Rob Ryan on Tebow offense: “College football…those teams don’t win”


Tim Tebow’s Broncos beat Rex Ryan’s Jets on Thursday night, but Rex’s twin brother was not impressed.

Rob Ryan, the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator, said he didn’t think highly of the Broncos’ offensive scheme, saying he simply doesn’t believe the Broncos run an NFL offense.

I don’t like it because it’s college football,” Ryan said, via the Star-Telegram. “We’re getting a lot of two tight ends blocking for empty sets. Who would have ever thought that? This is the NFL. Those teams don’t win.”

The Tebow-led offense does look more like something you’d see on Saturdays than on Sundays, but it’s a little hard to square Ryan’s claim that “those teams don’t win” with the fact that the Broncos have won four of their last five. When a reporter pointed out to Ryan that the Broncos did, in fact, win against his brother, Ryan acknowledged that.

“Thanks for pointing that out,” Ryan said. “The guy made a hell of a play, though, didn’t he? Just a second. I’ll take a knee myself.”

Like the Broncos’ offense or not, Tebow did make a hell of a play against Rex Ryan’s defense.

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  1. Those teams don’t win.”

    Evidently neither do yours. Way to be gracious Rex. Email me if you want to tell me to shut the F@#k up

  2. The NFL has poached most of it’s recent changes FROM college – the spread that is dominating the NFL atm anyone?

    I’m not defending Tebow but come on…

  3. Well, until you do stop the Tebowing offense, it’s still working. However, let’s be realistic here. The defense won the game, not the offense.

    One thing is for sure, the NFL offenses are rather bland compared to college offenses.

  4. same thing gunther cunningham said before and after losing to a similar offense.

    in reality, these defensive guys prefer a predictable offense (requires less work). so, they should keep their mouths shut, or just talk nice about the tebow offense.

  5. God Rob, please stop. Look, I love ya as a D cordinator and have done great so far with the D in Dallas, but where do these comments come from?

    I hate the Bronco’s and also think that Tebow is a horrible player, but the only thing that matter is that they are somehow 4-1 since he took over.

    So your comment doesn’t even make sense. I guess it’s the Ryan thing to always try to stir things up.

  6. I think he means long term winning. We will see what happens when they go up against a great offensive team. Broncos will have a hard time keeping up. I still like Tebow though.

  7. They won because of defense. Putting up 10 points on offense won’t win you too many games in the NFL, especially when the competition gets better.

  8. He meant to say those teams dont win against the Lions.

    For all the love Tebow is getting the real reason for this turnaround is that Denver’s defense is playing much much better

  9. Tim Tebow is Professor Clousteau. He bumbles around, looking like a fool for the most part and then accidentally ends up winning. Tim Tebow was horrid for most of that game. Absolutely drop dead putrid. But he won. And all of his bandwagoners are full of delight.

    Get real. That offense can not win, week in, week out, year after year. When this grand little experiment is over Broncos fans will come to the realization they wasted years trying to get to the big game, just like the Steelers wasted that great defense of theirs in the late 1990s and early 2000s by trying to convince themselves Kordell Stewart was a winner too.

    And he was a winner. 46-29 as a Steeler. Went 11-5 in one season and 13-3 in another. How did that work out for them? It potentially cost them a SB or two. Tebow is a gimmick. He is not a QB. And one 95 yard drive doesn’t change that. You’d think the body of work, nine pitiful drives prior to that, would mean something. But it doesn’t to those enthralled by this kid.

    Great guy. Great athlete. Wish him success in life. We need more people like him in the world. But trying to consistently win with that offense? Not on your life.

    But it was still nice to see him hang that loss on the Jets.

  10. Take a real good look at Rob’s profile. I find it hard to have much respect for any man who is a prominent figure in athletics allowing himself to look as slovenly as Rob Ryan. That impacts my opinion of his opinion and it has to have some impact on his defensive charges who are coached to take pride in their work by a coach who has no pride in his own appearance. That gut is an embarrassment for any team and the hair-do is a bit out of style, also. And in case you missed it, Rob ~ the Broncos are winning with that “college” system, even though you and Dungy say they can’t.

