Josh Freeman calls Albert Haynesworth a “mentor”

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Well, now we’ve heard everything.

Veteran defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who has loafed his way out of two NFL cities in less than a year, joined the Buccaneers last week via waivers.  On Wednesday, Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman raved about Haynesworth, describing him to Steve Duemig of WDAE in Tampa as a “mentor.”  (Via

Duemig points out, after Freeman’s gush-fest over Haynesworth ended, that Haynesworth’s history suggests things can change quickly.  Perhaps his new team’s goal is positive reinforcement.  Perhaps he really has changed, at least for now.

Either way, Haynesworth has ever only played hard when chasing a contract, and he’s never been described by anyone as a mentor.

Given his past behavior, Haynesworth is the last guy to whom the “youngry” Bucs should be listening, or whom they should be emulating.

41 responses to “Josh Freeman calls Albert Haynesworth a “mentor”

  1. Hmm…..mentoring on buffet’s, white chicks, fast cars and boats……oh wait, you mean football?


  2. so this sunday, we shouldn’t be suprised if Josh Freeman is found just sitting there on the ground trying to catch his breathe after a hand off to the HB?

  3. I’m a college student that valets at the Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Knoxville. This fat POS brings in dozen or so ppl dinner parties usually after the restaurant closes, and makes ridiculous requests.

    His agent was driving a brand new Orange Lamborghini. Fat Albert drives one of those absurd lifted (Monster truck style) Expeditions.

    He tipped me 3 dollars….

  4. What? He’s been there like a week!? How do you get that close to someone in that short of a time?

    Unless Haynesworth has been taking Freeman to the Mons Venus every night since he’s been there.

  5. That was a typo. Should be :

    Josh Freeman says Albert Haynesworth is his “rentor”

    Haynesworth is living in Freeman’s basement.

  6. and then there were two doofuses….

    before you know it… there will be an entire locker room of doofuses

    The Bucs will regret this any moment now.

  7. Josh, you may to consider the following criteria for a mentor:

    a: Someone who actually wants to play football…and tries

    b: A quarterback

  8. Tough day for Bucs fans I’d imagine.
    Their starting QB wants to be just like the biggest loser in the NFL.
    There goes this franchise down the tubes.

  9. Wow. The Bucs get blown out by the Texans and PFT is all over their junk this week. There have been some positives coming from One Buc this week, but no mention. Talk about kicking someone when they are down. Stay classy PFT…

  10. The effort of all the previous posters before me is greater than the effort Haynesworth has put out in ten weeks of the NFL season.

  11. Mr. Freeman, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone reading this article is now dumber for having to have read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul

  12. bullcharger says:
    Nov 17, 2011 8:13 PM
    Haynesworth is not a story anymore. He’s just a bad player soon to be out of the league.

    Poor Pats crybaby fan. That’s not what you were saying when Belicheat signed Fat Albert at the beginning of the season.

    Here’s to Haynesworth having a great rest of the season…just to further piss you Pats fan crybabies off.

  13. Tiki is flabbergasted that they would bring in Fat Albert to mentor and not him. Don’t they know Tiki’s specialty is throwing QB’s under the bus.

  14. I’m curious…what type of coach do you people think can “fix” Hayneworth?

    Tough tough-nosed coaches tried and failed. Morris is a players coach…maybe he’s the guy to affect that change.

    And he doesn’t owe the skins a thing. /nor does he owe the Pats.

    The man is a 4-3 player and they tried to force him into 3-4. THAT was the coaches mistake.

    The real mistake was Haynesworth not taking the original deal offered by Tampa (thank god). He would have remained in 4-3 and maybe not had so many issues.

    No one is hopeless. He’s on the team now, and even though I did not want him originally, I’ll hope for the best now.

    …he’s being a leader. By calling Albert a mantor, it places accountability on him. Leadership 101, people.

  15. Haynesworth ask Jobu for help stopping run. Jobu no help stopping run. Haynesworth offer cigar and rum to Jobu. Jobu give Haynesworth contract. Haynesworth no need to stop run no more.

    I am mentor. Freeman listen to Jobu, Jobu get Freeman contract just like like DeSean Jackson. DeSean no need to catch passes. Contract Come. Thank You Jobu.

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