LeSean McCoy on Eagles: “I think we can run the table”

Getty Images

The Eagles have won three out of nine games.  To make the playoffs, they arguably need to win seven of the next seven, and get a little help.

Running back LeSean McCoy believes they can handle their part of the bargain.

“I think so,” McCoy tells NBC’s Bob Costas in an interview to aired tonight on Football Night in America.  “Not only me, but everyone in that locker room thinks the Eagles can win out.  The talent is there.  You ask defenses that we play; when they turn the tape on they don’t see a 3-6 team.  I think if we just take care of the small things we are in good shape.  I think we can run the table.”

Plenty of players think their teams can run the table, but such statements usually are the result of the intoxication/temporary insanity resulting from a victory or two in a row.  The Eagles have dropped a pair since blowing out the Cowboys, and they looked lethargic against the Cardinals last weekend.

McCoy’s theory will be put to the test starting at 8:20 p.m. ET, when the Eagles invade New York (Jersey) for a primetime encounter with the Giants.