  11. Ok edmazeing1 or Raider Boy,

    While I don’t like the style, which me being a Lions fan, I find it funny how they destroyed them 45-10 and yet no other team can stop them? I mean they did beat you in Oakland after you were up 2 TD’s. Isn’t your former slogan, RIP Al Davis, “Just win baby!”? Well the Broncos just won

  12. Funny…Denver’s won three straight and four out of their last five. Can’t win in the NFL huh? Frankly, I think the Broncos have a good shot to win at least four of their last six. Could they make the playoffs? Maybe….

  13. “sniff sniff….whhhhaaaa……whaaaaa…dont pick on my brother you big doo doo heads!”

    What a baby you are Rob! Your brother knew what we were bringing and he still stood there and took a punch in the mouth. Sounds like you need one to.

  14. And this sort of dismissive thinking by NFL defenses is why the Denver Tebows are 4-1. Defensive coordinators that plan for one-dimensional offenses tend to truck out one-dimensional defenses that end up looking stupid.

    I personally doubt Tebow’s success will continue unless he develops a strong, accurately passing arm. But as Rex Ryan showed, you underestimate Tim Tebow and the Denver offense at your own peril.

    Then again, that’s why the Ryan brothers have all those Superbowl rings.

  15. Rob and Rex Ryan; master trolls of the media and gullible fans who drink this up week after week after week.

  16. “take a knee” Rob ? “take a knee yourself” ? ? it looks like you need to take a dump and let the 300 pound turd out of your stomach

  17. God they never shut up. Rob & ryan are just like their father. Never know when to shut their fat mouths!

  18. I’m not a broncos fan, but props to tebow. Do your thing young man. Rob Ryan is a moron, a total retard.

  19. All I can see in that picture of those two is the enormity of rob ryan’s gut…I can’t possibly be the only one, he looks like he’s less than a week away from giving birth!

  20. Denver offense scored only 10 points.

    This reminds me of the Dolphins and the Wildcat a couple of years ago…it’s a gimmick and not a sustainable offensive philosophy.

  21. The Jet’s did not lose because Tebow made a “hell of a play.” They lost because they only scored 13 points.

    Tebow will continue to be a hero IF his defense keeps him within one score late in the 4th quarter. No denying he has the “Montana” comeback magic…
    but he has to be within striking distance. For now, hat’s off to the guy. Wasn’t it just a few short weeks ago someone wrote that ” Tebow is the worst quarterback in the NFL.” ?

  22. I really don’t care what Rod Ryan thinks about football. Someone needs to tell him that long hair on a fat, old man looks rediculous.

  23. This 2 Ryan brothers is annoying as Fu$& geez no class at all …. Why can’t u just give credit to the guy he’s winning even if their offense play some peewee football offense as long. As he can put up a W on the board……

  24. too much yaking with these two bozos. They didn’t learn from their dad’s big mouth. Jets are done, cowboys I look forward to their demise like the saints.

  25. Just a question, why can’t there be a hybrid type spread offense implemented into the NFL? You mean to tell me the “Pro Style” offense is the ONLY way to get the job done for now and for NFL eternity? I find that hard to believe.

  26. I want Tebow to succeed ,but honestly this hyper-inflated balloon that Tebow-ball has become WILL come crashing down with loud thud soon enough.

    But it is cool to see something different once in a while.

    Just wait until he plays a team that has a sizeable lead on him going into the fourth quarter. Not sure he can pull his team through that.

    But I’ll watch!!

  27. Everytime you read “Tebow is a winner”, or “Tebow is 4-1”, or some other remark suggesting Tebow is the reason Denver is winning, just mentally substitute “Von Miller” in place of Tebow, and everything makes much more sense.

    Denver is wining *despite* their terrible offense, and Tebow’s glaring weaknesses. Von Miller and the D standing on their head lately, and if they had been getting functional QB play, the Broncos would be blowing out these games instead of eking them out at the last minute.

