Glazer: League considering one-game or two-game Suh suspension


Conventional wisdom regarding the NFL’s action against Ndamkuong Suh is that Suh will be suspended.  The only question is whether it will be a one-game or a two-game suspension.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX, that’s what the league office currently is trying to figure out today.

Per Glazer, the powers-that-be are discussing whether to suspend Suh by one game or by two games.

As previously explained, Suh should learn his fate by Tuesday.  The rest of us should know by Friday.

Express factors include Suh’s history or fines and the fact that the action occurred after the play concluded.  Suh’s lack of remorse on Thursday won’t help him, especially since the partial remorse articulated on Friday seemed to be perfunctory and forced.

Glazer also reported that some Lions teammates, including defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch, “got after” Suh on Friday — and that players from other teams called the league office to express their belief that Suh should be suspended.

It’s all coming to a head soon.  Stay tuned.

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  1. And Richard Seymour got no games suspension, and only $25K fine for sucker-punching Big Ben in the mouth after a play, knocking him to the ground.

    Roethlisberger and Sanchez routinely get completely abused after plays are over with no flags, no fines, no suspensions.

    NFL = #Complete-Hypocrisy

  2. After getting several fines already, it prooves they haven’t deterred him to change his ways. Suspend him for the rest of regular season.

  3. Ndamukong Suh should be suspended only 1 game (vs) — New Orleans.

    Anyone who thinks he should be suspended the rest of the regular season is either idiotic or a Chicago Bears fan 🙂

  4. 2 games suspension plus weekly testing for HGH and steroids. His behavior is unfortunately consistent with the use of performance enhancing substances.

  5. Kind of like our current judicial system…..multiple felony offenders still getting “probation” instead of getting their attention with a significant sentence. I am favor of 5gms but 3 at a minimum, this guy has been doing this for almost 2 years now, when is enough going to be enough for Goodell????

  6. “As previously explained, Suh should learn his fate by Tuesday. The rest of us should know by Friday.”

    Yeah, because NOBODY is going to leak that info? We’ll probably know before the NFL officially tells Suh.

  7. Only 1 game is pathetic! 2 isn’t really even nearly enough… He needs to sit to get his attitude straightented out. Also, so maybe he can get his anger issues figured out. There’s plenty of players out there, who are way better than him, and you don’t see them lose their cool out there. You don’t see them try to tackle someone and rip their helmet off on plays..

    I know i wouldn’t trade a subway sandwich and a bag of chips for him! No way would i want someone like him on my team. He’s a hot head that’s getting paid a ton of money. And when his rookie contract expires, unless he get’s his head on straight, his second contract won’t be the “big payday” he thinks it should be. Nobody will want to risk that kind of money on a ticking time bomb! He needs to come to my place so i can take him out in back of the old wood shed, and help him with his attitude..

  8. Yes! Ban him not only for life, but for his afterlife as well! May his descendants also suffer NFL banishment. He so cruelly tried to “end the career” of the Packer OL by stomping his rubber cleat onto his arm!! Oh the humanity!! What a bunch of mewling puffed-up delusional twaddle. Watch the replay of this incident and also the Seymour/Roethlisberger incident and the Viking’s Robinson kicking the Packer OL in the nuts, and then tell me that this is worth a multi-game suspension when the other two incidents netted zero suspensions! Get a grip.

  9. I have had enough of the media coverage on this. They have been hyping Suh and building this image up for weeks..and now they got what they wanted. In no way do I support what Suh did but this is out of control.

  10. If its not at least 2 games, that proves goodell is a total phony. God I miss Paul tagliabeau (not sure I spelled that right)

  11. In the span of four hours and three separate articles, we’ve the learned the following information about Suh’s suspension:

    “So don’t be surprised if Suh is suspended for only one game.”

    “…a suspension of at least two games is “expected” for Suh.”

    “the powers-that-be are discussing whether to suspend Suh by one game or by two games.”

    So he’ll be suspended for one, or maybe two, or maybe more than two. Very informative! You pretty much covered all your bases there.

  12. Jerrykill4pres, you sound beyond ridiculous. You’re going to take Suh out back and straighten out his attitude? LOL! I don’t know you or how big you are, but im willing to bet that you can’t bench 450+ lbs or squat 600+. I would pay money to watch you attempt to straighten him out.

    And Adirtyplayernamedsue, why don’t you get a life already? I see you commenting on every Lions related topic with foolishness like “ban him for life.” Really? Why don’t you find a woman to spend some time with instead of living in front of your computer waiting for new Lions stories on PFT? You are a loser, my friend.

  13. @rexismybff:

    And Richard Seymour got no games suspension, and only $25K fine for sucker-punching Big Ben in the mouth after a play, knocking him to the ground.

    Roethlisberger and Sanchez routinely get completely abused after plays are over with no flags, no fines, no suspensions.

    NFL = #Complete-Hypocrisy

    That’s because no one likes or cares about the the Steelers or Jets.

  14. Make it a suspension that might actually have an impact, make an impression. Two games, big deal!!

    Make it a month and I promise he’ll actually think about it before doing something so stupid. Also they should fine the Lions, start making these fines and penalties actually have some bite and maybe teams and players will grow up a little.

