Ndamukong Suh ejected as Lions’ penalty problems persist


Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is doing nothing to dispel the notion that he’s a dirty player — and he’ll do nothing the rest of the way to help Detroit beat Green Bay today.

Suh has been ejected for kicking Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith early in the third quarter. It’s the second ejection of a rough-and-tumble Thanksgiving game between these two NFC North rivals; Green Bay’s Pat Lee was ejected late in the second quarter.

The personal foul penalty on Suh was incredibly costly: It came after the Lions had stopped the Packers on third down, but with the automatic first down the Packers scored on a John Kuhn run up the middle.

Overall the Lions have been called for 10 penalties for 77 yards, and they trail 14-0 in the third quarter.

168 responses to “Ndamukong Suh ejected as Lions’ penalty problems persist

  1. what a classless bum, not surprised at all he got ejected, he deserves to be suspended, enough is enough

  2. I see a pattern here. Packers cry like babies about every play and the Lions play stupid as usual.

  3. Suh…dirtiest player in the league bar none.

    Lions fans, he just cost you a playoff spot, oh, and kicker a palyer while he is on the ground, nothing but class !

  4. Taking the favorite defensive move from the Fat Albert Haynesworth playbook. Suh needs to make up his mind about just what kind of player he wants to be…..a loud mouthed jackass like Haynesworth, a classless cheap shot artist like Haynesworth, or a dominant defensive tackle.

  5. Suh is a dirty and cheap player! Get him out of there, and hopefully a suspension will be coming his way! He has a terrible attitude. “i play hard!” BS! You play dirty! Jams his head to the turf 3 times, then kicks?? Come on man! Brian Robison should have been ejected a couple of weeks ago when he kicked someone in the “junk”… This is football, not UFC!

  6. Can you imagine that? Things aren’t going Detroits way and a fight breaks out.

    Suh is acting like a punk. How can you be upset for being tossed after pushing a guys head into he ground a few times then kicking him after getting up.

  7. This one is going to be tough to smooth over, directly led to 7 points. Suh picked a nationally televised game on Thanksgiving to do his most blatant unsportsmanlike act yet. Looks like the Lion’s PR staff is working overtime tonight.

  8. Lions fans: I didn’t see Suh grinding the dude’s helmet into the ground and stomping on him. Haters just misunderstand Suh’s strength.

  9. What a stupid move by Suh. He was pinning the blocker down and then decided to take a cheap downward stump on him. Fat Albert 2.0? His team needs him more then ever now and he makes a selfish move like this. Didn’t he call a meeting with the commish to clear up some rules? The Lions have a lot to be proud about this season and he just put his team in a bad position when they might have held Green Bay to 3 points.

  10. I don’t have a dog in the Det-GB fight, but is there any doubt who the dirtiest player in the NFL is??? Even Haynesworth just called Suh a punk!

  11. Lost a lot of respect today….he cost Lions that td and will keep costing them after he is suspended for more games. I love his passion…hate his immaturity!

  12. Remember when people thought Woodson should have been suspended in week one for punching a guy? Suh should be suspended, its not like this is the first time something like this has happened with Suh.

  13. Wow I have been one of those guys that watched Suh play and really believed he just played hard. Watching this game there is no excuse for it. Frustrated because he got taken to the ground yet a quarter earlier he’s ripping off another o-lineman’s helmet on the way to the QB. He’s a talent but no question- he’s a dirty player.

  14. What an selfish idiot! I don’t think he’s a dirty player as much as a STUPID player. He needs his head checked out

  15. I guess Roger forgot to tell Suh not to stomp. I would like to see this dirty player suspended for a couple of games.

  16. chicago fan here. Looks like dirty play is taken over the so called “bad ass” toughness. Real shocker.

  17. Dirty player? How about reprehensible and maybe even shameful? This brings back memories of Haynesworth stomping on Gurode. Goodell needs to do the right thing and stomp (no pun intended) this crap out.

  18. Suh kept getting billed as “the guy you hate unless he’s on your team.”

    Now, he’s just “the guy you hate.”

  19. “Did Albert get a suspension for the same thing? Lets see what the commish does with this one.”

    It didn’t hurt Albert from getting a ‘step’ on a big payday.

  20. He’s not cheap or dirty, right Lions fans? Right?

    People are going to start going after his knees, and I can’t say I’d feel at all bad for him.