  28. The broncos didn’t win so much as the Jets lost. Let’s not forget about the pick-6 and what’s with the all out blitz on the Tebow TD? If they get to him it’s a 5 yd. longer FG (47 yd. vs. 42 yd.) If they don’t get to him …. well, you all saw what happened; you’ve got a 250# back with blockers against 200# DBs.

    The Denver D played very well as did the Jets D, but neither O deserved a W.

  29. Do these two idiots ever shut up? Somebody should tell them that their bluster got old two years ago. Why is Rob even commenting on a team that’s not on his schedule? Shouldn’t he be more worried about their game this weekend?

  30. Careful, if “Crisco” Ryan takes a knee, it’ll require a fork life to raise his butt of the ground…

  31. Is there two more annoying people in the NFL than these classless Ryan brothers. All they do is run their mouth’s like they are God’s gift to football, when neither of their teams have actually backed up the talk. Hey Rob, your team is currently not even in first in your division, and currently tied with Denver with wins, so how exactly can you justify criticizing the scheme they run? 4-1.

  32. It’s time to start giving tebow and the spread option some credit. The reason why the broncos defense has been able to play well is the fact that they are fresh. Even if the broncos go 3 and out its a long 3 and out, because they run. At some point they are going to start to add passes to this offense. And tebow is starting to look like a young dmc5, when he was still good. Since my birds have choked big time I personally would love to see tebow win and show up all the haters and know it alls . And I despise the guys personal beliefs but love watching him play. It’s easy to see why his team plays hard for him

  33. Rob Ryan is an idiot. Tebow looks awful out there, but he finds a way to win. It’s obviously working… for now.

  34. These comments reek of Rob being Rex’s mouthpiece. Basically Rex told Rob this stuff and Rob is acting like it’s his own thoughts. Rex just knew that if he said it, he would look like a bigger fool than he already does. Especially after losing to said “college team”.

  35. And the as the interview ended Ryan unhinged his jaw and consumed the interviwer whole while cowboy officials looked on unsurprised…

  36. And Tebow continues to make people look like fools as they struggle to argue against winning games in the NFL.

  37. explosionsauce says:
    Nov 18, 2011 6:29 PM
    Raider fans don’t know how to spell verbs that are in the present tense.


    We do know how to spell B-e-a-t d-o-w-n if you talk smack in Oakland, though.

    Charger, Steeler, Dolphin and Niner fans can attest to that.

    Hate that rep at times, since at the last home game loss, a women wearing a Tebow jersey got doused with beer. Unfortunate.

    oh well, RAIDER NATION! Fun for the entire family. CODE BLACK.

  38. tedmurph says:
    Nov 18, 2011 6:25 PM
    Those teams don’t win.”

    Evidently neither do yours. Way to be gracious Rex. Email me if you want to tell me to shut the F@#k up

    It was ROB that was being interviewd, idiot Pats fan.

  39. wegonnadoitbaby says:
    Nov 18, 2011 6:48 PM
    The Jet’s did not lose because Tebow made a “hell of a play.” They lost because they only scored 13 points.

    Tebow will continue to be a hero IF his defense keeps him within one score late in the 4th quarter. No denying he has the “Montana” comeback magic…
    but he has to be within striking distance. For now, hat’s off to the guy. Wasn’t it just a few short weeks ago someone wrote that ” Tebow is the worst quarterback in the NFL.” ?

    Kinda sounds like the early Tom Brady years. Defense kept him close so that he drive down for those FGs at the end of the game. So basically, the Pats defense and Adam Viniteri are the ones who deserve the lion’s share of the credit for those three SB titles. Oh and the SonyCam too, of course.

  40. Just your picture of him in the inset lets you know how Rob feels about personal responsibility, work ethic, and commitment to twinkies- I meanness perfection.

