some passes and making some bad decisions. And if you fire a coach like Reid who says the next coach is going to have any success? A coach that I say should pack it in or be let go is Sparano, it’s a situation that just isn’t working.

  13. dallassux says:
    Nov 16, 2011 8:19 AM
    n0hopeleft says:
    Nov 16, 2011 8:04 AM
    Philly wasn’t ever elite.

    You need to win a ring to be elite.

    Good talk though.


    So Trent Dilfer is elite? As usual more trolling by you.

    Good talk though.

    Not a fan of nohope, but it was quite clear the discussion was about “elite” teams, not players. If want to change the entire subject matter to support your bias, that’s your choice. But the thread was about teams. And, when it comes to teams, yeah, you do need at least one ring in 50 plus years to be discussed as “elite”. Being a post season failure does not qualify a team to be discussed as “elite”. The hard truth is Philly doesn’t even measure up to the Buffalo teams that allowed the NFC to step all over them four years in a row.

  14. Yeah, I think there are a lot more pressing issues to talk about in Pennsylvania right now than an underperforming pro team.

    Especially if McQueary is telling the truth and he did go the police ten years ago.

  15. some Idiot on here said you have to win a ring to be elite. I guess just to mention one that Dan Marino wasn’t elite. In todays quarterback list he would be In the top two

  16. Regardless of whether or not he is right, Rendell is an idiot. Anyone who has every seen post game live knows thats “The Guvs” comments and opinions regarding football are assinine and elementary.
    That being said, Reid should resign.

  17. Really too bad someone keeps giving him a forum for his opinions.

    This is the same guy who ranted and raved after the Eagles traded Mcnabb. Was sure they would not win more than 3 games the next year. [They came within 2 missed FG by Akers on very make-able kicks of beating the eventual SB champ in the first round of the playoffs]. He considered McNabb to be a very good QB. Good calls Ed.

    Wonder where McNabb is these days. How’d he do in Washington? Minnesota?

  18. Lurie & Banner still believe in Reid. That’s all that matters.

    If they change their minds, Andy won’t be canned. He’ll be allowed to resign, or he’ll stay on as EVPFO and “relinquish” HC duties to someone else who is plausibly of Andy’s choosing.

    That someone? Rough odds are something like:
    Marty Morningweg (60%), Juan Castillo (why not? – 20%), Steve Spagnulo (10%), Pat Shumur (5%), wildcard, probably from Andy’s coaching tree (5%).

  19. But thanks, Eddie, for trying to plant the seed with ownership.

    Andy’s “5 year plan” on which he sold Lurie & Banner to get the job culminated in the SB loss. in 2004

    The second “5 year plan” got the Eagles to the NFCCG loss to the Cards in 2009.

    The third “5 year plan” won’t be up until Andy’s extension expires in 2014. Then, we might see a change.

  20. .

    I’m not a NFC guy, however it may be that a change of scenery might benefit Reid, and a change in coaching style might benefit the Eagles.


  21. If the Eagles organization is truly “all in”, then winning 7 straight shouldn’t be enough for Reid to keep his job. All that means is that they lost in the wildcard round, or didn’t make the playoffs at all. He really needs to win 10 straight.

    Of course, I could see them keeping him even if they finish 7-9 or 8-8 but end the year on a 3 game winning streak.

  22. For the record, this is the same governor that highly endorsed the drafting of Ricky Williams and unleashed 30 drunken idiots that consider themselves true Eagle Fans to loudly boo any pick other than Williams…

    And that clip had been replayed hundreds of time over #5’s career.

    But it also shows how much “the Guv” knows about football.

  23. Ok, I am a Broncos fan so i have experience with people thinking a team has a great coach. (Shanahan, wasn’t a great coach, he was a good coach with a great offensive mind. His failure to understand defense doomed the Broncos many years!.) My point is, Reid isnt a great coach! He is a good coach, that thinks putting a bunch of high profile players together, will win games. He hasn’t shown much loyalty to alot of his past players either. He pinned his hopes on Vick this year, and now he is paying the price. He hasn’t done anything special to make me and alot of others believe he is great, but he wont resign, thats just dumb!

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