  21. Don’t like kicking but like everything else. This is turning into a wuss league and fans are turning into sallys too. Keep it up Suh playing the game like it was made to be played.

  22. Someone that he’ll listen to and respect needs to have a talk with him. He is such a talented young man who seems to care for others off the field but is truly making poor decisions on the field.

  23. I always find myself rooting for the Lions come thanksgiving. Unless they are playing the Bears. But after the Chicago game a few weeks ago I can honestly say I hope the Lions continue losing. I can’t stand Scwartz and his little gyrations on the sideline every time his players are called for obvious cheapshots.

    Suh is a dirty player. Period. And Stafford just threw another interception. I wonder how much longer before he seeks out the smallest player on the Packers and throws him down by his helmet and facemask. The Lions are just like thier head coach. A bunch of emotionally weak crybabies that are way overhyped.

  24. That’s what happens when a young player gets way too much hype before he does a damn thing to prove himself on the field. A few sacks for a sorry team dont make you a superstar. He played well and lions won to start the year then he started running his mouth and believing his hype. I’m sure he’s gonna miss being called cheap after the label turns to stupid.

  25. I was actually rooting for the Lions in this game. “Football seems alot more interested when there is no undefeated teams” but after these few quarters, I think I will change my mind and hope that its another team that beats them.

    Note. I have nothing against the Packers, other than they are undefeated.

  26. Dick Butkis, Mean Joe Green, Mike Singletary, etc would be proud of all but the kick.
    Grow some nuts football fans this isn’t soccer!

  27. I was pulling for Detroit, but between Suh being a scumbag who should miss another game due to his disregard for both the rules and decency and Scwartz crying about every thing….go Green Bay (for today only).

  28. So is Suh going to go cry on Roger’s shoulder like he did two weeks ago? More likely Goodell should kick him in the ass and suspend him just for the fact he did speak with him in his office in order to let him know exactly what’s expected and then in front of a national audience acts like a punk. Let him sit for two games with no pay, hit him in the wallet.

  29. Detroit is full of smug, cheap shot artist, crappy attitude people on the team…. Suh with his repeated cheap shots, Gosder Cherilous from when he tried to take out Jared Allen’s knees a couple years ago, Jim Schwartz making a huge deal out of Jim Harbaugh’s excitment and handshake after winning a close game…

    pack13queens0… I think your confusing Jared Allen with Brian Robison…. Allen isn’t dirty… Robison is… I think he has “unit envy” and tries to take out everyone out there with a bigger pair than he has.. Or tries to wreck the dude’s social life.

  30. Oh I think you did intend that pun

    kegowhisky says:
    Nov 24, 2011 2:44 PM
    Dirty player? How about reprehensible and maybe even shameful? This brings back memories of Haynesworth stomping on Gurode. Goodell needs to do the right thing and stomp (no pun intended) this crap out.

  31. Haynesworth was suspended for 5 games for the same thing back in ’06.

    If Goddell is going to to show any consistency, Suh needs to be suspended for the rest of the regular season (5 weeks), which will also be the end of the Lions’ season.

  32. Thought this guy was a class act coming out of college, I used to boast about how he just shut up and played the game how it should be… How wrong I was… smh

  33. hot headed player. seen less not draw a penalty, let alone an ejection. suspension talk is dumb. joe buck and troy aikman still my least favorite announcers (and john gruden)

    someone should hire him so he can go back to bitchin at reporters

  34. I don’t care how good Suh thinks he is…when is isn’t playing he’s not worth the price of his jock strap. I suspect he’ll miss a few more games for this cheap shot. Coach & management better get a handle on this guy.

  35. Yeah, he’s not a dirty player at all.

    Fines just aren’t working with this clown, time to give him few weeks off. He obviously isn’t bothered by the pocket change fines he’s been getting so maybe hurting his team by missing time might get through his thick skull (doubtful).

  36. I’ve been a Lions fan all my life, and all I can say is that Suh is plain dirty. Way to let your team down you clown! What happened over the off-season? Suh just seems like his head is not right. They need to bench his a$$!

  37. Let’s trade him to the Colts during the draft for a bunch of picks…I’m tired of this stupidity….he single handedly handed the packers this game

  38. Not surprising. Schwartz was known for his “dirty” teaching methods when he was with Tennessee. Let’s see what excuse Suh has after the game.

