Alleged victim in McClain arrest claims he was ambushed

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Details continue to emerge regarding the arrest of Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain.  And it’s gradually getting uglier for the team’s first-round pick in 2010.

Via Nate Stuhlberg of, Rishard Papscott claims that McClain and another man set Papscott up for the fight that resulted in McClain allegedly holding a gun to Papscott’s head.

“I went over there, it was basically like an ambush,” Papscott told WAFF in Alabama.  Papscott explained that he accepted an invitation to a friend’s house, and that McClain and the other man were there.  Eventually, McClain and the other man allegedly assaulted Papscott, after Papscott refused to fight.

“Last night, before all the charges were pressed, I didn’t want [McClain] to get in trouble, because I look at him like a brother, as a friend,” Papscott said.  “I never thought it would come to this.  What goes around comes around.”

There’s surely more to this one.  Papscott claims that he has known McClain and the other man since before middle school, and that they grew up playing football and basketball together.  Still, regardless of the background, if McClain did what he allegedly did he deserves to be prosecuted.

Since McClain hasn’t practiced this week due to an ankle injury, the Raiders likely won’t have to deal with the question of whether he should be benched or otherwise disciplined, which becomes much easier when the alleged perpetrator is a backup and more complex when he’s a starter.

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  1. That is not New York. Almost everyone down there has a gun. Pretty sure there will be an out of court civil settlement and this will go away or he’ll take a misdemeanor and probably 4 game suspension from the NFL NEXT YEAR.

    The Raiders dodged a bullet because he is their defensive play caller. Those linebackers and D.E.’s were lost without him in the games this year.

  2. The saying is actually… You can take the playa out of the hood, but you can’t the take the hood out of the playa.

  3. And to add, it’s hilarious (yet incredibly sad) how ALLEGATIONS have turned to FACT for so many people. I suppose there really is no such thing as due process in the eyes of the American people if you fit a certain profile.

  4. McLain’s played on the injury all year, missed a few snaps in the bears game to get it wrapped and came back in.

    Just incase you missed the Raiders game Sunday. 🙂

  5. Here’s what you need to know about this:

    An injured professional football player from Oakland travelled 2,500 miles to be in Alabama rather than receive treatment in Oakland and attend team meetings. Sound suspicious?

  6. I understand that a ‘few month’s before, he was involved in some kind of ‘dispute’. I say he had a chance to ‘go back’ and settle it.

    READ.. and study his ‘off-time’ this past year and I’ll bet it had something to do with this guy.

    His personality of ‘revenge’ is deep rooted…

    Shame… we need to teach ‘character’ skills to kids in pre-school, elementary, middle and high school..

    the prisons are overflowing. now is the time for schools to step up ! A little less reading, math and substitute… respect for life etc, whos your daddy etc

  7. I agree we should wait to pass judgement till all the facts are in. That said this is ugly why is there in the 1st place and not in Oakland with his teammates. I get u have family issues to deal with but this doesn’t qualify for that. If I was the victim I would sue him for everything he has. The NFL should suspend him indefinitely. Hell they worry so much about the image of the shield how can u not.

  8. Also if I’m Oakland I sue him to recover some money to there has to be some sort of morality line in his contract. The chiefs go lj after he spit on a girl in a bar and this is way worse.

  9. yep, this guy is not looking for a quick buck…i bet you he is a strait up gainfully employed tax paying stand up citizen of the good ol USA.

    Just wondering was his attorney right at his side when he said this.

    I can believe young guys are stupid, but not this stupid.

  10. McClain is not a bust. He’s been an excellent linebacker for the Raiders and is their defensive signal-caller. Their defense is much less organized when he’s not on the field.

    Right now, you’re hearing one side of the story. There are two. When it comes to wealthy NFL players, you do have to take tales that they’ve suddenly ambushed lifelong friends with a grain of salt.

  11. kcrobert

    yeah… I guess the death of a grandparent shouldn’t qualify as “family issues”…..

  12. I have a friend who went to prison for getting wrapped up in similar situation and making a dumb mistake by pulling a gun out on someone. I’ll bet that McClain will get some sort of B.S. fine and probation. It’s a travesty how famous people and athletes in this country get away with committing crimes that regular Joes would get locked up for. I guess that’s the benefit of being able to afford a good lawyer.

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