Orton “excited” about recent events, “happy” to be a Chief


Despite a report from a certain bespectacled professor that quarterback Kyle Orton was trying to get the word out that he didn’t want the Chiefs to claim him on waivers, Orton’s first comments in recent days indicate that the veteran quarterback doesn’t sound upset about the manner in which the dominoes have fallen.

“Just wanted everybody to hear it from me first,” Orton said via the Gridiron Grunts application.  “I am happy to be a part of the Kansas City Chiefs.  I got claimed today. I am excited about the last few days and I am looking forward to getting to know my teammates with the Chiefs.”

Per a league source, three teams made a waivers claim for Orton:  the Chiefs, Cowboys, and Bears.  Orton reportedly asked to be cut by the Broncos so that he could play in Chicago.

The Chiefs now have to figure out whether they’re better off against the Steelers on Sunday night with Tyler Palko or Orton at quarterback.

29 responses to “Orton “excited” about recent events, “happy” to be a Chief

  1. Now Kyle has to work in convincing the security staff at the Chief’s complex that he actually is a professional football player.

  2. I’m “excited” that Bowe will be in better shape for the fantasy playoff push now and I’m “happy” Palko won’t kill his value. Garbage points are still points in fantasy.


    Biggest pile of bull ever. About as belieavable as Bears fams thinking they will make playoffs. Thank you I needed a good laugh.

  4. Well Kyle… Von Miller, Champ Bailey and Elvis Dumerville are “happy” you found yourself in Kansas City… And they are “excited” for you to come back to Denver in week 17!!

  5. The next person who says signing Orton is a bad move because we could win and lose draft position is getting the back of my hand. Two points I’ll make.

    One, YOU CAN TRADE UP. The job is to win games, and Orton helps do that. The job in the draft is to target someone you want, and if necessary, go get them. Pioli comes from New England, and I’m sure he’s not afraid to move around in the draft to fill the needs. So please, enough of that.

    Two, the Chiefs have had much more luck picking in the mid to late section of the 1st round anyways. Our top 10 picks in recent memory… Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, Ryan Sims, Eric Berry. Mid to late round picks… Dwayne Bowe, Larrry Johnson, Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Jonathan Baldwin.

    Tell me again why it’s just SO important that we have a top 5 pick?

  6. I finally understand this site… People are only supposed to comment about teams they have heard of rather than teams they have watched for 27 years… Is that right?

  7. I’d be happy to get away from the Elway/Fox/Tebow circus too. And to get paid along with it is the icing on the cake…if he performs moderately well then he just goes to another qb strapped team and get over paid again…its win win!!

  8. This is a good thing for KC and their fans. Losing the starting QB can destroy hope and ruin the season. Orton should keep them competitive. The play of the QB against the Pats took them out of the game.

  9. Ok…why is everyone supporting Orton? The only thing he’s good at is racking up yards…then throwing it to the wrong team! He is worthless as a quarter back. What he really needs is a set of pom- poms!! He is a winy lil girl who pouts and can’t bring his team up with morale. TEBOW can…and has! TEBOW any day…he can WIN GAMES!!

  10. Remember How Palmer looked vs KC ? Expect the same for Orton. Chiefs are going Rock Bottom.. Orton should help them come next season..

    Maybe the “Can’t get a first down” chiefs can now kick the one hit wonder QB Cassel

  11. What would have really been poetic justice is for St. Louis to have claimed Orton. Then the worse two Bronco personel ever (Mc Daniels, Orton) could sit around and fist each other while they think about what could have been.

  12. Yah its gottuh be rough being a worse qb when u have been in the league four times as long as the two year badass!! Orton record….6-23….Tim tebows…4-3 as a starter…need I say more!?!?:/

  13. Orton should help them come next season..

    Orton……..has little chance of being there next season.

    Cassel is the QB.

    Orton is the stopgap for the rest of this year. At least, presumably.

  14. The lesson here is DON’T CROSS TEBOW! Ask Chris Leak, Brandon Lloyd, Kyle Orton and Josh McD (who refused to play him). Tebow’s not just the most divisive player in the league he may also be the most powerful.

  15. mmcdan133 says: Nov 23, 2011 9:08 PM

    Tell me again why it’s just SO important that we have a top 5 pick?


    Because you basically have the choice of drafting whoever you want, and if you don’t want anyone that high then you can trade down and acquire more draft picks (trading up means you are giving up more draft picks, probably a couple). And with the new CBA cutting how much rookies make it makes that top 10 picks even more valuable.

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