Jahvid Best to miss another game

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Kevin Smith will get a chance to add to the “best story in the NFL.”

Lions running back Jahvid Best will miss his fifth straight game since suffering a concussion in the team’s October 16th loss to the 49ers. Best didn’t practice at all this week. Coach Jim Schwartz said that Best was improving last week, but that improvement has obviously not come fast enough for him to get back onto the field. Smith had a huge game for the Lions last week and he’ll likely need another one if the Lions are going to hand Green Bay their first loss of the season.

The Lions also ruled punter Ryan Donahue out for the Thanksgiving game. Defensive end Lawrence Jackson, who didn’t play against the Panthers last week, is listed as doubtful with a thigh injury.

18 responses to “Jahvid Best to miss another game

  1. Methinks Jahvid Best is done for the season. The Lions running game really got hurt when Mikel Leshoure tore his Achilles tendon in the pre-season. Too bad.

  2. You get better Brst. We will miss you. Hate to see you miss this game. It is going to be one hell of a game. I see Green Bay loosing thier first game. But it will be a hard fought close game decided by less then one score. Get better Best. You will be needed down the stretch.

  3. To all the Best haters, I agree that Kevin Smith had a great game against my lowly Panthers…. but ask yourself this, what running back DOESN’T have a career day vs our atrocious run defense?

  4. To the people making fun of Best’s injury, you guys are disgusting. Laughing at a guy for having a concussion? Seriously? Whats the matter with you?

    Especially the 9ers fan.
    Yeah you’re going places in life.

    Disgusting to make fun of a guy for getting a concussion.

  5. Some of you people’s idiocy amazes me.
    Good decision to sit and get your head straight.
    Hey niners fans you play in the worst division in football and you will be eliminated from the playoffs in the first round. your coach is a complete tool too.

  6. You know I hate the 9ers but I respecyed ehat they were doing. But it seems every injury report caused by them, thier fams laugh and have a party. Im all about tough, hard nosed, in the trenches football, but we dont cheer when a man goes out and performs for our pleasure, and almost cost his career amd life. I tell you what even with Bests injury, I dare that pathetic, jaw flapping, lowlife of a 9er fan, to laugh his a$$ off in Best face. 9er fan needs to take his “san fransisco treat” like the btch he is.

  7. The same people that call lions dirty, make fun of injuries especially concussions. You stay classy 9ers fans

  8. SF has the dirties fans in the NFL.

    _______________________________yes, and the Lions have the dirtiest players in the NFL.

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