  39. I have been behind Suh until now. Most of his previous infractions could be defended as passionate play, but not this. Stomping is flagrant and has no place in team sports. Save it for the MMA crowd.

  40. Not only us dude dirty he is stupid as well. His upcoming suspension will be why the Lions miss the playoffs, but their HC created this environment. Sucks for the long suffering Detroit fans

  41. But he’s, “…not a dirty player.” LOL

    Not only did he kick a guy while he was down on his back, that same player was lying on his side when Suh kept smashing the guy’s head into the artificial turf repeatedly!

    I smell a 4-game suspension.

    Oh, by the way Mr. Goodell. How are you going to deal with/defend your poster boy?

  42. I am surprised that someone who has such amazing strength became that frustrated. I figure someone who is that strong, strong like the NFL has never seen, would have 20 sacks by now and would not have to stoop to such depths.

    I am being sarcastic. He is clearly just a cheap shot artist.

    Suh has proven to be overrated in his second season.

    Also, any player who stomps on or spits on another NFL player has no respect for the game or their opponent.

  43. Glad I’m not a Lions fan! What an undisciplined bunch of tough talking, under performers. This was their golden opportunity today and they are laying a huge egg.

  44. As a lions fan, I am disappointed in suh and want the NFL to take action. Meets with goodell, rips cutlers helmet off the very next week, kicks a guy on a national stage.

    Interviews with this guy are fake. He reminds me of a conceded boss who just likes to hear himself talk, tells you he’s by the book, then is unethical in his work. don’t want this guy as the face of the team. Make him room with cj

  45. Think the lions will be dangerous now that Schwartz had finally found himself a stomping d lineman!
    But no, seriously, Suh is just super strong. He has to kick the ground everytime he gets up and moves! Stupid Packer guy had to be in the way! If he doesn’t like the rough NFL style play he should find a new job!

  46. the way detroit closed out the last two minutes of the first half, i think the coaching staff sent a message that they were playing just to keep it close, not to win.

  47. He drives the guy’s head into the turf numerous times and then stomps on him, all because he got pancaked on the play.

    This guy is a ticking time bomb, they better suspend him at least 5 games and fine the crap out of him.

    Then maybe, just maybe, he’ll learn something.

  48. slamming players head into turf and then a stomp on the bicep. Can’t wait to hear how the dirtiest player in the league explains this one. Should be suspended for a couple games at least. Come on Goddell do you job.

  49. I can’t wait to hear SUH say that he “Doesn’t understand why people thinks he plays dirty”. Suh is out of touch with reality. It makes it worse when you just came back from a meeting with the Commish. I wonder if he regrets the extra large sum of money he donated to Nebraska before he was even drafted, that money could pay some of these fines he keeps tallying up.

    SUSPEND HIM ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 games

  50. I was rooting for the Lions until I saw Suh for what he is, a dirty player. Suspend for the year and fine him good. Let him think about his actions. Go Green Bay.

  51. its official. America is the most overreacting society on the planet. Week after week we read from the fans of one team overreacting to a loss or a win. Last year it was James Harrisons turn to be dirty, even though he wasnt. This year its Suh’s turn. We as fans need a villian. And the NFL and the commentators are all too eager to provide one. Lets not be sheep and let the media manipulate us.

    I will agree with a lot thats been posted. The play was stupid and uncalled for. However who hasnt watched a Sunday game and seen plays where some player pushes shoves, slaps, smacks punches etc and not been suspended? or in some cases even fined or penalized for it.

    I know most of the people posting on this are packer fans, but apparently none of you remember Woodsen throwing a punch earlier this year and no suspension. I dont want to hear a punch isnt as bad as a kick. They are both equally wrong. And both were done out of frustration, not being a dirty Player.

    Suh will and should be fined big time. Suspension? seriously? Last year the punk from the titans and Andre Johnson had a full blown boxing match, no suspensions.

    If Goodell suspends Suh its a joke. The inconsistency of Goodell, Ray anderson, the league and officials is a joke. Kind of late to start suspending people now.

    Im shocked lee was ejected for what he did earlier. Obviously the refs were told to call this game tight.

    Suhs an idiot for kicking, but suspension? 75k fine like harrison got last year is more like it.

