Rodger Saffold injured lifting weights


It’s been that kind of year for the St. Louis Rams.

Left tackle Rodger Saffold missed practice on Friday because of a pectoral injury he suffered while lifting weights. The team has ruled him out for Sunday’s contest with the Seahawks and, according to Jeff Gordon of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, he might need season-ending surgery to repair what’s being called a “significant” injury. Saffold was not certain to play this week after suffering a concussion against the Browns last week.

Because of the concussion, Mark LeVoir was already taking all of the reps in practice this week and he will take Saffold’s place in the lineup. Saffold’s play has dropped off considerably after a strong rookie season, but the move to LeVoir is still a downgrade for the Rams offense.

If Saffold’s season is over, he will be the 10th member of the team to hit injured reserve. Tackle Jason Smith, who isn’t ready to return after his own concussion, is another candidate for a spot on an already crowded list.

8 responses to “Rodger Saffold injured lifting weights

  1. don’t say the rams have been hit by the “injury bug”. It is a violent game and what do you think will happen when guys run INTO each other. Both guys have concussions? dang.

  2. What a joke! Im solo glad coach spags fired the the head trainer last year because he thought there were too many injuries. How’s that working out control freak

  3. Really, is there actually any rams in St. Louis. Should have changed their name when they moved there. It’s almost kind of like the “Utah Jazz”. Just don’t fit.

  4. gdeli:

    Injuries are a part of the game, yes, but the Rams have been hit abnormally hard, particularly among the ranks of starters. Most teams have a list of players on IR, but lots of them are special teams guys or second or third stringers. Some teams have only one or two guys on the list. The Rams #1 receiver, tons of DBs, other starting WRs and TEs, and some of the D-line have all been sidelined for the year. The Rams are not good, but if they were even marginally healthier, they wouldn’t be this bad.

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