Rex Ryan fined $75,000 for swearing at fan


When Rex Ryan told a customer at the Patriots-Jets game to go “shut the f— up,” Florio said that Ryan would surely get a fine larger than the $50,000 tab he incurred for flicking off a fan at a MMA event.

Florio suggested $100,000 sounded about right. It turns out that was $25,000 too much.

The NFL informed PFT Monday that Ryan will be fined $75,000 for the incident.  That’s $75,000 more than he would have paid if camera phones hadn’t been invented yet.

44 responses to “Rex Ryan fined $75,000 for swearing at fan

  1. Swearing really doesn’t deserve a fine at all. It’s just a bad word. But once you fine a guy for it once, the second time has to be bigger. So their hands were kind of tied here.

  2. What a Joke, $75,000.00 for swearing, get real.

    Fines for everything, how about a fine for saying the word fine and how about a fine for the NFL for making Fines everyday verbage

  3. The fan being the victim here, should be able to write some of that fine off as a charitable contribution. You know that fan will receive nothing from Rex or the NFL but there is $75,000 floating out there for the NFL to take credit as a charitable donation.

  4. thats a lot of cheeseburgers, pizzas and subs taken away from rex

    worse if you remove all those burgers and pizzas from rex’s diet we might need to hear this joker speak more.

    and that cant be good, i think he has already gauranteed the jets will win every superbowl for ever

  5. The weirdest thing is that the fan said to Rex what Rex says all the time (That BB is better than he is as a coach). Timing is everything.

  6. Camera phones were invented decades ago making references to “if camera phones hadn’t been invented yet” nonsensical.

  7. and why hasn’t MILLER been fined for not only hitting Sanchez LATE but spearing him in the back…..

    Even if u try to fox news it into not a late hit it was still a dangerous spearing into his back…. u know the EXACT thing these rules were made for……

    touch brady or peytons helmet with a finger u get flagged, spear sanchez on a late hit no one sees it and denies it

  8. The fine was for unoriginality. You live and work in the swear capital of America and that’s the best you can do? Either Rex doesn’t get heckled nearly enough or he really was stressed out, but in either case he needs a Rocky training montage of swearing ASAP.

  9. The $75,000 fine was because Roger Goodell doesn’t think having a fat swearing short tempered head coach is a good representation of the Jets as an organization and all Jets fans.

    I disagree with Goodell.

    I think a fat, swearing, short tempered head coach represents EXACTLY what the Jets organization and fans are all about.

    This is very unfair.

  10. That’s unbelievable. They’re grown men, any fine seems ridiculous to me.


    Really? Do you own a business? Would it be acceptable if an employee talked to a customer this way? The customer in this case didn’t do anything offensive so the employee should treat him with respect. Instead of telling customer to F off, he should be thinking how he can be a better coach so that customers don’t tell him that he sucks. And for the record, BB is better then you Rexy, don’t get offended.

  11. Amadeus – free speech refers to what the govn’t can impose, not a private employer, ie the NFL. If the NFL said you can’t say the word awesome, and you said it, they could fine, fire you, and you’d have no legal recourse.

  12. As a Patriots fan, I hate Ryan and the Jets but Im dont agree with this. The fan (a patriots fan probably) was trying to push his buttons and succeeded. and after all its justs words and noone got hurt.

  13. alxln,

    Your position is untenable. Comparing an NFL team or any other professional franchise is ridiculous. This is a “business” where you might come home from work covered in blood, dirt, snot and bruises. You might get a concussion. Puking borders on the commonplace. You might not ever walk unassisted again. A swear word hardly rises to the level of offensive. If you think a guy getting carted off in an ambulance is emblematic of a “family-friendly” event, but a swear word injures your delicate sensibilities, please don’t spawn.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  14. The Ryans have become caricatures of NFL coaches, and have ceased being real people. No wonder the media loves them – they make themselves easy targets.

  15. Another example why you have to look at God-del and his cronies….loosing what NFL football is all about…he has by himself tarnished the sport.

  16. hatesycophants,

    Your argument makes no sense. There are plenty of professions besides the NFL that can be dangerous (ie. construction workers, etc.), but that doesn’t give them the right to disrespect customers. And there are plenty of children that watch and attend NFL games, I really don’t see your point here, because football IS a “family-oriented” sport, family’s watch it together. I don’t give a crap about swearing, players and coaches do it all the time, even in minor leagues. What I have a problem with is when a paying customer get’s disrespected, and the NFL might lose that customer, so Ryan deserves his fine. So maybe you’re the one that shouldn’t spawn.

  17. The man is a joke, a real piece of crap and needs to finally be shown the door. The league would be better off without his mouth and half witted brain. Suspend him already and make the league better.

  18. I don’t care about the fine, but I think it would be cooler if they allowed the players to pick where their fine money went. I don’t think players would be so angry if the money went to a cause they personally supported.

  19. Being a Jets Fan (full disclosure) I have a bit of a bias, but seriously, if the fan yelled a profanity at him first, then what’s the problem? We’re all human and when people get in your face or under your skin by calling you names, some of us are going to smack right back. He didn’t beat the fan, he didn’t throw something at the fan, he didn’t physically attack the fan.
    Neither exchange should’ve taken place but the NFL needs to take these type of situations into account and look at the human factor.
    If I was yelling profanities at any coach, I hope they yell them right back. If it’s good enough to give, it’s good enough to get.

  20. axlxn,

    Yours is a thoroughly simplistic, unresponsive reply. The NFL is family-friendly because families watch it together? You make one legitimate point: you do not understand my argument… despite its intentionally banal references. Here’s an argument you can understand: exposing the public to a freaking word is not anywhere near as potentially dangerous as exposing them to (sometimes) gratuitous violence and other graphic displays.

    Were you one of the community pillars traumatized by Janet’s bare breast? Pathetic.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  21. @alxln

    your saying the guy was an innocent bystander?!?! if i would go up to you wherever you work, right before your lunch break after you just blew whatever assignment you were doing and scream at you “HEY alxln! you SUCK at your job!!”, what would YOU do? rex was disrespecting a fan?!?! rex was responding the way any normal person would. the fan is a moron. a person with a total lack of respect for another human being. hes not being fined for yelling at a fan. hes being fined for the f bomb. had he said shut the hell up he would be scot-free. this whole thing is retarded. seriously. its fans like that that makes me embarrassed to be a football fan. hecklers are idiots who have no respect and should be banned from the stadium

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