  41. Wow – i did not really think there was a bigger blow-hard in the nfl that chubby rex – but i guess there is – his even more rotund brother – my lord – do these ryans ever shut up – god forbid one of the ever actually wins something – it will be pretty hard to listen to – btw – isn’t this the same ryan-led defense that got absolutely crushed by the underachieving eagles – i think 34-7??
    Will he ever just shut up???
    And – maybe he should worry about his diet(at LEAST 150 lbs overweight) – instead of what plays tebow is running – to beat his brother – the other blow-hard.
    And btw – hope the jets enjoy watching the playoffs on tv – and cowboys also ……..

  42. WOW.. you will take a knee yourself.. might not be able to get up.. that is beyond low..first off..Tim Tebow is winning more than you my friend these days in Dallas.. surely more than your brother. You need to focus on Eli Manning coming to town.. you lose that game.. you might just be out of a job. Why would you even worry about Tim Tebow? are you that attention hungry? Trying to make a name for yourself brewed in controversy and headlines in hopes of getting a head coaching job? Tim Tebow isn’t even in your conference. Go back to acting like a defensive cord and sit the f down.

  43. Anyone who mocks Tim Tebow because of his faith is truly low.. talk about his play( though the guy wins) talk about his passing.. whatever.. but to use a guys faith and the fact that he serves god and thanks him for the gift he has been given.. don’t mock him on that. Lastly.. I’d take Tim Tebow over that joke of a QB in Dallas any day.

  44. Rex and Rob Ryan = Bumbling Blowhards who are quickly becoming the laughingstock of the NFL. It’s impossible to take either of them seriously anymore and I REALLY wish they’d just go away.

  45. Be fair to Tebow- he KNOWS that it’s Vonn Miller, Elvis Dumervil and Brian Dawkins and the rest of the defense who make his style of play winnable. He mentions the defense every single time anyone congratulates him on a win.

    But, conversely, Vonn Miller also pointed out that it is Tebows’ run-based offense that keeps the defense off the field so much that they are well-rested when they need to make a play.

    Tebow and that Broncos D is a perfect match and as soon as Tim calms down and starts connecting on his throws it gonna get crazy out there.

    Tebow and the Broncos are 4-1 since he started and still people call him out….

  46. Just got a look at the pic for this article…when was the last time that Rex was in a picture and anyone viewing it thought to themself that HE was the skinny guy in the pic? Yikes.

  47. Ahhhh….. I have the PATS runnning a two tight no back hurry for a few years now. Depends on the QB I guess considering RR was a LB coach on a former Patriots SB Team

  48. I by no means think that Tim Tebow has won these games by himself, BUT the Bronco’s went from 1-4 with Kyle Orton at QB, and are now 4-1 with Tebow. Yes, Denver’s defense is very good… but that didn’t seem to make a difference when Orton was the starter.
    Tebow’s passing statistics are laughable. But, you can’t dismiss this stat: 4 come from behind victories in 8 starts (I know-if Tebow could throw the ball better, his team wouldn’t be in need of late game heroics). 17 points down vs Houston last season; 15 points down with 3 minutes to go vs Miami; 10 points down vs Oakland; 3 points down and a 95 yard game winning drive last night vs the Jets.
    Ultimately, the NFL is about results…wins and losses. And, for now…the Bronco’s are winning with Tebow as their QB.

  49. Tim Tebow is the Tim Wakefield of the NFL. You always hear complaints from losing teams that the knuckleball is just a gimmick. Same with this offense. But the main thing is winning, and they both do that.

  50. Hey Rob, your team is currently not even in first in your division


    Neither are the Broncos, so…

  51. I tell ya what. Im gonna be a man, and com back on these message boards, & say all of u were right, when Tebow loses a couple in a row. But please for the love of all that is holy, STOP saying that he cant win EVERY damn week, while he is doing it! Its just dumb! Meanwhile, thats win #4. A couple sessions with Elway, & Tebow will get his throwing on track! He is an asset, whether he succeeds as a QB, or at another position. I just hate how it seems everyone wants him to fail! But its all good…

  52. discosucs2005 says:
    Nov 18, 2011 8:07 PM
    Funnily enough, some people don’t 4 wins a big mouth sample size to clarify a system as good.
    O.K., I have tried reading this about 9 times now, and I still can’t make any sense of it. I’ve looked at it in a mirror and upside down.
    I give up.
    Can someone please tell me what this is supposed to mean?
    It’s driving me mad, because it kind of looks like it must mean something.
    It’s like a Japanese street sign.