    Oh before you packers get your cheese heads in a curd, im not a lions fan. Im a fan of the NFL, and I hate what Goodell is doing to this league.

  52. That was the most disgusting, dumbest most undisciplined play I’ve seen since Albert Haynesworth stomped on a guy’s head. 5 games minimum. He just ruined the Lions year.

  53. as a Packer fan, I love suh’s talents, love how he reminds me of the power that Reggie White had, but dude…. knock that pop warner hockey cheap shot stuff off…

    and every team we play next, quit kicking our players…. TJ Lang gets kicked in the sweet spot, now E.D. – Smith …. man

  54. I’m a lifelong Lions fan and I am embarrassed as hell right now to say that. I hope Goodell suspends Suh for the rest of the year.

  55. You guys don’t understand what dirty is. Dirty is being able to hold on every play and not get called. What Suh did was cheap. He gained no unfair advantage by kicking the guy nor did the guy leave hurt. .Holding Suh on about four plays on that drive and getting away with it is being dirty.

  56. Has anyone here ever been in a fight?? That is what Suh and the other player were doing. When you are in a situation like that you fight to win. Props to Suh.

  57. haynesworth couldn’t hold suhs jockstrap and suh won’t get suspended,he brings ratings and the nfl craves that,go lions!

  58. >Has anyone here ever been in a fight?? That is what Suh and the other player were doing. When you are in a situation like that you fight to win. Props to Suh.

    There you go. Pride of Detroit.

  59. He drives the guy’s head into the turf numerous times and then stomps on him, all because he got pancaked on the play.This guy is a ticking time bomb, they better suspend him at least 5 games and fine the crap out of him.Then maybe, just maybe, he’ll learn something.

    Hey moron if he got pancaked and not pulled to the ground why was he on top?

  60. I just saw his press conference explaining the incident.

    This guy is such a dumb @ss. He acted like a little girl on the field, but he had an opportunity to be a man during the press conference.

    Double Fail.

  61. Love how these suh fans find excuses for him week in and week out to not get suspended, first it’s cause he is just agressive now it’s for rating

  62. It’s gotta be the coaching – if you don’t coach your team to act that way, you can definitely coach them out of acting that way. Either Schwartz is encouraging it or ignoring it.

  63. Just like the Chicago game a couple weeks ago. Detroit can’t win, so they get dirty. Which is fine by me, Chicago can get the wildcard.

    Congrats Detroit fans for a very successful first five give games. You will not make the playoffs and accomplish nothing again this year.

    I love tough defensive plays, like Lance Briggs and Julius Peppers’ plays a couple weeks ago. Detroit can’t play tough, they can only take cheap shots after the whistle.

  64. The Lions have taken on the personality of their coach or in this case a lack of one. It seems that they’ve gone about as far this year as they are going to.
    Yep, same ol’ Lions. The names have changed but the smell is the same.

  65. It is hard to think of a more boneheaded, overt, cheap-shot maneuver that could hurt your team’s chances more than that. A momentum-changer.

    That little bit of self-inflicted stupidity would have had someone in high school or college running until the cows came home.

    But Suh will take his $231,000 for the week as if he has earned it. And you know any fine will be pittance, or if he is suspended, the Union will file a grievance.

    Gee, wonder what’s wrong with professional sports these days?

  66. Thank you Ndouchekong Suh, you helped my team stomp u guys out, and there is no more debate about whether you are dirty or not. Go Pack Go!

  67. Goodell said, “We appreciate that Ndamukong Suh, Coach Schwartz, and team president Tom Lewand took the time to meet with us today. Ndamukong plays the game with great skill and passion and is a major reason for the Lions’ success this year. We reviewed video showing that he has clearly made the adjustments to play consistently w/in the rules so that he can continue to help the team.”

  68. I can remember a video made during the run up to the draft in which Suh was selected. It was documenting all the invitees (to Radio City Music Hall ) being driven round in a coach to various functions. Everyone is highspirits except one person, Suh, standing away from everyone else with a face like thunder. Obviously it was a thing because two of the other draftees point it out, wondering why he couldn’t just lighten up and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.

    The guy seems to be the anti-Cam. Newton smiles all the time, even when he’s been pile-driven into the ground. Suh seems to live with a constant frown on his face.

    You were born with incredible talent, one that has earned you the adoration of thousands and made you millionaire. You’re job is playing sport, and I am pretty sure college was pretty sweet as a star player on the football team. Why the long face?

