Parcells, Shields reach HOF semifinals in first year of eligibility


Long-time coach Bill Parcells and former Chiefs offensive lineman Will Shields have advanced to the semifinal round of Hall of Fame voting.  The Selection Committee has whittled the initial list of modern-era candidates from 105 down to 26.

The other 24 are, via  safety Steve Atwater, running back Jerome Bettis, receiver Tim Brown, receiver Cris Carter, coach Don Coryell, running back Roger Craig, running back Terrell Davis, center Dermontti Dawson, owner Eddie DeBartolo, defensive end Chris Doleman, linebacker Kevin Greene, defensive end Charles Haley, defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy, running back Curtis Martin, linebacker Clay Matthews, linebacker Karl Mecklenburg, receiver Andre Reed, tackle Willie Roaf, safety Donnie Shell, Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, special-teamer Steve Tasker, cornerback Aeneas Williams, G.M. Ron Wolf, and G.M. George Young.

The list eventually will be cut to 15, who’ll be considered on the Saturday before the Super Bowl for induction.  Up to five will make it, along with up to two candidates nominated by the Seniors Committee:  cornerback Jack Butler and guard Dick Stanfel.

43 responses to “Parcells, Shields reach HOF semifinals in first year of eligibility

  1. I think (and hope) that this is the year the Andre Reed finally gets into the hall. I don’t know how he can’t. The Cowboys big three…unless I’m mistaken, are all in and again, if I’m not mistaken, Thomas and Kelly are in, so yeah, Reed should get in. This is a tough list and really hate that only so many people can get in each year on one hand but on the other hand I understand why it is necessary.

    Besides Reed, I think the Bus, and Haley are almost a lock to get in, based on statistics, their overall career and they all won Superbowls, with Haley winning how many total in the end, wasn’t it like 5. Granted it took the entire team but that is a feat in itself and he played solid for every team he played for, year in and year out. (I thought he was one of the best in the business)
    The remaining two, who knows. I’m torn between Roaf, Shields, Carter, Brown, Matthews and Mecklenburg.
    I just don’t think Parcells, Coryell (for as much as he did for the passing game) Craig, DeBartalo, Davis, Wolf and Young belong on this list.
    I don’t think Craig and Davis were really that elite (Davis really could’ve been if not for the injuries and yes, he was a large reason the Broncos won their two Superbowls) but I just don’t think of those guys as HOFers.

    Doleman, Kennedy, Martin and Greene are pretty damn good choices too, in my opinion.
    As far as G.M.s and owners, and even the commissioners to some extent, I don’t think they should be in, but maybe I’m just weird. I think the players should be the ones enshrined for their efforts and outstanding careers. They put it all on the line to build this game up. I will say this, I know one commissioner that will never make it or at least shouldn’t, and that is Roger Goodell. He has been terrible for the league and the NFL has become less and less, merely a shell of it’s former self. And that is just a damn shame. Again, JMO.

  2. Reggie Roby gets jobbed again.

    Yeah, I know everyone puts Ray Guy here. I actually hope he gets in just so other deserving specialists make it. It’s ridiculous that there’s 0 punters and only 1 kicker in the Hall.


  3. seanx40,
    Only five? Honestly, that seems pretty generous to me. Do you really think even five players from each draft class belong? Remember it is the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Not-Half-Bad or Hall of Pretty Good.

  4. allisab says:
    Nov 22, 2011 11:10 PM
    No Drew Bledsoe?
    Sad thing is I think this guy is serious!

    They really need to build a “Hall of Not Too Shabby” for guys like Bledsoe.

    Right next to the “Hall of Pretty Damned Good”

    Lotta great names on this year’s list though, some great players might have to wait.

  5. Parcells deserves it. Great coach and team builder.

    Now if the Dolphins could just go out and hire someone like him I’m sure they’d turn things around. 😉

  6. I was not being serious, richm2256. Though I grew up watching Bledsoe and it took 2 SB wins before I accepted Brady as the new QB. Sad, I know.

  7. Bill Parcells: Yes, no way to keep him out

    Will Shields: Yes, did it right every day for a very long time.

    Steve Atwater: No, didn’t do enough and way too many cheap shots.

    Jerome Bettis: Someday, not this time. Owes his future chances to Roesthlesberger’s shoestring tackle.

    Tim Brown: No, a Raider with many disappointing seasons.

    Cris Carter: No, too much dope early on, too much talk after retirement.

    Don Coryell: Yes, long overdue.

    Roger Craig: No, just part of a good machine.

    Terrell Davis: Career too short.

    Dermontti Dawson: No not many centers in the hall.

    Eddie DeBartolo: No, crooks don’t usually get in.

    Chris Doleman: No, dirty player on alot of bad teams.

    Kevin Greene: No, just because of the bad hair.

    Charles Haley: Never, too much nose candy.

    Cortez Kennedy: No, being a good player isn’t enough.

    Curtis Martin: No, too many disappointments.

    Clay Matthews: Yes, old school.

    Karl Mecklenburg: No, another dirty Bronco.

    Andre Reed: No, 044.

    Willie Roaf: Yes, Iron man stud.

    Donnie Shell: Who?

