Diehl will replace Beatty at left tackle

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With Giants left tackle Will Beatty out of commission due to a detached retina, the man who most recently played left tackle for the Giants will slide back out to the blind-side position on the New York offensive line.

Per a league source, guard David Diehl will replace Beatty, who could be out for the rest of the season.

Beatty is the latest player to be injured this season.  Though the Giants have been able to overcome much of the adversity, the Giants currently have lost two games in a row, and the schedule gets no easier.  They play the Saints, Packers, Cowboys, Redskins, Jets, and Cowboys to finish out the season.

10 responses to “Diehl will replace Beatty at left tackle

  1. The Eagles average defensive line went through them like no tomorrow….

    Giants are in trouble Monday night at New Orleans, no matter how much you shuffle the line around…

  2. Boothe will probably play guard. I agree, Diehl may be an upgrade at LT. Hopefully this will stabilize the running attack. At least I’m optimistic. I hope this works, dammit!

  3. This is not a bad deal I think getting Diehl back at tackle could help! I think the run game might benefit! He has been subpar readjusting to guard”

    If we had a veteran at subpar at guard, what do you think is moving into that spot? This is trouble. Eli will have blind side protection, but what about what’s coming right at him?

  4. 3/5 of the line needs to replaced. I can’t believe Eli came out of the game in one piece. It was the worst performance I’ve since he’s been there. Let’s not even talk about the run blocking. THEY DID NOTHING! They need their man cards taken away at once!

  5. Diehl may play tackle better than he did guard, but it’s not an upgrade at the LT position. Beatty was the only half-decent player on the O line this season. Losing him is a huge loss, and I hope he can come back soon!

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