  69. Not even the most deluded homerst of homer Detroit fans can defend Suh anymore. The normal and rationale Lions fans have to realize what the rest of the nation has long known, Suh is a good player but is a big dirty classless cheap shot artist. He doesn’t need to do this crap as he’s such a good player.

    Wake up Detroit fans

  70. I use to like Suh because he played hard and was dominate. Now he’s just dirty and doesn’t even realize it. Just keep denying it Suh, we all believe you…

  71. Dirty play by Suh there. He’s almost as cheap as Jared Allen. He deserves a suspension for that.


    Congratulations. Your post is by far the dumbest.

    Typical Pack fan. Jared Allen? The guy should be applauded for the way he plays the game. And trust me, I’m no Vikes fan. Titans 4 life.

  72. Suh was frustrated because our reserve guard had just buried him….check out his stat line, if it wasn’t for the ejection you wouldn’t have even known he was playing…

    The Packers O line shut down the BIG Bad Boys from Detroit……

    Good all around win Packers…..

    Did you all here the Go Pack Go chants in the second half?

  73. “By all means, do I think our team is at their level, to be able to play against them,” Suh said in a conference call with the Green Bay media. “I don’t see them as a golden-perfect team. Everybody has flaws in this league, but everybody has great things they do. It’s just a matter of eliminating mistakes on our time and on our team and causing them to make as many mistakes as possible.”


    Herp. Derp. I think a suspension is in order. He is compounding his “mistakes” with excuse-making and total lack of remorse.

  74. It was a dirty play on Suh stomping on some moronic lineman but more interesting as to why? There is too much trash talking in the league and the only way to stop retaliation like Suh did is slap a few teams for unsportsmanlike penalties before things get out of hand.

  75. Suh explained himself as he was losing his balance
    he accidently tripped on said player
    When he was holding the opposing players helmet
    while trying to get back to his feet he lost his balance a few times which caused the opposing players head to bounce harmlessly back and forth.

    No harm done by a very honest hard nosed player

  76. I think it’s time to start worrying about Suh on a mental level. The Lions need to do the due diligence and figure out what the root of this kind of behavior is before they let him back on the field. Something is wrong with the young man, because this series of actions has no place in the NFL.

  77. Where are all the Lion fans –

    “If he was on your team you would love him”

    I don’t think so. He’s a Punk, and you and every NFL fan knows it!

  78. bobhk says:
    Nov 24, 2011 5:51 PM
    Can we say Suh is a bust.
    Lions are goin down.


    Congrats bobhk. Dumbest thing I have ever read on this website! Keep up the good work!

  79. @zamp27
    Can’t help you if you have cr@p for brains (or if you are lions fan).
    If you don’t understand that a guy that is drafted that high is not producing at a high level and is a dirty player, he’s called a bust.
    But I wont expect you to understand since you have no brains.

  80. koenig61 says: Nov 24, 2011 3:39 PM

    If Goodell suspends Suh its a joke. The inconsistency of Goodell, Ray anderson, the league and officials is a joke. Kind of late to start suspending people now.


    The league is knee-jerk in its discipline. If this was a game at 1pm eastern on Sunday, this is not as big a deal. With everyone watching, its the worst thing that’s ever happened in league history.

    What’s interesting is the NFL, like the NBA is becoming reputation-based. Which is why most normal people hate the NBA. What’s a fine here on this guy is not a fine on this guy because he hasn’t done it before. If you’re going to be inconsistent, you’re going to see the same players over and over again, while others get nothing for doing the same thing. If Woodson can throw a punch in a game, or Dunta Robinson can knock a guy out…twice…while leading with his helmet…and get his fine REDUCED, why does the league have these rules? It’s ultimately about what’s fair. Not that Suh doesn’t deserve a fine, but the league should be more even-handed in its discipline. Too bad most people here can’t understand beyond one play in one game.
    If the league wanted to really stop this kind of stuff, 1-game suspensions are more in line.

  81. Man being a punk and being stupid is a bad combination. Suh makes Albert Haynesworth look like a brain surgeon. And I hear Suhs saying it was unintentional which is baloney. If Goodel can fine Ryan $75000 for swearing Suh should be suspended 4 games without pay at least. This isnt his first time doing this stuff.