  53. bozosforall says:
    Nov 18, 2011 7:54 PM
    wegonnadoitbaby says:
    Nov 18, 2011 6:48 PM
    The Jet’s did not lose because Tebow made a “hell of a play.” They lost because they only scored 13 points.

    Tebow will continue to be a hero IF his defense keeps him within one score late in the 4th quarter. No denying he has the “Montana” comeback magic…
    but he has to be within striking distance. For now, hat’s off to the guy. Wasn’t it just a few short weeks ago someone wrote that ” Tebow is the worst quarterback in the NFL.” ?

    Kinda sounds like the early Tom Brady years. Defense kept him close so that he drive down for those FGs at the end of the game. So basically, the Pats defense and Adam Viniteri are the ones who deserve the lion’s share of the credit for those three SB titles. Oh and the SonyCam too, of course.


    It’s a little disturbing that every one of your posts is a (very lame) shot at the Patriots. Even on articles that have absolutely nothing to do with the Patriots.

    I can picture you sitting in a dank, darkened room with pictures of Brady and Belichick plastered all over the wall. You’ve likely got red crosses painted all over them…maybe have their eyes poked out….and you’re just huddled in ball…rocking back and forth while whimpering “no…no…no….” as tears stream down your face.

    I’m close right…I’m definitely close.

    I’m close right…I’m definately close.

  54. Obviously I hate the Broncos, and am just as shocked as anyone else about this issue. In today’s NFL, one wouldn’t think this sort of offense wouldn’t stand a chance in hell. I think the entire Denver team deserves a lot of credit, from the coaches to the players. Fox and his staff deserve credit for scheming this up, and the players deserve credit for buying into it and playing hard. This could have been a disaster, but it’s given new life to the hated Broncos. A win is a win, no matter how ugly.

    I do think, however, that the defense isn’t getting as much credit as deserved due to the Tebow hype. If anything, they are the true heroes in all of this.

    I’m sure I fall in line with everyone else, that this sort of thing will not last for much longer, but until then, Denver fans have a right to be ecstatic. It wasn’t long ago, that it looked as if their season was over.

  55. granadafan says:
    Well, until you do stop the Tebowing offense, it’s still working. However, let’s be realistic here. The defense won the game, not the offense.
    I don’t like Tebow’s game anymore than the next guy, but don’t be an idiot ……

    the defense didn’t score that game winning touchdown.

  56. In this case I give Rob Ryan’s comments a lot of credence.

    If there’s one thing the Ryan family can be considered undisputed experts in, it’s Not Winning.

  57. Rob Ryan has proven himself and embarrassment over and over again. There. Enough said about that.

    Tebow and this college offense are doing well right now because NFL teams aren’t used to facing college teams! …but you Tebow and Broncos fans do realize this is not going to end well, don’t you? I give them *maybe* one more game to pull this stuff before the other teams in the league have enough film to study. Opposing Ds are just gonna start stacking the box and smothering any kind of running plays….

    …So Tebow will just have to adjust and start passing.
    Oh… wait.

  58. We look at people in the NFL pretty much the way we look at people in real life and business and ask pretty much the same thing, “What have you done for me lately?”

    In Tebow’s case, all he has done so far is win. Now, will this type of offense win for years to come? Who knows, but if Denver keeps winning, Tebow will have earned his stripes, and I am sure that with an off season of OTA’s and a training camp, the Denver staff will work on his mechanics and design some plays to balance out the offense.

    It is not like “he can’t throw” the ball as all of the “experts seem to be saying. He had nearly 10,000 yards passing with a 66% completion rate in college with 88 touchdowns to 16 ints.

    Yes, he looks awful in passing situations now, but with some offseason work and coaching, combined with his dedication to the game I believe that he can develop into a top 10 quarterback. We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, it is fun to watch.

