Hall says other players have told him he’s a great player

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After Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys, which was capped by Dallas receiver Dez Bryant beating Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall for a gain that preceded the game-winning field goal, Hall said he’s so bad that the team should cut him.

Hall now says that he has heard from a laundry list of NFL greats regarding his greatness.

“I had so many calls from other guys in the league telling me how great I was as a corner,” Hall said, via the Associated Press.  “And I’m, like, ‘Dude, I’m not on suicide watch.’  It was amazing, just the reaction that I didn’t think it was going to get.”

Hall claimed that he heard from men like Larry Fitzgerald, Ben Roethlisberger, Chad Ochocinco (OK, they aren’t all great players), and Ray Lewis.

But before Mr. Martini declares that he busted the juke-a-box, let’s consider whether Hall was having a crisis of confidence — or whether he was hoping to get a free ticket out of town in the hopes of signing with a contender for the stretch run.  After all, Hall was once cut by the Raiders after earning $8 million for eight games, before landing in D.C. and eventually pocketing another big-money contract.  Now that he’s playing for a bad team with no immediate prospects for success, maybe that was the first step of a clumsy, passive-aggressive exit strategy.

If that’s the goal, he’s still holding out hope.  Indeed, he reiterated his position on Wednesday.

“I stand by it,” Hall said. “I wear this ‘C’ on my chest for a reason. I hold myself to a higher standard than a lot of other people.”

Then came the possible glimpse into his soul.

“I probably haven’t been as productive as I would like to,” Hall said.  “I don’t know if this defense is built for a corner to go out here and get eight or nine picks or seven picks.  It’s built to stop the deep ball and manage the game.”

In other words (possibly), “I want out.”

If he really wants out, we’d have more respect for Hall if he simply laid down on the job.

71 responses to “Hall says other players have told him he’s a great player

  1. All those QB’s and WR’s..he left out the part where they said “great to play against because I know my stats will look good at the end of the game.”

  2. When I read “Hall” and I don’t know who we’re talking about until I read the story, they’re not a great player.

    That said, Hall sounds a bit narsasistic.

    Did T.O. call him and say “It’s not fair!”?

  3. This clown was out there beating his chest after any involvement in a play last week. No matter how little he was involved. Just wait till Tim Tebow gets to him. He will be torn apart by jesus’s football skills and praying to god at the same time. Tim Tebow.

  4. And if you think it’s built to stop the deep ball, you’re right, they should cut you, because you can’t.

  5. gb4mn0 says:
    Nov 23, 2011 5:47 PM
    I read MN try to snag Hall but he told the vikequeens them he’d to same gender movies before he’d play in MN.

    I never in my 40 years have I had to read such garbage. Why do you even aaah forget it. Capt moron. And all the packer fans out there never call you out. Shows there class to!!!!!!!

  6. gb4mn0 says: Nov 23, 2011 5:47 PM

    I read MN try to snag Hall but he told the vikequeens them he’d to same gender movies before he’d play in MN.

    maybe this makes sense to packer’s fans but to the rest of us you sound like you should go back to… actually maybe school isn’t for you….

  7. redguy12588 says:
    Nov 23, 2011 5:37 PM
    What does roethlisberger know about hall? He’s played against him once.

    What do you know about hall? Youve played against him zero times.

    For the record Deangelo Hall is one of the fastest players in the league, he does get burnt but its because he goes for big plays(and often makes them). The guy makes plays and he can tackle as good as any corner in the league. He more then makes up for his mistakes on the field with great overall play.

  8. You’re the best I ever had.

    Of course I love you.

    The check is in the mail.

    And now we can add, you’re a great shut down corner.

  9. Yes, and my high school guidance counselor said I should be an astronaut.

    I think she just wanted me off of this planet.

  10. Dear DeAngelo,

    You’re good enough, smart enough and doggone it, people like you


    The Senator from Minnesota

  11. Dhall is not a great corner but he certainly is not the thing wrong with redskins. When Rogers was our cover corner, Hall was a certainly more than average – and he is about our only player that generates turnovers – he’s not great, he’s not as good as he is in his mind, but he is a decent pro, and he isn’t trying to leave. He said he hopes they bring him back next year in the same paragraph – but paragraphs aren’t sound bites. Perhaps if our safeties were healthy it might look better. In the most recent cowboys game, the bad plays were 6 seconds or so into coverage – that’s too much to ask of any corner.

  12. He’s not a great player, not even good, he might be average though. The guy got by on reputation when he was in Atlanta, but as soon as he played for Oakland across from a Nnamdi, he got lit up like a Christmas tree. Rex Grossman is the only quarterback that ever made him look like he could play, too bad he’s on the same team now.

  13. Dear Sheangela,

    You are a pompus punk and think you are some great corner and you are not. Dez owned you take some antidepressants and see a therapist. Truth is you will still suck after that but at least it won’t be so sad the next time you get owned.



  14. Like a fine piece of art, MeAngelo Hall is priceless….

    —of course, his coaches and teammates over the years need to take some responsibility as well; apparently no one ever told him (and teammate Chris Cooley) that when you are a bad player on a bad team, it’s best to just shut your mouth…..the more you babble on, it becomes clearer that you are just trying to cover up your own inadequacies…..

  15. he’s great on getting beat on 3rd and a mile,especially against dez bryant who made him look like a rookie two times this year! i hope the skins cut him in the off season cause all i know about deangelo hall is people just keep running by him!

  16. He CAN be great, if he puts enough work in. However, I think we’re going to have to settle for DeAngelo Hall: COULD have been great.

  17. Hall talks disproportionately to his positive outcome. It isn’t just Bryant that owns him; it’s Manningham, Jackson, Maclin, Miles Austin, Whitten, Nicks, Jason Avant, Jake Ballard, Brent Celek, Laurent Robinson, and any other eligible receiver in the NFC East or on our schedule.

    Thing that makes me the maddest – after 3rd and 21 – is that if a pass is overthrown, underthrown, or simply poorly thrown, Hall will posture like he’s Mel Blount covering my seven month old, as if that pass JUST COULDN’T BE COMPLETED against his smothering coverage.

  18. Didn’t he get a lot of picks his first year with the ‘Skins? And wasn’t that just last year? And wasn’t he known at that point as one of the best veteran cornerbacks?

    I’m a lifelong Cowboys fan and I would still want him on my team after last week’s thrashing. I learned from my QB that anyone can have a REALLY bad week or two and bounce back 🙂

  19. its amazing to see how many guys up here that really dont know football all u need to see is a guy chasing a player and says he got burned, im hate the skins but hes not as bad as guys up here says he is

  20. The guy teeters between mediocre and pedistrian from Sunday to Sunday…the police should charge him with arm robbery by they way he’s been stealing money from teams!

  21. Last year the complaints were about tackling. So he shores it up this year – and the pics diminish, understandably.

    The man is not a classic cover corner. He’s a turnover guy. He’s being misused and he’s not the only one on this squad.

    Haslett is putting people in the wrong spots, for whatever reason, over and over. We’ve lost multiple games due to Fletcher, a perennial all-star, being on an island covering receiving tight-ends.

    I can’t blame Hall for wanting to go somewhere that would utilize his limited skill set.

    The guy gets burned. He needs constant safety help. But he’ll make pics if you want him to. If you don’t want that – don’t hire him.

    Don’t shoot a show horse for loosing a 1/4 mile run.

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