    Paul Tagliabue: I hope not.

    Steve Tasker: No, but I loved the helmet with the padding on the outside.

    Aeneas Williams: No, what did he do and when?

    Ron Wolf: No, no GMs ever.

    George Young: Ditto.

  8. As a Dolphan, I have no problem with Parcells getting in. The year after the grifter dies….effing carpet bagger

  9. Never liked him much but Parcells deserves to get in 1st ballot. He was a great coach with the Giants, Jets, Pats, and Cowboys and Bellichick is his spawn. I mean the guy won a Super Bowl with Jeff Hosstetler.

  10. benh999

    Only five? Honestly, that seems pretty generous to me. Do you really think even five players from each draft class belong? Remember it is the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Not-Half-Bad or Hall of Pretty Good.

    I think it at least needs increased by one to six players.

    Cris Carter #4 receiving all-time, 8 pro bowls
    Curtis Martin #4 rushing all-time, 5 pro bowls
    Jerome Bettis #5 rushing all-time, 6 pro bowls SB champ
    Bill Parcells
    Tim Brown #5 receiving all-time, 9 pro bowls
    William Roaf 11 pro bowls
    Will Shields 12 pro bowls
    Aeneas Williams 55 ints, 8 pro bowls
    Kevin Greene #3 sacks all-time, 5 pro bowls
    Chris Doleman #4 sacks all-time, 8 pro bowls
    Cortez Kennedy 8 pro bowls
    Andre Reed #10 receiving all-time, 7 pro bowls

    This is the order I’d rank them. These dozen players are elite & deserve to be in the HOF. The NFL has some catching up to do.

  11. Ray Guy, Terrell Davis. Cris Carter, Andre Reed. Sterling Sharpe. Forget the beauty contest bs and arbitrary “standards” that are determined by guys who never played. I want consummate players in.

    And put Jerry Kramer in if you have any real integrity at all. This isn’t American Idol.

  12. Don Coryell changed the game for all time but the idiot selectors didn’t think he was good enough.

    They need to fix that horrible mistake.

    Unfortunately it’s too late for Don now but better late than never.

    As for Parcells – mostly a media creation with little of substance to back it. Kinda like the Ryan bros.

    And seeing our wonderful media is in charge of who goes in, Parcells will make it one year.

  13. Haley should get in for pissing in Seifert’s car. Awesome.

    Roger Craig was the Marshal Faulk of his day. He needs to be in the Hall.

    Carter keeps getting slighted because, as you can see on ESPN, the dude is a total jagoff.

    Doleman had over 100 sacks & a 21 sack season.

    Reed had that ability to catch & short pass & just blaze to the endzone.

  14. Tim Brown > Everyone else on that list

    I’d go:
    – Tim Brown
    – Roger Craig
    – Andre Reed
    – Willie Roaf
    – Don Coryell

    Ron Wolf, Charles Haley, Cris Carter, Will Shields after that.

  15. Terrell Davis should go in, if not this year then eventually.

    It doesn’t matter that his career was shorter than others (not short, just shorter). Davis’ accomplishments speak for themselves, and at the end of the day, that’s what they’re grading them on.

  16. Still no consideration for Randall Cunningham? The guy threw for 30,000 yds and rushed for another 5,000! He also led the league in punt distance two years in a row, all with little help from his offense. He also made some incredible plays and showed that he wasn’t the product of a system by coming out of retirement to have a monster year for the Vikings in ’98.

  17. drevilstolemymojito says:
    Nov 22, 2011 11:53 PM

    Tim Brown: No, a Raider with many disappointing seasons.


    You mean, this guy?

    Tim Brown:
    – Heisman winner
    – 9 Pro Bowls
    – Member of the 90s’ All-Decade Team
    – Retired 2nd in all-time receiving yards
    – Retired 3rd all-time in receptions
    – Retired 3rd all-time in receiving TDs
    – Retired No. 5 all-time in total yardage (19,682)
    – Recorded 9 consecutive 1,000-yard seasons
    – Played in 3 AFC Championship games and 1 Super Bowl

  18. No chance of it happening, but it would be cool to see Shields and Roaf, anchors of the best O-line in KC history, get in together.

  19. There should be no quotas for the Hall of Fame. If 20 guys deserve it they should all get in and in a year when no one deserves it there should be no selections period.

  20. It is a travesty that Jerry Kramer is not already in the Hall Of Fame. He is the only member of the NFL’s 50th Anniversary team not to be inducted. The morons doing the voting will wait until he dies and can’t enjoy the honor then they will elect him posthumously….Get JERRY IN NOW!!!!

  21. random aside – that pic of Parcells game was apparently in the Jets’ 1997 game in Miami (it was the only Parcells year where they had that old logo on his shirt, and you can tell where it is by the colors of the stands). I know they lost that day, but i can’t remember what made him so incensed as to look like he’s about to brain that referree! does anyone remember?

  22. Dan Reeves is missing from this list. I believe as a player and coach he has EIGHT Super Bowl appearances on THREE different teams, with TWO wins. Now that is a HoF resume.

    Before you say it, there are lots of players and coaches in the HoF who never got to the SB, or got there and never won one.

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