Man pleads guilty to battery on Devin Hester


One of the stranger stories of this NFL season was the Chicago-area man who walked up to Bears receiver Devin Hester at a casino, slapped him in the back of the head, and walked away. Now that man has pleaded guilty.

Daniel Rago pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery and was sentenced to one year of conditional discharge and 80 hours of community service.

Attorney Frank Kostouros told the Chicago Tribune that Rago “loves the Bears and loves Devin Hester” and is remorseful.

“He smacked someone he shouldn’t have,” Kostouros said. “He’s been sorry from day one for what happened. . . . He feels terrible about it.”

So why did Rago slap Hester? Kostouros says Rago mistakenly thought that Hester was cutting in line in front of an elderly couple.

That explanation makes no sense. If you think someone is cutting in line, the correct response is to say, “Excuse me, sir, but I believe this couple was ahead of you.” Not to slap the guy and walk off.

But Hester deserves credit for handling it the right way: It would have been easy for Hester to hit the guy back and escalate the situation, but instead he simply alerted the security at the casino. And the guy who battered him was brought to justice.

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  1. “Hesters class>most of the nfls class”

    If cutting in front of old couples cause you think you’re a star is class, he has it in spades.

  2. Maybe it’s just my observation, but I feel like elderly people are the worst when it comes to cutting in line. Hester would’ve been justified had he cut. I’m more surprised, though, that this guy didn’t slap an elderly lady for cutting in front of Devin!

  3. I heard an interview with the slapper and he felt really bad about. he offered to do something like 50 hours of community service and donate like 500 bones to hesters favorite charity.

  4. Like everybody else here I have no idea what actually happened and why. But if I had to take a guess I would say he was hoping to provoke Hester into a resopnse which would escalate into a situation in which he could sue.

  5. @for4man… the elderly couple excuse is clearly just his defense lol. u dont slap someone in the back of the head and walk away not with that kind of issue.

    and hester def deserves all the credit.. hes not one of those athletes who says im rich ill beat him up and pay lawyers off later.. he handled it like e very athlete should.. as tempting as it prob would of been to just beat him down like normal citizen would of done he didnt..

    hes bigger than BS like this and he realizes an incident like this could decrease his next contract bec of fear of police contact instead he may of earned brownie points for his next one!

  6. Having a guy arrested because he slapped you in the back of the head may be the right way to handle it in YOUR neighborhood but you’ll get laughed off the block in mine! And rightly so.

    It’s a chump thing to do. The correct response is to glower and say, “what the (blank), (blank)hole!?!”

    Calling the cops for such stupidity is not only wasting my tax dollars but making yourself look like a (blank)

    Famous athlete or not. Not getting into a fight is smart, being a (blank) is just (blankin blank)

  7. I know it shouldn’t be that big of deal to be impressed with someone for not escalating a situation, but I’ve been nothing but impressed with Hester for some time. His passion for seeing fatherhood become a priority in men’s lives, and the way he almost makes me tinkle every time he touches the ball against the packers makes me give him a ton of respect.

  8. Topher, your neighborhood sounds real tough. Congratulations to you for being such a tough guy to live in such a tough neighborhood. You’re definitely tougher than Devin Hester.

  9. If you think someone is cutting in line, the correct response is to say, “Excuse me, sir, but I believe this couple was ahead of you.” Not to slap the guy and walk off.

    Mr Smith has never been in the Upper Midwest it sounds like.

  10. I wonder what would have happened if it was Hester that walked up and slapped the guy in the back of the neck…most likely would have be sued and vilified by the media…Hester should sue the guy for his entire year salary and donate that to his favorite charity…when will people learn you just can’t walk up and put your hands on someone because the are famous

  11. “He smacked someone he shouldn’t have,” Kostouros said.

    Could someone please clarify when exactly it IS acceptable to smack someone? (Asides from disciplining your own children, which is an entirely different non-related and/or controversial can of worms I have no interest in opening…)

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