Report: Vick “unlikely” to face Giants

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It’s unclear when Michael Vick hurt his ribs against the Cardinals, but it sounds like the injury could keep him out of Sunday night’s game against the Giants.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the “early signs” indicate Vick is unlikely to play Sunday night. Then again, Schefter points out Vick “still has time to heal.”

Florio’s post on the timing of Vick’s injury is well worth a read. The whole thing is odd.

I watched the Eagles game on Tuesday night. Vick moved well and threw a number of great passes after the play he supposedly was hurt on.

Perhaps more telling, he ran like crazy and took a number of hits in the game without ever appearing to be in pain. If anything, Vick was more eager and aggressive running the ball than usual.

It was only in the fourth quarter when Vick’s accuracy fell apart and he seemed to be in pain.

The pain may keep him out of this week’s game against New York. Something tells us this story will take a few more turns before gametime.

“I’m not going to believe Vick won’t play until I see him not jog out there,” Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Wednesday.

50 responses to “Report: Vick “unlikely” to face Giants

  1. Looks like the Eagles are going to have a high pick this year. They should ditch VY and draft & develop RGIII

  2. Almost like when LeBron James would make a bad/dumb play and clutch his “injured” elbow a few years back during the playoffs…

  3. At this point who cares. Im an Eagles fan and admit this is now a lost season. Unless they win out they have no shot at the playoffs. For this team to somehow win 7 straight just to have a shot at the playoffs would be nothing short of miraculous.

    At this point Im hoping for the best draft picks possible. I do not want to go like 7-9 or 8-8.

    Heres to hoping the Eagles dont manage to screw up some possible high draft picks.

  4. Who cares which play he was injured on? This nit picking over the play or the series is pointless. The guy isn’t hurt, he sucks, everyone has known this for years. Philly fans are just finally being exposed to what Vick really is, a RB with a cannon.

  5. And so the Vince Young era begins….does the Dream Team officially become a reality when he takes the wheel of the bus?

  6. After what he did to those poor dogs, I hope Vick uses his off day Sunday to go to the jersey shore and than have his leg bit off by a shark.

  7. How ya doin Nnnambaammbdii Assuugmmuahhma?…you ok bro?…we all good out here too,…take care now. I just set you all strait. hashtag/dreamteam

  8. pfft…….if this is the case then Eagles fans have no reason to ever talk trash about Romo. Romo missed a quarter and came back and lead the team to victory against the 49ers and has been playing ever since.

  9. Maybe Vince Young will get the opportunity to complete a pass to an Eagle this time. I’m interested to see how he handles adversity when the Philly fans let him have it if need be. Luckily for him, the game is in NY.

  10. Concussion… Let him play
    Broken Ribs…Sit him down

    Not so sure that the NFL is really upholding its policies on concussion…at least not for a few privileged teams

  11. Oh boy, it’s the Vince Young Flying Circus coming to prime time.

    Why do I envision the loser horn from the price is right (they won’t let me post a link to the horn) playing in the head of every Eagles fan when they heard this?

    Maybe NBC can cue up some circus music to play when showing Eagles offense “highlights”.

    Eagles fans may not be at rock bottom yet, but they can see it from here.

  12. Seems kind of pointless, all this nonsense from Reid and Vick. The Giants don’t exactly need to spend a lot of time prepping for either of the Eagles’ backups. As Coughlin implies, they’ll be preparing for Vick, simple as that. It all reeks of self-preservation smokescreening, on the parts of everyone.

    Who’d have thought a bunch of selfish me-firsters wouldn’t gel into a one-for-all supportive team?

  13. One can only hope that Kafka has benefited from Reid’s Super Genius Quarterback Development Academy as much as Kolb has.

  14. He won’t play, Giants will knock Young out of the game early, and Kafka comes in and has the game of his life and Philly trades Kafka for two number ones and the guy never plays a decent game again. It kills me, but no team plays worse against backups and guys who you never hear from again than the Giants. We’ll make Kafka a star for one day and Philly will reap the draft picks. I really hope Coughlin is right on this one.

  15. At this point can Vince Young play any worse than the 100 million dollar mistake also known as Mike Vick. The Eagles will be road kill for the Giants.

  16. Vick was never any good in the NFL. The guy has a few great games, tears off a few unbelievable plays and everyone assumes he’ll be doing it every week forever more. It was that way before he killed those dogs and went to prison and it’s the same way now. But for some odd reason, no one remembers this.

    Now watch: Vince Young will have a career game this week and everyone will be frothing at the mouth about how awesome he is, then some team will break the bank in the off-season to acquire him, believing he’ll play that way every week. And onward goes the NFL hype machine.

  17. Vick or Yofka? I’ll take the two-headed monster of adequacy-at-best Youfka.

    I have no problem tilting the odds to make it easier. They maybe down, but they can explode at any time with Vick.

  18. It’s probably obvious by now, but these Eagles were never as good as expectations. Their “magic” season last year was 10-6, losing their final 3 games and flaming out in their first playoff game, which they only made it into by a highly unlikely collapse by a division-leading rival.

    Put simply, the Vick Eagles have performed dramatically worse than the McNabb Eagles did. It’s not even close.

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