  59. Hater. Tebowing the 20 yard dash that opened the waterfall of profanity on the Jets sideline. I give it to Rex tho, he probably came up with some cuss word combos Thurs. night that sounded like poetic limerick.

  60. The Ryan Family may be second only to the Kardashians in the OVERRATED FAMILY category. And before some dbag wants to talk about the Patriarch of the Ryan clan, let me just ask WTF did Buddy accomplish with an extremely talented Eagle team as head coach?…….do I hear crickets ? F the Ryans.

  61. Q: How do you know when a Ryan is saying something stupid?

    A: His mouth will be moving.

    Tebow may have played like butt for three quarters-plus but on that last drive he was clearly the best player on the field. He has a more mature haircut than Rob Ryan, too.

  62. “Hey Rob, your team is currently not even in first in your division”


    “Neither are the Broncos, so…”

    What does it matter what the Broncos are? Rob is running his mouth like the Cowboys are 9-0 and have the perfect scheme. His team is not even winning his division, yet he is criticizing an AFC that is currently tied in wins with his team. That is the point I was trying to make, but obviously it went over your head. Let me guess, you have a Rob Ryan Fathead on your wall. I guess in his case, we should just call it a Head, considering the fat part is obvious.

  63. As a Skins fan that was around when Daddy Ryan coached the Eagles I know all to well that the entire Ryan family are loud mouths and extremely overrated, but I have to admit the “I’ll take a knee myself.” line was pretty funny.

  64. It is boring to watch. It would be much cheaper on the Teams as the NFL QB could become like the Buggy Whip with Teams using Running Backs that can throw a little in their place.

    If I want to watch College Ball I could stop playing Golf on Saturdays to do it, I don’t. They have won a few games but the Jets lost that game more then Denver won it.

    Win or Lose it is the most boring Football that I have ever watched. I like the Kid and am glad to see him do well but watching his games is like watching Paint Dry.

  65. @zeenadog37

    Those 2 TE sets have at least 1 of the TEs running routes. Tom Brady doesn’t use max protection.

  66. Do Rob and Rex have a bet going on who can make the dumbest comment to the media?

    Tim Tebow, worst quarterback in the history of the NFL.. yet he’s 4-1 as a starter… interesting…

  67. Quit hating on Tebow! The guy finds ways to win period! His team is behind him n even reporters try to turn his own WR against him when asked how he felt about his “stats being hurt because Tebow is not a great passer Royal responded ” we all are behind him 100% winning feels better than personal stats and a last place record” notice how many loaded questions the NFL Network guys asked him just hoping he would say something selfish or blow up. “does it make you mad you can’t throw like Cam?” “Do your WR hate that you cant throw effectively?” Come on guys. Most media guys who hate on him are Ex players who are just pissed he’s not a cookie cutter player. If NFL was smart they’d embrace him n market the hell out if the guy. Media prefer the Big Bens & the PAC mans of the league cuz there is a story oops I mean scandal behind those guys. Tebow is too squeaky clean so no story there. I’m not saying he will be successful running as often as he does even with his size LB hit hard n end careers. But he went out left everything on the field got the W and shut some critics up (or fired them up) for another week all while beating a “true” NFL QB

  68. The Ryan’s like to act like they are defensive geniuses. Rob states that Tebow is playing a college football offense that can’t win.

    Tebow is a one dimensional run-first quarterback who cannot pass w/ any precision. So what is Rob saying about his brother Rex, who can’t even stop such an inept quarterback using an inadequate college offense w/ the game on the line? And could not beat Tebow’s team in a game.

  69. When Tebow came out and everyone was saying he cannot play QB I was saying over and over if you let him play his game and you game plan to his strengths he can succeed. Well the Broncos are allowing it and he is succeeding.
    I’d take Tebow over many if the ‘game managers’ in the league cuz what really do the Broncos have? A scramblin QB, a couple pass rushers and some big WR’s that is about all and they are winning with it. A game manager needs a great running game and Defense.