  82. rarson says:Nov 24, 2011 6:02 PM

    So where’s the story about Pat Lee’s ejection?

    We don;t need to see it. We all witnessed it…he was getting completely jobbed and no call and he lost his cool and threw a punch. Stupid move and he got tossed.

    1) Pat Lee is no Suh.

    2) For you to even try to equate the two and then turn this around to defend Donkey Kong Sue in some sort of fashion is almost terrifying.

    Stick to watching your UFC if you think that kind of crap belongs in football. Susie is a dirty player and always has been a dirty player. Too bad, cuz you could use him next week when the Saibnts torch ya.

  83. yes mr. godell andy daltons head just happened to be in my armpit and i just happened to close it…..that is understandable,,isn’t it?

  84. thelomasbrowns says:
    Doesn’t matter: Goodell and the refs already decided who would win this game.

    How predictable. The Kittens implode while their top defensive star gets ejected for acting like a reprehensible jackass, and you cry conspiracy like a whiny little bitch.

    You might want to hit up Wal-Mart and stock up on tissues for the rest of the season, Princess. I think you are going to need them.

  85. It will be interesting to see if his teammates call him out, his coach or the team owner. If they don’t the league is going to regardless. To see him after the game get up in front of the camera’s and lie is just the icing on the cake. He is so stupid he thinks everyone is just as stupid. I really hope they suspend him for the rest of the year.

  86. @purpleisreallypinkyouknow

    The reason I was asking was because I really didn’t see it. I had posted a previous comment about Suh but it was removed because censoring the s-word wasn’t enough (I called him a POS). The reason I was asking is because it was mentioned in the article and I wanted to see how bad it was compared to what Suh did.

    I personally think Suh should be suspended indefinitely. I saw what he did during the Dolphins game at halftime. It blew my mind. That kind of crap has ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE in the NFL.

    I didn’t mean to insinuate that they were the same thing, I was honestly just wondering what happened.

  87. The Pat Lee ejection had to be called inappropriately. NFL rules state that a ref has to see an entire transaction – start to finish – before ejecting a player. If he’d seen the whole transaction he’d have thrown a holding flag.

  88. You people who are rushing out to defend Suh and call out Goodell are doing about as much for the image of Detroit residents as an episode of ‘Hardcore Pawn’.

  89. I have a question for Lions fans, now I am a GB fan and do watch quite a few games, but who plays the roll of leader on that team.

    Schwartz can’t seem to control himself let alone his team, Stafford and Johnoson don’t seem like leaders from what I see. Suh…

    So I just wonder who fans in Detroit view as the teams leader, because it seems to me they are lacking it.

  90. When the season started it was kind of easy to root for the Lions after all the years of suckage, and crap talk of some blowhard Packer fans. But at least I can respect the Packers as a team for how they play. Suh has taken that away for the Lions by being a complete juvenile idiot. Just sad.

  91. I have a keylogger problem in my above comment starting with THAT is how gentle SUH was with the packer_ I wrote and it was syphoned off by a fool: The Ravens player Hagato was taunted by Roethlisberger and Raven lightly swiped Roethlisberger’s face who suffered the injury ( or opprotunity for plastic surgery nose bob) a broken nose. Hagato was NOT ejected. Neither should SUH have been ejected.

  92. bobhk says:
    Nov 24, 2011 6:39 PM

    Can’t help you if you have cr@p for brains (or if you are lions fan).
    If you don’t understand that a guy that is drafted that high is not producing at a high level and is a dirty player, he’s called a bust.
    But I wont expect you to understand since you have no brains.


    Wow! Cr@p for brains…what are you 12?

    Every team in this league, including YOUR team, would take Suh on their team in a heartbeat. Just like Rex Ryan commented.

    Sounds like a bust to me. Everyone wants a bust on their team.

    What I do understand is Haters like you are always gonna hate!

  93. shaggytoodle says:
    Nov 25, 2011 2:04 AM

    So I just wonder who fans in Detroit view as the teams leader, because it seems to me they are lacking it.

    Louis Delmas and Corey Williams are leaders on Defense. On Offense Nate Burleson, Dominic Raiola.

    Leaders they have. Discipline they don’t have. They are a young team.

    Suh needs to be the leader, set the standard, and hold everyone else accountable. Right now he is the pretty much the opposite of that.

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