  15. If they really want to send a message to this loser, they would suspend him for the rest of the season.

    They won’t though, and they regret it later.

  16. I am a Lions fan and have been all my adult life.
    That amounts to over 45 years. That being said Mr. Ndamukong Suh is a total embarrassment to this organization. His action on Thursdays game, can not be blamed on anyone but himself. The packer player was not doing anything but trying to finish the block. That is clear, from MY eyes as I was there and saw it first hand. Where you people are getting this “he was holding him” is all crap. He got manhandled by a backup player, and instead of getting even through the course of play he CHOSE to make another cheap play. That hurt his team, solidified what people have been saying since last year, and embarrassed me as a Lions fan. Dont you people even try to down play his dirty play, as that is exactly what it is. I am a season ticket holder and have been for the past several years. If the lions organization does not suspend him on there own (which they should have already) this will be my last year, and several others whom I have become friends with over the years. I want nothing more than to watch my team win it all, but with class NOT playing like they are now. You can say what you want about the vikings player who kicked the packer player in the groin, or the packer who threw a punch. They do not have the history of dirty play, and both admitted they were at fault immediately after the game. Completely different with Suh. He is an immature boy with a short fuse, and needs anger help. Sit him the season, and get his head straight for the long run. And if Stafford dont stop throwing interceptions they will not win anyway. Please Mr. Ford, use your head.

  17. Only in the NFL would a full-blown ASSAULT be only given a 2-game suspension. I get that this happened on the field, but there is no room in the game for shoving someone’s head into the turf, bashing their neck, and stomping on their arm blatantly.

    its sick.

    if Detroit ownership wanted to show fans that they demand more of their organization and that they were running the team from a standpoint of integrity and honor, they would double the leagues suspension to 4 games.

  18. Come on people! What Suh did is awful and a suspendable offence but crap like this happens at the bottom of a pile in every single game played.

    Suh’s problem is that it was caught on national television

    Further wussification of the NFL if you ask me

  19. Psycho Sue is showing the rest of the league how to play with intensity and ferocity. He showed restraint in not decking that ref for tossing him. Coach Schwartz should not cut back on Psycho’s “roids” but should increase the doseage for the rest of the DL so that they can be worthy of playing with Psycho.

  20. Dude needs to be suspended, and I’m a diehard fan. I was ready to take a few swings at the tv when he got ejected. He’s an incredible talent, but he needs to miss a few games for him to get it. I don’t buy that coincidentally it took a high profile penalty like this for all his former teammates to realize they didnt like him. I think they’re just taking the fame where they can get it. Regardless, suspend him for a game or two Mr. Goodell.

  21. that’s cause they all do it, suhsquad.

    and if OL are doing that… it sure hasnt worked.

    except in getting baby to throw a tantrum. someone give him a binky.

  22. suhsquad says: Nov 27, 2011 2:54 PM

    I love how nobody is blaming the Packers’ Offensive Linemen for aiming at Ndamukong Suh’s knees.


    I’d love for you to name a play where that occurred. Really.

  23. I remembered earlier this season (and last season) when people actually encouraged this type of behavior from Ndamukong Suh, but now that he’s crossed the line “suspend him” and “trade him” is surprisingly coming out of the woodwork from people.

    I wonder how many waivers Suh would have if he was released today…

  24. Both Schwartz and Su should be suspended for the remainder of the season.

    Schwartz for not doing enough to get the point across to Su that his actions were hurting the team and the league and Su for what the entire country saw.

    Let the league suspend Su and let the Lions suspend Schwartz.

  25. Players from other teams called the league office to complain about Suh? Lemme guess, Qbs and offensive linemen that may have to play against him? Dont worry guys you can hold Suh all day and the refs arent going to call it…matter of fact I wouldnt be surprised if the league instructed refs not to call holding against Suh.
    In other news the packer LB who beat his girlfriend up and got arrested after the game Thursday has yet to be mentioned today. Whats worse?

  26. How was he going for suh-ers’ knees? suh-ers’ head was a good foot below the o-linemans chin and suh-er was being OWNED and pushed over backwards…….but don’t let the video evidence get in the way of your babbling and sub-human hero worship….geeshh——

  27. suhsquad says: Nov 27, 2011 3:08 PM


    That’s because Suh put him in his place.

    Name one OL who can beat Suh in a fight?

    ill give one right now and he’s retired his name is Mr. Larry Allen and if you don’t know who he is you better look him up,

  28. I have been a loyal Lions’ fan since 1974, the year I moved to Michigan as a kid.

    I am proud of their work and improvement since that terrible 0-16 season. I hope they coninue to improve.

    But it was extremely disappointing to have to see Suh’s behavior on that play. My 13 year old son is a 6th year player (starting MLB on D and starting half back/TE on O) and I was angered that he saw that. It is difficult to teach a young boy the proper amount of enthusiasm without crossing those lines without having to see professionals do that.

    That being said (and I have to brag) his team won their Superbowl on the 26th, finishing the season at 10-0 with only 6 points scored against them all season – Go Hurricanes!

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