Jerry Jones won’t like it, but Dez Bryant wants to return punts


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has made clear that he doesn’t like seeing receiver Dez Bryant returning punts, saying that it’s not worth the risk of injury.

Bryant has other ideas.

Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Star-Telegram reports that Bryant has worked on punt returns in practice this week and said he would like do it on Sunday against the Redskins — and Bryant said he might return a kickoff for the first time this season, too.

“I might be doing it,” Bryant said. “We’ll see. . . . I think I am this week ’cause I’m feeling it.”

If Jason Garrett is feeling it, too, he’d better be ready to feel some heat from his boss.

26 responses to “Jerry Jones won’t like it, but Dez Bryant wants to return punts

  1. I can’t believe I am going to say this…… Wait for it… I actually agree with Jerry. Dez Bryant has showed he can’t stay healthy. He can be such an awesome playmaker as a WR so I actually agree with the OWNER/GENERAL MANAGER/ETC….

  2. You see this all over the internet, but here it is again, “Jerry needs to fire himself.” Sadly I think it will be another Al Davis situation with this joker.

  3. Terrible idea, yes hes a weapon, but you cant afford to have him injured. Hes also the #1 wr for the time being so he should probably just save his energy for the offensive snaps where they will need him the most

  4. With M.A down you can’t take that risk unless you are way behind in this game. He gets to tired to stay on the field as it is now! This could be a big mistake if things go wrong! Season over even!

  5. superdanlp says:

    Nov 18, 2011 4:29 PM
    isnt this the only thing hes good at anyways?


    No, he’s good at picking up $ 50,000.00 dinner checks also, and broke shortly there after.

  6. Things Jerry Jones also decides:

    What to call on the coin toss
    Who makes the cheerleading team
    Assigned seats on the plane
    Bathroom breaks
    Locker designations
    Vending machine options
    Jason Garretts gameday pants

    Good Lord this guy is a joke

  7. Classic catch 22 situation-Dez is great at returning punts, special teams and field position matter BUT while Miles is down should you risk having a WR combo of Robinson/Ogeltree/Holley for this critical juncture?

  8. Anyone who is saying “Good” for Jerry saying Dez should return punts is ignorant to the formalities of the game. Ever see what Devin Hester does for the Bears? The offense doesn’t have to always been on point when you score or even have great field position from special teams. Dez is a special talent at returner b/c most teams don’t employ their best defenders on punt coverage. (Some of them don’t even play defense at all) He’s changed games at Ok. St and Dallas quite a few times on punts. It’s 6 points no matter how it happened.

    Develop depth at receiver if you’re afraid of him getting hurt. My boy Laurent Robinson formerly of my Falcons is doing just fine. Witten will always be available. Let Dez go out there. If he gets injured atleast he did it trying to better the team.

  9. “Isn’t that the only thing he’s good at?”?

    Are you kidding? He’d start on any team in the league you ignorant fool.

  10. Austin Miles is already out. Taking a chance on having the best WR you have left returning kicks is stupid. That’s why you have a 4th and 5th WR.

  11. I cringe at the thought of agreeing with Jerruh but in this case he has a point.

    If Devin Hester goes down, they have 3 other equally mediocre WR’s that can replace him in the offense. The Cowboys however, already missing Miles Austin, can’t afford to not have Dez out there for more than 2 series before their offense suffers.
    Not to say that Romo targets Dez more than Robinson, but the fact that a game changing beast like Dez is out there definitely attracts secondary help…..

  12. I love Dallas haters! Egirl and foreskin fans have nothing better to do than talk smack about the best team in football.

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