  70. Alright so I will try to be completely biased here even though I like to jump on the Tebow haterwagon.

    This is a college style offense. Almost the same exact offense he ran in college except for the Gators ran a spread option. It’s basically an advanced wildcat offense. It’s smart of Denver because it utilizes Tebow’s skill set. Tebow doesn’t have good arm accuracy but he can throw the ball on easy passes. That being said he is basically being used as a passing HB. It’s a system he is comfortable in and it works for him. Is it a gimmick, of course but it has worked and there is the only saying “don’t fix what’s not broken”. In that aspect I can respect that Tebow is making plays. I still stand by he is not the answer and that he is a HB trying to play QB. I will admit though, I was wrong. Tebow is better choice than Orton in Denver.

    To the Tebowmaniacs, I would also like to add. Tebow is not the one who has not won these game by himself. The defense has become a force to be reckoned with, without a doubt. Denver right now has one of the best defenses in the league. You don’t need a great offense to win if you got an amazing defense (Jets, Ravens, etc.)

    Here is what I will say though, Tebow still has a game against the Pats and the Chargers to prove himself. You can’t ignore a win against a team like the Jets but any true football fan will tell you the Jets offense played badly as well (has been for awhile now). Tebow is more than I thought he was but I still don’t think he is QB material. That being said dude is an amazing situational guy. That is no lie.

    Oh and the reason I can’t stand him is after every single play and every drive, he always takes a knee to “Tebow”. It’s not that he is religious by any means or even that he is open about it, it’s that he takes every chance he can to make it apparent. It reminds me of that King of the Hill episode.

    Hank: “Alright so I think I can burn their safety downfield….”
    Preacher QB: “Dear heavenly father, we pray you watch over this play”
    Hank: “…..oh…I thought we were still covered under the pre-game prayer”

  71. I guess Bill Walsh should be kicked out of the HOF for bringing “college ball” to the NFL then.

    Sometimes what looks really bad isn’t as bad as it looks. Tebow’s mid game passer rating is bad. But his Q1 PR is 99 and his Q4 PR is 107. If Tebow can get more consistently not bad at passing over the off season and Denver has a good draft, look out.

  72. I think alot of commenters don’t really watch the games or actually know that much. The numbers by Newton or Dalton are not normal for young starting QBs, almost all have sucked. The last one who really lit up as a rook was Marino. Peyton holds the rookie interception mark, Aikman couldn’t win. If you watched the pregame when they interviewd Elway, they put up his stats compared to Tebow’s at the same point. As much as they bash Tebow’s passing, his completion % was higher than Elways, had better TD/Int numbers and a higher QB rating. I’m not saying he’s gonna be better than Elway, just that he will get better, the game will slow down for him.

  73. @ snarkzilla… by the way during the 2nd & 3rd Q they ran a more conventional offense most of the time. They ran the option in he 1st Q and went to the Spread with 6 minutes left..

  74. As a Cowboy fan I’d like to defend our DC…but, I can’t. I wish he would shut the heck up. He is an embarrassment to the organization. At least whe Jimmy was being brash e had something intelligent to say and backed it up. Fat Rob just sounds like an imbecile. Please Rob, SHUT UP!!!

  75. What people fail to mention is that Tebow has had next to nothing to do with the teams record with him as a starter. Denver’s defensive scoring average is down over 10 pts/gm, Denver’s offensive scoring is down 1 pts/gm. In 3 of Denver’s 4 wins under Tebow they’ve literally had 2, 2 and 1 good drives. Three-and-outs have skyrocketed and 3rd down conversions have tanked.

    Yet Tebow is all they talk about, this is the ridiculous nonsense hype that’s followed him since his freshman year in college. Chris Leak leads Gators to a National Championship that Tebow is constantly given credit for, even though Tebow had all of 2 games with more than 2 pass attempts…….games the Gators won by a combined score of 104-0.

    So here we are again, Tebow is a glorified RB who is given all the credit while his teammates do most of the heavy lifting.

    So far this has been a level of ineptitude that got much better QB’s benched in Denver, but for some reason this team keeps bending further and further backwards to accomodate a 3rd string QB…….

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