Rams place Jason Smith on IR


Another member of the Rams has hit injured reserve.

It’s right tackle Jason Smith this time. Smith hasn’t played since suffering a concussion on October 23rd, necessitating some of the shuffling that has left the Rams with what could euphemistically be described as a makeshift offensive line. Left tackle Rodger Saffold is out with a pectoral injury, his replacement Mark Levoir is also hurt and the identity of the team’s starting line for Sunday is a mystery. That’s a big part of the reason why this has been such a disappointing year for St. Louis.

When the year comes to a close, Smith will have missed 19 of his first 48 games. That’s hardly what the team expected when they picked him with the second overall pick of the 2009 draft. Of course, they also expected him to be an elite left tackle as opposed to a middling right tackle so disappointments are all relative. Smith is due $10 million next season, a perfect illustration of why there’s now a cap on rookie salaries.

The Rams announced that they have signed OL Bryan Mattison off of Baltimore’s practice squad to take Smith’s spot on the roster.

7 responses to “Rams place Jason Smith on IR

  1. Even though Stafford has had his ups and downs – it’s hard to believe that the debate was between this guy, Stafford and Aaron Curry back in the 2009 NFL Draft. Lions certainly made the right choice.

  2. If you consider the ability to jump offsides, get bowled over by opposing DE’s, and get that holding penalty just at the worst possible moment, then yes, he has loads of talent. Spagnuolo and Devany’s stated goal to build the team from the lines out has been a complete failure. Smith as the #2 pick was a bust. Saffold has regressed badly this year. Bell has been a complete disaster at RG. Brown has been a utter failure at center. And Dahl has not played up to the level he did in Atlanta. Either they are poor evaluators of talent or just don’t know how to coach up players- either way, it’s going to be one of the biggest reasons that both of them are added to the 9% umployment rate when the season ends.

  3. deathmonkey…

    spags just doesn’t wanna admit his o-line coach is absolutely terrible and has been since 07.. the one coach they didn’t replace when spags took over…

    and the unit has been a consistent failure since then.. highly touted players join the Rams and suddenly their play declines? Yea, clearly coaching..

    Get rid of Steve Loney

  4. Gut the whole organization. FO, GM, all the way down to the OL coach and the trainers. The teams performance this year with the exception of the Saints game has been absolutely pathetic. This is not a winning football team. Back to the drawing board.

  5. Jeez, you guys. I’m a long time Niner fan and I think you Rams fans are being way too critical of your Rams. The Rams are snake-bit this year with injuries. It’s just one of those years. You’ve lost key members of every facet of your team. Your receivers have been lost to injuries. Your O-line has been totally screwed by injuries. You can’t expect a 2nd year QB to flourish in a situation like that no matter how good he is (and he’s real good.) It’s not coaching. It’s injuries! Second and third string linemen are categorized like that for a reason. Bringing in one talented receiver cast-off doesn’t fix a receiving corp that’s lost most of its starters.

    If I may humbly offer a suggestion, do what less excitable Niners fans have been doing for the last 10 years before this one – look for any enjoying performances out of your games and try to have some fun. Plus, know that the law of averages says your next season will be relatively free of debilitating injuries and you’ll probably enjoy a strong season. The Rams, when healthy, ought to be a very good team.

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