Asomugha won’t return after neck injury


Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha has a new injury to deal with.

He took a nasty fall while competing for a jump ball with Mike Williams and left the game with a neck and head injury. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we learned Asomugha suffered a concussion.

Philadelphia also lost backup safety Colt Anderson during a special teams play, so they are rather thin in the secondary.

10 responses to “Asomugha won’t return after neck injury

  1. He made a real mistake by not signing with a press man team. The flaws in his game have basically been exposed big time.

  2. Bet Nnamdi is regretting, just a little, opting out of his Raiders contract and taking less money to join this “dream team” to get a Super Bowl. The Raiders will win a SB long before Philly does. Mark my words! If Philly doesn’t want Asomugha any longer. I’d take him back with the Silver & Black in a second!

  3. Wait you guys harass the steelers for “concussion like symptoms” but with the Eagles get away with “it wouldn’t be a surprise if he suffered a concussion. What a joke.

  4. It was a mismatch. Nnamdi is a man to man shutdown corner. He spent his whole career in Oakland doing that, with GREAT success.

    Now he’s with the Eagirls playing zone.

    Why did the team do this to themselves? It was a mismatch.

    Why did Nnamdi do this to himself? It was a mismatch.

    It really leaves you scratching your head.

    And the Eagirls, by giving out so much money to Mercenaries, lost DeSean Jackson mentally. Yeah he’s a punk, but I’d be pissed to if I couldn’t get paid by the team that drafted me, but Vick can get paid, and merc’s like Nnamdi can.

    The Eagles organization is broken.

  5. So much ado about nothing……

    Nothing is what he has done for the Eagles.

    When is the last time very high priced FA did anything?

    Haynesworth anyone?

    Or dare I mention Vick?

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