Is Vince Young an NFL starter again?

Mike Florio gives us his NFL rundown, including the Eagles finding a way to win with Vince Young, DeSean Jackson’s possible taunting fine, and Jay Cutler’s broken thumb endangering the Bears’ playoff chances.

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10 responses to “Is Vince Young an NFL starter again?

  1. Come off it. Vince played terrible last night (other than the final drive). The only reason the Eagles won was because of their defense stepping up and Eli being almost as bad.

  2. I’m an Eagles fan, and no… he’s not. I am appreciative that he did what a backup was supposed to do, and that is come in and manage the game. Vince made some awful throws last night, including the 3 INTs and the 4th that should have been, coupled with missing some WIDE OPEN receivers by YARDS, and throwing to the wrong place (Throwing to Cooper in the end zone when the play was to a come back route). One of the two screwed up badly, and Cooper was PISSED. Vince got an Eli “Aww Schucks” look on his face when Cooper got near him, and with McCoy having to tell VY last week that a play was a shotgun snap and not under center, I’m more inclined to believe it was VY that screwed up.

    The Eagles won IN SPITE of Vince Young. I really think they should treat Vick the same way. He’s not a field general. Keep it a little simpler and let him run around. Let McCoy, Celek, Jackson and Maclin make the plays.

  3. I really wonder if these commenters even watched ;last night’s game.
    After Young’s slow start he completed 16 of his last 19 passes for 213 yards, 2 td and 1 int.
    Yeah, real terrible.

  4. I’m an Eagles fan and yes, he is. Looking at the stats, yeah maybe Young played a bad game. But he played his best when the game was on the line. And in close games that’s the only thing that matters. Teams want winners like Young on their team.

  5. This is not rocket science people. We know who VY is as we saw him play in Tennessee for many years. Can we win games for you, YES. Can he take you to a wildcard game, MAYBE. The fact of the matter is, he is very much like your trainwreck ex gf…great in doses, but the second you hand him the job fulltime, all hell breaks loose. Is he better than half the starters in the league…probably. But his attitude is probably one of the worst in the league for a QB, which is why he is best suited as a backup, except maybe on a team in complete transition mode, ALA Jacksonville or Miami.

  6. Does anyone else care that he only scored 17 points in a game where his defense provided shut down the opposing offense.
    The Giants are not a great team by any stetch of the imagination and Young didn’t look very good either way.
    Any team that starts Young will never win a meaningful game.

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